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Republic’s Next Offering Will Be Litigation Tokens in Partnership with Avalanche and Roche Cyrulnik Freedman

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Republic has revealed its next funding vertical today in a unique venture with Avalanche and Roche Cyrulnik Freedman, LLP. Initial Litigation Offerings or “ILO” will soon bring the multi-billion dollar asset class to retail investors, according to a blog post. In fact, the first ILO… Read More

$100 Million Litigation Fund Launched by LexShares

  LexShares, a litigation funding platform, has announced the launch of Marketplace Fund II (LMFII). Investors may now participate in the $100 million fund that benefits from successful/resolved lawsuits. LexShares notes that LMFII opens following the company’s 100th legal claim investment. Prior to the public… Read More

Really Fast: AxiaFunder’s Most Recent Investment Funded in 24 Hours, Announces 2nd Case Win Booking 94% Return for Investors

While most asset classes have been pummeled by the COVID-19 virus, AxiaFunder‘s crowdfunding platform is providing access to a non-correlated investment class that is unique when it comes to online capital formation. Founded in 2019, AxiaFunder is the UK’s first for-profit litigation funding platform. Basically,… Read More

AxiaFunder Update: Overfunding in Private Mode, AxiaFunder to Open Public on March 9th

AxiaFunder, a  for-profit litigation funding platform that may provide non-correlated returns for investors, has sent over note indicating the securities offering will open to the public on March 9, 2020. AxiaFunder cruised past its £200,000 target on Seedrs while in private mode and is currently… Read More

Report: SoFi CEO Cagney Cancels Participation at Goldman Fintech Event

SoFi CEO Mike Cagney has decided not to participate in the Goldman Fintech event taking place this week in Manhattan, according to a report by Bloomberg. The report attributed the schedule change to the ongoing litigation that is challenging the Fintech platform. SoFi Spokesperson Jim… Read More

Minimizing Potential Litigation & Regulatory Risks for Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding regulations were enacted with the goal of providing small businesses access to capital without imposing arduous registration and disclosure burdens.[i]  In that regard, the regulations have shown significant promise. Commentators have rightfully highlighted the substantial benefits to both issuers and investors based on their… Read More

Burford Capital Launches Hong Kong Litigation Financing Business

Burford Capital, a global finance and professional services firm focused on law, announced on Thursday its launch in Hong Kong and the formation of a new Burford Asia Advisory Board. Burford’s launch in Hong Kong positions it to meet growing demand for litigation and arbitration… Read More

Litigation Funding Site LexShares Welcomes Institutional Funding

LexShares, an online marketplace that matches plaintiffs litigation to investors says it is “open to institutional investors”.  The crowdfunding platform states its model of crowdfunding has not changed but it will now allow individual investors participate alongside big money.  The site did not announce it… Read More

Litigation Funder Bentham Issues U.S. Investment Highlights for 2014

Litigation funder Bentham IMF is ending 2014 on a strong note in the U.S., with robust dispute recoveries, a set of freshly completed cases and the addition of an experienced new member to its U.S. investment management team. The firm’s calendar-year performance for dispute funding in the… Read More

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