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Tinkoff Investment Unveils Russian Investors Activity Index

  Tinkoff Investments announced on Monday it has launched Tinkoff InvestIndex, which is described as a set of indices that represent Russian investors’ activity and sentiment. Tinkoff InvestIndex shows what securities investors are buying or selling, what industries they favour, and what currencies they are… Read More

BitPay: New Study Shows Merchants That Accept Bitcoin Attract New Customers & Sales

Global blockchain payments provider BitPay announced on Tuesday the results of a study conducted by leading research and advisory firm Forrester Consulting, titled Total Economic Impact Of Accepting Bitcoin Using BitPay. The study, which was commissioned by BitPay, examines the cost savings and business benefits enabled… Read More

Bloomio Now Looks to the Crowd to Better Understand Retail Investor Pain Points


Following last year collaboration with the IMD business school resulting in the publication of The State of Equity Crowdfunding report, Bloomio AG, the blockchain powered equity crowdfunding company, announced on Monday it has put in place a new task force for the second edition of… Read More

Lendio’s Latest Survey Reveals: Small Business Retailers Positive about Holiday Season Prospects

Marketplace for small businesses Lendio announced on Thursday  the results of its latest survey showing that small business retailers also have a positive outlook about this holiday season. According to Lendio, the survey observed retailers with under 100 employees and 87% of the small businesses… Read More

Yancey Strickler: We Think That Kickstarter Is Giving More People the Courage to Create & to Put Themselves Out There

Following the release of Ethan Mollick’s study on Kickstarter’s impact on the economy, CEO and co-founder of the popular crowdfunding portal, Yancey Strickler, sat down to discuss the website’s growth and influence of entrepreneurs. Mollick reported in his study: “From inception to May 2015, Kickstarter projects resulted… Read More

University of Pennsylvania’s Ethan Mollick Conducts New Study On Kickstarter’s Economy Impact

This week, Professor Ethan Mollick of the University of Pennsylvania released its recent study on Kickstarter’s impact on the economy. The study revealed the following: Employed 283,000 part-time collaborators Created 8,800 new companies and nonprofits with 29,600 new full-time jobs Raised more than $5.3 billion for those… Read More

Data From P2P Lender Crowdstacker Suggests: Government Reforms Should Disrupt How Brits Should Save & Invest

On Wednesday, peer-to-peer lending platform, Crowdstacker, released data that suggested government reforms how British consumers should save and invest. Crowdstacker offers P2P investment opportunities backed by British businesses that are said to have a good track record or are able to offer security. Crowdstacker assures that… Read More

Brief: University at Buffalo School of Management Study Reveals Three Key Factors to Crowdfunding Success

This week, University of Buffalo School of Management released a new study that found three key factors that crowdfunding campaigns need to achieve their goals. According to the research, high-quality photos and video, previous crowdfunding success and positive comments. Study co-author Yong Li, PhD, associate professor… Read More

Biz2Credit Study Confirms: Annual Revenues, Profits, & Credit Scores of Women-Owned Businesses Improved in 2015

Biz2Credit announced on Thursday that it has release a new study that revealed the average annual revenues and loan approval percentages of women-owned companies increased significantly last year. The online  credit marketplace analyzed more than 35,000 applications from business owners on its platform during 2015…. Read More

Rare Genomic Institute Announces New Study About Rare Disease Crowdfunding

Rare Genomics Institute (RG) today announced the Amplify Hope Initiative, a new study aimed at determining how crowdfunding can promote scientific research to help rare disease patients. RG is an international non-profit providing rare disease patients with access to state of the art genomics sequencing… Read More

Prediction: Kickstarter Video Games & Funding May Shrink 50% in 2014

While video games continued to be a huge hit on the crowdfunding giant Kickstarter, it seems not everyone believes that the category is actually as successful as it seems. Despite the platform helping game developers raise $57,934,417.74 in 2013, UK-based firm ICO Partners revealed that the gaming campaigns have struggled… Read More

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