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Really Fast: AxiaFunder’s Most Recent Investment Funded in 24 Hours, Announces 2nd Case Win Booking 94% Return for Investors

While most asset classes have been pummeled by the COVID-19 virus, AxiaFunder‘s crowdfunding platform is providing access to a non-correlated investment class that is unique when it comes to online capital formation. Founded in 2019, AxiaFunder is the UK’s first for-profit litigation funding platform. Basically,… Read More

AxiaFunder Update: Overfunding in Private Mode, AxiaFunder to Open Public on March 9th

AxiaFunder, a  for-profit litigation funding platform that may provide non-correlated returns for investors, has sent over note indicating the securities offering will open to the public on March 9, 2020. AxiaFunder cruised past its £200,000 target on Seedrs while in private mode and is currently… Read More

Litigation Funding Platform Seeks £200,000 on Seedrs

Interested in generating returns of 20% to 30% per year? Axiafunder may be for you.  The digital platform that crowdfunds high-quality litigation lawsuits claims to be able to provide outsized, non-correlated returns for investors. Current investment opportunities listed on the platform include cases alleging commercial… Read More

Marketplace Lending: The Challenge of Keeping It Simple And Transparent

LendIt Europe gathered over 900 attendees from 50 countries on the banks of the Thames river to network and hear about the latest trends in online direct lending. The tone of the conference was clearly set by the UK keynote speakers. The UK being 4… Read More

Former CEO of Barclays: “The Number of People & Branches Employed by the Financial Services Sector May Decline by as Much as 50%”

Anthony Jenkins, is a former CEO of Barclay’s Group having managed the global firm from 2012 to 2015. He was sacked by John “Mack the Knife” McFarlane in the summer of 2015. Jenkins had set out to tackle a “culture of self-enrichment” and to refocus… Read More

A P2P ‘Land Grab’ Attracts Over 100 Startups In UK–And The Sector Is ‘Still In The Foothills’ In Terms Of Volume

  In the UK, more than 100 peer-to-peer lenders have applied for full authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which took over regulation of P2P last year, notes the Financial Times. Nearly 180 companies have interim permission to operate, according to figures obtained from the FCA… Read More

LendIt Europe Connects the Online Lending Community; Conference Meets in London

The inaugural European LendIt Europe event, which will gather approximately 400 senior executives from 20 countries of Europe’s online lending industry, is scheduled for 17 November.  The event touts that it will be “the first of its kind to host more than 40 established and emerging P2P lending… Read More

Brief: P2P Lending Could Add £32 Billion to UK Economy

In a conversation about peer to peer lending in the United Kingdom with Cormac Leech, the financial analyst was quoted saying that,  “It [P2P lending] would redeploy resources equivalent to £32 billion into the wider economy. People would have more disposable cash. Everyone would have… Read More

The Rise of Peer-to- Peer Marketplace Lending

Recently UK peer to peer funding platform LendInvest sponsored a gathering with Tech City News to chat about the emerging market of alternative lending and the challenge to traditional banks.  LendInvest, a platform that is associated with Montello Capital only launched in 2013 but has… Read More

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