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Australia Economic Trends Report: Productivity Crisis Overstated, But Downturn Needs to End Soon

Productivity growth goes in cycles and Australia is currently within the normal bounds of a low productivity growth period, rather than a “crisis” as commonly characterized, according to a research report from KPMG. However, there would be cause for concern if this downturn continues to… Read More

UK Economy Reportedly Exhibiting Tentative Signs of Renewed Momentum with Growth of 0.5% Expected in 2024

Following a technical recession in the second half of 2023, the UK economy has shown tentative signs of renewed momentum, “with growth of 0.5% expected this year, and 0.9% in 2025,” according to the latest KPMG Global Economic Outlook. The report finds a number of… Read More

UK Economy Is Improving But Structural Headwinds May Constrain Growth – Report

Inflation is expected to return to its 2% target in the first half of the year, which should pave the way for interest rate cuts from the summer, according to an update from KPMG UK. Interest rates are forecast to fall by 100 basis points… Read More

Pay Growth in the UK Fell for Third Straight Month, Inflation Expected to Decline Based on Economic Data – Report

Despite a December rise, inflation is expected “to continue falling this year” says Yael Selfin, Chief Economist at KPMG UK. The KPMG UK team noted that the expected fall in the energy price cap in April “could see inflation returning to target by spring. Nevertheless, disruptions… Read More

Recession Concerns, Return of Student Loan Payments Not Affecting US Investor Confidence, eToro Survey Reveals

U.S. retail investors remain optimistic about reaching their investing goals even as student loan payments resume and the threat of a recession looms, according to data from the latest Retail Investor Beat from trading and investment network eToro. In the short term, investors are still… Read More

Global Trade Finance Gap Hits Record $2.5tr Amid Economic, Geopolitical Volatility

The global trade finance gap soared to an unprecedented $2.5 trillion in 2022, escalating from $1.7 trillion two years prior, reveals the 2023 Trade Finance Gaps, Growth and Jobs Survey presented by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) today. This gap represents the discrepancy between requests… Read More

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey Discusses Challenges, Mentions CBDCs: “Digital money is about the technology of delivery”

Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, recently delivered a speech in which he commented on the major issues the UK faces, and tried to set out how they “fit together and the challenges they give rise to.” Baily said that in recent weeks,… Read More

GoHenry’s New Report Reveals: U.S. Kids Contributed $24.3 Billion to the Economy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

UK-based digital banking solution goHenry announced earlier this week the release of its annual U.S. Youth Economy Report, which revealed how the past year has transformed the money habits of Gen Z and Gen Alpha. According to the report, American kids and teenagers earned an impressive $27.2 billion… Read More

Stripe Announces Plans to Launch Series of Products to Support Platforms in Economic Recovery Efforts During COVID-19 Pandemic

  Payments platform Stripe announced on Tuesday it is launching a series of products to help platforms and their business customers adapt as the economy reboots during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stripe reported that platforms it powers now have access to an enhanced toolkit, which will… Read More

World Bank Reports Global Economy Cratered to Worst Recession Since WWII Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Per Capita Incomes to Shrink in All Regions as COVID-19 Health Crisis Crushes Economic Output The World Bank has issued a statement that the massive shock of the COVID-19 crisis and affiliated lockdown have plunged the global economy into a severe contraction. The World Bank… Read More

Look in the Mirror: Why the Number of Public Companies & IPOs are in Decline

  The decline in the number of public companies in the United States and the decline in the number of initial public offerings (IPOs) that occur each year are widely decried. It is irony that many who bemoan these changes are the very persons who… Read More

University of Pennsylvania’s Ethan Mollick Conducts New Study On Kickstarter’s Economy Impact

This week, Professor Ethan Mollick of the University of Pennsylvania released its recent study on Kickstarter’s impact on the economy. The study revealed the following: Employed 283,000 part-time collaborators Created 8,800 new companies and nonprofits with 29,600 new full-time jobs Raised more than $5.3 billion for those… Read More

Biz2Credit Reports: Owners of Minority Owned Businesses Express Optimism for Future Economic Growth

On Monday, online resource for small business finance, Biz2Credit announced it conducted a survey that included more than 1,500 small business owners. The report stated nearly eight out of ten minority entrepreneurs are confidence that their businesses will grow in the next twelve month while… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Shows Support For President Obama Following Final State of the Union Address

Following President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address, Kickstarter announced it is supporting the politician and the country’s future economic view. President Obama stated: “In this new economy, workers and start-ups and small businesses need more of a voice, not less. The rules should… Read More

How Will the Global Turmoil Affect Crowdfunding?

Hold the front page – the Chinese economy is slowing down. Who didn’t see that one coming? In an age of intertwined economies, extreme volatility in China is being exported globally. Calamity across the Chinese commodity markets this week is having largely foreseen global consequences…. Read More

How Crowdfunding Can Reduce Economic Inequality

The following post was submitted to us this week by José Francisco Ávila. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, many have expressed their opinion as to the strides made since then, and how much more work Americans have to… Read More

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