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Return on Change Promotes New Platform: DarcMatter is Not Just About Startups

Return on Change, an early entrant into the equity crowdfunding space, has launched a new investment platform: DarcMatter. Return on Change (RoC) was founded by Lee Sang, a reformed investment banker with a degree in financial engineering.  An early advocate of the power and potential… Read More

Fund Wisdom: Equity Crowdfunding Public Offerings Drove $278M in Angel Investing for 2014

Fund Wisdom, an equity analytics firm analyzing online equity offerings, released its first annual Investment Insight report for 2014. The report details industry-wide online private equity offerings from top investment platforms including AngelList, SeedInvest, WeFunder, Onevest, Fundable, EquityNet, Return On Change, CrowdFunder, and EarlyShares for… Read More

Net Zero Aqualife, Producer of Organic, Non-GMO Shrimp, Nearing End of Crowdfunding Campaign

2015 may be well under way, but Plant Growth Net Zero Aqualife, a completely organic, non-GMO, self-sustained shrimp farm, is still counting down: 12 more days before its Crowdfunder / Return on Change crowdfunding campaign closes on Jan. 31, 2015. The San Diego-based company seeks… Read More

Net Zero Aqualife Nets Return on Change, Crowdfunding for 100% Organic & U.S. Produced Jumbo Shrimp

Net Zero AquaLife San Diego plans to produce the highest grade shrimp organically, in a controlled, closed-loop and environmentally-friendly U.S. facility. By combining a patented intensive production raceway system with proven sustainable technologies, Net Zero AquaLife will consistently produce organic shrimp of superior quality and… Read More

The Doctor’s In: ConnectOnCall Taps Return On Change for its $750K Equity Campaign

ConnectOnCall has just launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on ReturnOnChange, seeking to raise $750,000 for a 20 percent equity stake to fund its digital physician on-call answering system. ConnectOnCall provides physicians with a new digital mobile on-call system. By updating the traditional way of taking… Read More

Geostellar Raises $1 Million Crowdfunding on Return on Change

Online Solar Marketplace Geostellar Raises $1 Million Equity Crowdfunding Over Three Months. Geostellar, a leading online solar rooftop marketplace,  has closed a $1 million round of equity crowdfunding.  The company listed their offering with Return on Change, an online investment platform. The funding round was… Read More

NextRX Medical Marijuana is Crowdfunding on Return on Change (Video)

Ralf Ranier von Albedyhll CEO (and serial entrepreneur) of NextRX is equity crowdfunding on Return on Change.  The company is “setting a higher standard” for medical marijuana by seamlessly connecting certified patients and recommending physicians and dispensaries for this emerging industry.  The company is currently… Read More

Demystifying the JOBS Act: How Startups Can Raise Capital with Crowdfunding – New York City

The JOBS Act was signed into law in 2012, but much of the legislation is still in the regulatory process awaiting final rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Come join Crowdfund Insider along with two of the leading legal experts on the JOBS Act and have… Read More

Geostellar Helps Homeowners Find & Finance Solar Power Solutions, Now Seeking Investors Via Return On Change

Saying a web site is the Match.com or Airbnb of some niche has become a bit clichè, but in the case of Geostellar it is probably most apt to call it the Kayak of solar installations. Part search engine and part matchmaking service, Geostellar aims… Read More

Eight Ways Equity Crowdfunding Will Change The World (Infographic)

New York-based crowdinvesting platform Return on Change provided the following infographic to Crowdfund Insider. No matter what you call it – crowdinvesting, crowdfinance, equity crowdfunding, etc. – it’s going to be big, and RoC’s infographic gives us eight reasons why, including a little bit of… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 14, 2013

Entrepreneur | Crowdfunding Without Kickstarter Entrepreneur’s Michelle Goodman interviews Cameron Robertson, co-founder of Lockitron and one of the men behind the decision to open-source Selfstarter for other companies looking to crowdfund. He explains some of the benefits of using Selfstarter over other rewards-based crowdfunding solutions…. Read More

Accreditation Does NOT Equal Sophistication

This article is contributed by Sang Lee (@rocsang), CEO and founder of Return on Change, the next generation’s investment crowdfunding portal (www.returnonchange.com). Follow Return on Change @rocspeaks for investment crowdfunding advice and updates. Recently, there has been a ton of news around the unanimous approval of the… Read More

Crowdinvesting Site “Return on Change” Launches New Voting Feature for Startups

It’s been an exciting time for entrepreneurs here in the U.S., especially those who are looking to raise capital for their startups. On September 23rd, the SEC lifted the ban on general solicitation and now the crowdinvesting community is patiently waiting for Title III to… Read More

SEC Vote Coming: Proposed General Solicitation Rules May Bring Big Changes

Yesterday general solicitation became legal for issuers opting to make use of the newly-minted Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. The option was added to Form D yesterday, which is available on the SEC’s web site. Some news outlets reported that Form D had to be filed… Read More

Crowdinvesting > Perks-Based Crowdfunding

There are obvious reasons why folks will say that my perspective on the whole issue is skewed or even biased. However, I’m just going to lay down the facts and demonstrate why crowdinvesting is the older, more mature sibling of perks-based crowdfunding.

More Than Money: Crowdsourcing Impact

This article is contributed by Sang Lee (@rocsang), CEO and founder of Return on Change, the next generation’s investment crowdfunding portal (www.returnonchange.com). Follow Return on Change @rocspeaks for investment crowdfunding advice and updates. During a time when we have all been somewhat consumed by the importance of… Read More

Crowdfunding Leaders form CF50, Global Think Tank

Announces Founding Leadership of Organization.  Return on Change CEO Sang Lee to be Executive Director. Fifty leaders in the global crowdfunding industry are uniting to create a think tank for the advancement of a global crowdfunding ecosystem. CF50 is a nonprofit invite-only membership organization consisting… Read More

Return On Change Seeking High Impact Startups For Public Beta

Return On Change recently launched a public beta of their investment crowdfunding platform for social impact investments. Crowdfund Insider reached out to RoC and obtained the following statement… Our open beta is live and we kindly invite all high-impact startups to fill out an application… Read More

One Year After The JOBS Act: Portals Are Run By Entrepreneurs, Too

Today is the one-year anniversary of the signing of the JOBS Act. The JOBS Act is an extremely ambitious piece of legislation that aims to rework and rewrite regulations that have been in place for the better part of a century. This is especially true… Read More

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