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Indiegogo’s Trust & Safety Team Shares Updates with Backers

In an effort to stop crowdfunding campaign failures and scams, Indiegogo’s Trust and Safety Team announced on Thursday several updates designed to reassure users that their money is going towards projects with potential future success. The funding portal’s team stated: “Indiegogo would not be where it… Read More

Kickstarter Reveals: $3 Billion Has Been Pledged to Independent Creators on Our Crowdfunding Platform

On Wednesday, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter announced that more than 12.7 million backers have raised $3 billion to go towards independent creators on the funding portal. It was revealed: “Every five seconds someone backs a Kickstarter project. More than 12.7 million people around the world have… Read More

Kickstarter Alum Advice: Here’s Six Tips For Surviving Your First Crowdfunding Campaign

Ready to help crowdfunding campaign organizers achieve their funding targets, Kickstarter alums Boaz Frankel and Brooke Barker, the creators of the It’s Different Every Day Calendar, unveiled six tips and tricks to help first-timer to become successful and to help organizers survive the chaos that comes… Read More

Some Backers of Kickstarter’s “Mighty No. 9” Continue to Wait For Rewards

Despite Mighty No. 9’s release being three months ago, some backers of the Kickstarter success are continuing to wait for their physical rewards. Mighty No. 9 first surfaced on the crowdfunding platform back in summer 2013 and secured over $3.8 million from 62,000 backers. The game was created by Keiji… Read More

Indiegogo on Communication: “Your Backers Are Investors, Treat Them That Way”

On Wednesday, global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo offered some key advice to campaign organizers about the importance of communication, especially after the initiative successfully secure funds and close. The Indiegogo team revealed that while campaign is finished, the most important thing for organizers to do is… Read More

Kickstarter Announces New Feature: Backers Can Now Follow Creators Directly & Be First to Find Out When Projects Launch

On Wednesday, Kickstarter announced a new feature that allows backers to follow their favorite project creators directly and be the first to know when upcoming projects launch. The crowdfunding platform stated that starting this week, backers will be notified when they’ve backed a project that’s just getting… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Announces “Secret Perks” As a New Way For Campaign Organizers to Reward Backers

The global crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, announced this week its new feature, “Secret Perks.” This will allow campaign organizers to reward early supporters and backers in a different kind of way. The Indiegogo team revealed in a blog post: “Not only will your backers receive an… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Introduces New “Recommendations” Feature

On Friday, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter announced a brand new feature called Recommendations. This section helps attract backers to campaigns that are more to their liking. Recommendations is described as a personalized entry point to discovering new projects that are specific to backers interests and tastes…. Read More

Krowdster: Here’s How to Find Super Backers on Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Crowdfunding marketing and analytics platform, Krowdster, recently shared how campaign organizers can find super backers through platform giants Kickstarter and Indiegogo. As previously reported, Krowdster launched its very own searchable database of backers and super backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Now the company is ready to share details… Read More

Brief: Krowdster Launches Directory of Kickstarter & Indiegogo Backers

Krowdster, a crowdfunding marketing and analytics platform, announced on Thursday it has launched what it believes is the “world’s largest” searchable database of backers and super backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Updated daily, the easy-to-use backer directory is the latest in the series of crowdfunding… Read More

Indiegogo Rolls Out New Features For Backers & Campaign Creators

Continuing to make changes to its popular crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo announced it has rolled out some new features for backers and campaign creators. In a recent blog post, the Indiegogo team revealed that backers can now request refunds: “For the last two months, we’ve been… Read More

Indiegogo Offers Up Five Tips for InDemand Success

With more and more projects looking into Indiegogo InDemand, the platform has offered some tips on how to be successful by using the program. Indiegogo noted, “InDemand makes it easy to continue raising funds after your campaign deadline. Campaigns in InDemand have reached their goal, met their… Read More

Brief: Tilt Opens Platform to All UK Inventors & Backers

Great news, UK! This week, crowdfunding platform Tilt announced that it has opened its doors of the countries inventors. Tilt revealed: “The easiest way to collect money from your group is now available in the UK! Say goodbye to bank transfers, collecting cash from a… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Announces New & Improved Shipping Perks

On Tuesday, Indiegogo announced that it has created new and improved shipping perks for all campaigns. The global crowdfunding platform shared: “Indiegogo is a truly global platform – every week we distribute funds to campaigners in 70-100 countries. Campaigners can easily connect with contributors on… Read More

Kickstarter Rolls Out New Google Analytics Feature For Campaign Organizers

In an effort to offer crowdfunding campaign organizers more ways to see how their project is doing with backers, Kickstarter announced a new Google Analytics feature that will show who’s checking out the pitch. The crowdfunding giant revealed in its blog: “If you’ve never launched a… Read More

Kimbia’s New Crowdfunding Demographic Report Reveals How Campaigns Draw Ideal Backers

Kimbia, the single-day crowdfunding event platform for nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions, has released their Crowdfunding Donor Demographics Report. The report includes donor demographics from all 2014 Kimbia-powered giving day and crowdfunding events including the industry’s largest events such as Give Local America which raised… Read More

Some Backers of Zach Braff’s “Wish I Was Here” Still Waiting for Kickstarter Perks

Actor Zach Braff’s new film and successful Kickstarter campaign “Wish I Was Here” hit theaters last week, but now backers of the famous project reveal they are still waiting for supposed perks ranging form a free t-shirt to a live online screening hosted. The “Wish… Read More

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