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Where Are They Now? The Top Ten Tech Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaigns

The crowdfunding ecosystem continues to evolve allowing companies to prove concepts or services with crowd validation. Tech, while not the biggest money category, is one of the highest profile segments.  Hardware and crowdfunding is a perfect match.  Crowdfund Insider thought it would be interesting to review… Read More

Pono Pounded: Reviews Hammer Neil Young’s Digital Music Player

The Pono Music player is the 4th most crowdfunded campaign on Kickstarter ever.  The project raised a respectable $6.2 million back in April of 2014.  Over 18,000 backers pitched in to support this product created by rockstar legend Neil Young.  Pono went on to raise… Read More

Neil Young Talks Pono, Crowdfunding & Music with Jim Cramer (Video)

Rock legend Neil Young visited the studios of Mad Money to discuss his vision for the Pono Music player with investing maven Jim Cramer.  Not a single Booyah was given but there was a lot of love between the two as Cramer revealed he was… Read More

Crowdfunder Grabs $3.5 Million Series A; Funding Will Boost Crowdfunding Platform Growth

Funding Follows High Profile Success of Neil Young’s Pono Equity Crowdfunding Offer. In an oversubscribed offer, equity crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder.com has raised a Series A round of financing from a combination of VC funds, notable investors like Tim Draper, along with a crowd of individual accredited investors…. Read More

Neil Young’s Pono Music Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Extended

Music legend Neil Young is now a crowdfunding legend too.  He has taken one of the most successful rewards based crowdfunding campaigns ever and turned it into an equity crowdfunding hit.   Pono Music publicly opened the funding round on August 1st.  The initial raise… Read More

Neil Young’s Pono Raises Over $6 Million in Just 7 Days Equity Crowdfunding

While the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was pretty amazing the equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder has rocketed through expectations.  PonoMusic, the vision of famed recording star Neil Young, took only 7 days to raise $6 million in equity.  On Kickstarter it took 35 days to… Read More

Brief: Neil Young’s Pono Music Easily Raises $4 Million

Equity crowdfunding on Crowdfunder, music legend Neil Young and his Pono Music team easily cruised past the $4 million funding goal.  At last look funding totaled $4.4 million.  While the campaign has a launch date of August 1st, the public facing offer was only available… Read More

Updated: Neil Young’s Pono Music is Now Equity Crowdfunding Following $6.2 Million Kickstarter Hit

PonoMusic raised over $6.2 million on Kickstarter this past April, a campaign that saw just about every living rock star endorse the innovative product. Now with strong consumer demand, Pono has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder seeking to raise a minimum of $2.5 million… Read More

Pono Closes Over $6.2 Million on Kickstarter

Pono closed one of the most successful rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns ever today.  Backers numbering 18,220 delivered $6,225,354 to the Pono Music team aiding in a pretail campaign that is queued up to delivery a high fidelity audio player that currently has no peer in the… Read More

Pono Leaps Past $6 Million on Kickstarter

With just over a day to go in their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the Pono Music player now stands over $6 million with contributors number over 17,600.  The 35 day project is now firmly anchored in the number 3 position as one of the top… Read More

Pono Beats Veronica Mars to Become 3rd Most Funded Campaign on Kickstarter

Neil Young’s Pono Music Kickstarter campaign has bested one of the most popular crowdfunding campaigns of all time. Pono knocked-out Veronica Mars with 5 days left in their funding project.  Pono has now raised an astounding $5,756,176 from just under 17,000 backers.  The Pono Music… Read More

Pono Surpasses $5 Million as Neil Young Shares Message

The Pono Music team must be elated.  Their crowdfunding campaign that was set to raise $800,000 – not a small amount – has not surpassed $5,000,000 in crowdfunding.  Almost 15,000 supporters have backed this crowdfunding project on Kickstarter – and as we recently reported –… Read More

Pono Music Player Climbing Kickstarter’s Rankings, Now 4th Behind Veronica Mars

The Pono Music campaign continues to ascend Kickstarter’s all-time most funded list. The “end-to-end ecosystem for music lovers” has garnered nearly 15,000 backers at the time of writing and had raised just short of $5 million. Thanks everyone for all of your support. It has… Read More

Update: PonoMusic Crushes Goal, Closes in on Kickstarter Record

PonoPlayer in Top Ten Most Funded on Kickstarter. The Pono digital music player, created by rock star Neil Young and an experienced team of professionals, has crushed their crowdfunding goal of raising $800,000.  If you blinked you missed it, as they hit that target almost… Read More

Updated: PonoMusic Live on Kickstarter, Crowdfunding $800,000

Crowdfund Insider reported earlier today that Neil Young was preparing to launch their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter later this week. Well it appears that we were a bit off as the campaign has just launched. Young and his team just launched on Kickstarter and they… Read More

Neil Young’s PonoMusic to Launch on Kickstarter This Week

Perpetual rock musician Neil Young recently announced his new music device and service Pono.  He is presenting tonight at SXSW to share his vision for the future of high fidelity streaming music.  Young has been vocal about current streaming music services and their inferior audio… Read More

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