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The STATE of Investment Crowdfunding: How Intrastate Crowdfunding is Beating REG-CF on the Cost of Capital (and how to fix it)

There’s a Fintech revolution happening in Minnesota. Since passing its own version of intrastate crowdfunding legislation in 2015 and quietly opening its doors in 2016 the state has taken the regional lead in raising more money for more businesses under its “MNvest” exemption as well… Read More

Flyover Country No More: Silicon Prairie Portal & Exchange Combines Intrastate with JOBS Act Crowdfunding Exemptions, Preps Blockchain based Secondary Market

The JOBS Act of 2012 was create with the recognition of the importance of providing funding to early stage ventures and entrepreneurs. Access to capital can be really hard. This is even more true if you happen to live outside of prominent hotbeds of innovation… Read More

Minnesota Rocks: MNvest Updates on 2017 Intrastate Crowdfunding Progress

Minnesota is one of the best organized states when it comes to intrastate crowdfunding activity. There are a growing number of states that have state based securities crowdfunding rules but Minnesota has been fortunate to have MNvest, a non-profit group, as a guiding light for… Read More

Minnesota Updates on Intrastate Crowdfunding

MNVest has tweeted out an interesting graphic that tracks sector progress for investment crowdfunding in the state of Minnesota. For those not in the know, MNVest is the advocacy group, as  well as the name of the law, that helped to make Minnesota’s state crowdfunding… Read More

MNvest Update: Four Crowdfunding Platforms Operating in Minnesota

Numerous states have enacted “intrastate” crowdfunding regulations to help foster capital formation for local businesses. Some of the states have crafted crowdfunding rules that are superior to Title III of the JOBS Act, also called Reg CF.  Minnesota is one of those states that benefited… Read More

Minnesota MNvest Crowdfunding Law Takes Effect on June 20th

The Minnesota intrastate crowdfunding law kicks off next week when the Minnesota Commerce Department will begin accepting applications for portal operators on June 20th. The new law, enacted about one year ago, was created to allow ordinary Minnesota citizens to use crowdfunding to invest up to $10,000… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding is Now Legal in Minnesota

As expected, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed the MNVest bill, making it law, and thus legalizing investment crowdfunding in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  The legislation was sponsored by Senator Terri Bonoff and Representative Jen Loon but benefited by popular bipartisan support and the backing… Read More

Minnesota Equity Crowdfunding Bill Heads to Governor’s Office for Signature

The Minnesota bill that will legalize equity crowdfunding in the state has made its way through both the House and Senate. It is now on track to be signed into law by Governor Dayton . The legislative push received the backing of MNVest, a coordinated… Read More

NPR Talks Intrastate Crowdfunding in Minnesota (Audio)

National Public Radio in Minneapolis has just published a brief perspective on equity crowdfunding drawing a comparison to rewards based platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with the changing environment where individuals will be able to actually purchase equity in small firms. NPR reporters enlisted… Read More

Minnesota Legislature Moves Forward with Crowdfunding Bill

The state of Minnesota is next on the list of states determined to take matters into their own hands as Federal regulations continue to be mired in parochial politics and timid rulemaking. A crowdfunding bill was introduced into the legislative process today in St. Paul…. Read More

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