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Goldrush Over? More than a Quarter of P2P Lenders Pull Applications from FCA According to Bovill

Regulatory consultancy Bovill states that many aspiring peer to peer lending platforms are having a change of heart.  According to a release published by the firm, 26% of P2P lending applicants have withdrawn their request as they are concerned they will not be able to meet… Read More

A P2P ‘Land Grab’ Attracts Over 100 Startups In UK–And The Sector Is ‘Still In The Foothills’ In Terms Of Volume

  In the UK, more than 100 peer-to-peer lenders have applied for full authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which took over regulation of P2P last year, notes the Financial Times. Nearly 180 companies have interim permission to operate, according to figures obtained from the FCA… Read More

Are Potential UK Crowdfunders Caught in an FCA Logjam?

  According to a recent report, aspiring UK crowdfunding platforms are suffering from extended delays in platform approval by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  In an article published in the Guardian, the missive declared that, “the FCA has approved only two crowdfunding platforms in the… Read More

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