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CommunityLeader’s Platform Software Is Ready to Support Reg A+

CommunityLeader, a technology and service leader in the emerging crowdfunding industry, announced that its integrated private-labeled software and service package is ready and compliant with the new Reg A+ rules published last week by the SEC. Joseph Barisonzi, CommunityLeader co-founder and CEO, stated: “The power and… Read More

CommunityLeader to SEC: Thanks for Publishing Reg A+ Rules!

On Wednesday, the SEC Board of Commissioners approved the publishing of the rules associated with the Jobs Act 2012 Title IV. Now, the executives at CommunityLeader, Inc., a technology and service leader in the emerging crowdfunding industry, is ready to share their thoughts about the rules…. Read More

CommunityLeader Teams Up With Breakaway Funding To Release Whitepaper On Community Banking & Crowdfunding

CommunityLeader, Inc., a technology and service leader in the emerging crowdfunding industry and Breakaway Funding, LLC, a new crowdfunding portal platform announced the joint publication of “Community Banks: Sink or Crowdfund“— a whitepaper for community bankers on how to leverage the changing landscape in the… Read More

VerifyInvestor & CommunityLeader Form Partnership on Investor Verification

CommunityLeader and Verify Investor have announced a strategic partnership to provide crowdfunding and private placement platform operators with an integrated solution for verifying investor accreditation status which meets the SEC’s “reasonable steps” standards required for all companies conducting Rule 506(c) capital raises. “VerifyInvestor.com is proud… Read More

CommunityLeader sets up to Self-Crowdfund

Crowdfunding portal software provider CommunityLeader has decided to show the ultimate validation of their platform;  the company is self-crowdfunding for equity in their business. In an email sent out to interested individuals,  CommunityLeader offered up their pitch: I am writing today to invite you to… Read More

CommunityLeader Announces New CFO: George F. Stroebel

Crowdfunding platform provider CommunityLeader has announced a new appointment.  CEO and co-founder Joseph Barizonzi has added George Stroebel to their executive team to become the company’s Chief Financial Officer. “With experience as a private investor, registered security professional, lawyer, CPA and a senior executive in… Read More

CommunityLeader Offers the “Crowdfund IRA”

White label crowdfunding software provider CommunityLeader and IRA Services Trust Company have partnered to offer the Crowdfund IRA.  This self-directed IRA product allows individuals a new way to invest in securities-based crowdfunding ventures using their retirement funds in a compliant and transparent manner. “We’re excited… Read More

White Label Crowdfunding Portal Provider CommunityLeader Offers Free Book for Portal Operators

Titled “Navigating Your Portal Launch” the document has been published with both securities professionals and entrepreneurs in mind.  The book is available for download for free – providing you offer up your contact information ($4.99 for the anonymous types). Authored by CommunityLeader CEO Joseph Barisonzi,… Read More

Broker-Dealer Solution for Crowdfunding Portals cTrade Launched

CommunityLeader and Benjamin & Jerald have  jointly announced  the launch of cTrade—as an accredited and authorized broker-dealer solution for crowdfunding portals. cTrade was designed to support the online solicitation and sale of securities in today’s regulatory environment, and will be fully prepared to support portals… Read More

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