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tZero Has Acquired VerifyInvestor for $12 Million in Cash

Buried within the tZero Offering Memorandum for its ongoing initial coin offering were several interesting items of note. The first was the fact the SEC was in the process of reviewing the offering. Another interesting bit of information was the fact tZero has acquired a… Read More

Disrupting Goldman Sachs: Polymath Wants to Create a New Investment Banking Paradigm with Initial Coin Offerings

Investment banking is a highly profitable business. Goldman Sachs, perhaps the most prominent investment bank in the world, raked in $32 billion during fiscal 2017 with the majority of this revenue driven specifically by investment banking. Yet arguably, much of the value that is provided… Read More

SaftLaunch Struggles with tZero Initial Coin Offering Demand

tZero, a compliant securities token offering, is experiencing significant demand. While it is hard to quantify, we have been hearing chatter for some time now that SaftLaunch, the issuing platform, has struggled to manage all of the inbound requests legitimate and otherwise. In a letter… Read More

JOBS Act Investment Crowdfunding Explained (Infographic)

We have published several of these informational type matrices regarding the various iterations of investment crowdfunding as enacted under the JOBS Act of 2012. This most recent visualization is courtesy of VerifyInvestor (an accredited investor verification service) and it addresses Title II – Reg D 506c… Read More

Verification of International Accredited Investors: What You Need to Do

International investors have always played an important role in providing capital to private placement offers.  The private placement market under Regulation D is enormous. Since Title II made actionable by the SEC in September of 2013, until the end of 2014, over $1.5 trillion in… Read More

Odyssey of a Startup: Rich Rodman Shares Insight Into Closure of Crowdentials

Crowdentials was a concept born of the new securities environment legalized under the JOBS Act of 2012. The modernization of securities regulations, that finally recognized the power and potential of internet finance, was something that had to occur.  While there was much excitement as the… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Accredited Investor Verification

For years, most capital raises conducted by private companies have primarily relied on Regulation D as an exemption from compliance with certain burdensome securities laws.  In particular, most offerings were conducted under what was known as Rule 506 under Regulation D.  Those offerings, which have… Read More

Legal: Drafting the Regulation A Offering Statement

If your company has decided to take advantage of the new avenues for reaching investors under Regulation A, the biggest task you face will be preparing an offering statement that includes mandatory disclosures about the offering and the offeror, and obtaining Securities and Exchange Commission… Read More

Crowdfunding EB-5 Foreign Investors: A Path to US Citizenship

Billions of dollars have flowed into U.S. companies through a little known program known as “EB-5”.  EB-5 is an immigrant investor program created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors.  The program is administered… Read More

VerifyInvestor & CommunityLeader Form Partnership on Investor Verification

CommunityLeader and Verify Investor have announced a strategic partnership to provide crowdfunding and private placement platform operators with an integrated solution for verifying investor accreditation status which meets the SEC’s “reasonable steps” standards required for all companies conducting Rule 506(c) capital raises. “VerifyInvestor.com is proud… Read More

Accredited Investor Verification (Infographic)

The infographic below comes from VerifyInvestor – a company that is in the space of verifying accredited investors who may participate in private placements. As part of Title II of the JOBS Act there are verification requirements to participate (you just can’t promise to be… Read More

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