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Largest Indiegogo Campaign Ever Flow Hive Has Shipped All Pre-Orders

Flow Hive the unsuspecting rewards-based crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that stands as the largest ever for the platform, has now shipped to all backers of the project. While stories persist regarding delays and “failures to deliver” for rewards crowdfunding projects, Flow Hive may now claim… Read More

Indiegogo Alum Flow Hive Announces Flash Sale Of Classic Model At Original Campaign Price

Just a few months after receiving the coveted Good Design Award, Flow Hive, the most successful campaign ever on Indiegogo, announced a flash sale of its Flow Hive Classic Model at the original initiative’s price of $599. Flow Hive closed on Indiegogo after securing $12,489,141 on April 20, 2015…. Read More

Indiegogo’s Danae Ringelmann Discusses Flow Hive’s Crowdfunding Success (Video)

Indiegogo’s co-founder and chief development officer of Indiegogo, Danae Ringelmann, recently caught up with Inc. to discuss the crowdfunding platform’s most successful crowdfunding campaign, Flow Hive.     As previously reported, Flow is described as a revolutionary beehive invention, allowing anyone to harvest honey without… Read More

Flow Hive Wins Australia Good Design Award for 2016

Flow Hive, the most successful campaign ever on Indiegogo, has received the coveted Good Design Award for 2016. Quite an accomplishment for a project that hoped to raise just $70,000. Flow Hive closed on Indiegogo having raised $12,489,141 on April 20, 2015.  Backers number over 37,000 and is… Read More

Indiegogo Success Flow Hive Teams Up With Filmmaker Amy Browne For “Bee Collective” Documentary (Video)

Last month, Australian filmmaker Amy Browne debuted her recent project called Bee Collective. The film featured Indiegogo-success, Flow Hive. Flow Hive is the beekeeping and honey making system that has captured the backing of thousands. It received $12,487,629 last summer through the global crowdfunding platform. The documentary’s description reads:… Read More

Creators of Indiegogo Success Flow Hive Offer Up New Virtual Tour of Factory

Giving backers a closer look at Indiegogo Alum Flow Hive’s honey progress, creator Cedar Anderson offered up a virtual tour. Flow Hive was created by father-son duo Australian natives, Cedar and Stuart Anderson, and is considered a “revolutionary” beehive invention that allows its users to harvest… Read More

Update: Flow Hive Vaults $10M During the Final Days on Indiegogo

With only six more days until its record-breaking Indiegogo campaign comes to an end, Australia’s Flow Hive has successfully raised over $10 million thanks to nearly 28,000 backers. As previously reported, Flow Hive was created by father-son duo Cedar and Stuart Anderson and is considered… Read More

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin Talks Flow Hive & Con Man Video

Slava Rubin, Indiegogo CEO and co-founder, has become a regular suspect on CNBC where he gets the chance to talk about things other than crowdfunding. This time around he got to share his thoughts on Netflix.  But beyond his opinion of Reed Hastings, he also… Read More

Beekeepers Reveal Their Doubts Towards Indiegogo Project Flow Hive

It has become one of the most popular campaigns to ever hit Indiegogo and has even captured nearly $6 million from over 13,000 backers, but it seems that not everyone has jumped on the Flow Hive bandwagon. According to HuffPo, American apiarists have stated that the Flow… Read More

Flow Hive is Now the Most Funded Crowdfunding Project on Indiegogo Ever

Flow Hive, the beekeeping and honey making system that has captured the backing of thousands, is now the most funded campaign on Indiegogo of all time having raised about $5.3 million with over three weeks left on the offer. Ubuntu Edge raised $12.8 million for its smartphone… Read More

Flow Hive Crowdfunding Tops Indiegogo for Largest International Campaign Ever

According to Indiegogo, the Flow Hive project is the new record holder for the largest internatial crowdfunding campaign ever on the global platform.  The Australian based project has raised an impressive $4.2 million in just 9 days.  Over 10,000 backers have committed funding so far.  This amount… Read More

Update: Flow Hive Hits Over $3.5 Million in Four Days on Indiegogo

Continuing to be a huge success on crowdfunding giant, Indiegogo, unique beehive invention, Flow, has successfully raised $3,548,885 thanks to over 6,000 backers. As previously reported, Flow was created by father-son duo Cedar and Stuart Anderson and is considered a “revolutionary” beehive invention that allows its users to… Read More

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