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Raizers Targets Ambitious Pan-European Equity Crowdfunding

  The 28 countries of the European Union are a very long way from offering a homogeneous regulation environment for crowdfunding. This is particularly true of equity crowdfunding which touches on multiple heavily regulated areas of finance such as investment advice, securities trading, retail banking… Read More

Brief: WiSEED Adds Nicolas Hulot, Sums Up 2014 & Looks Ahead to 2015

In its 2014 summary, WiSEED shared its growth:  37,700 members, 51 startups funded and  € 14 million in funds raised (a 100% increase from 2013).  Integral to its own growth and French crowdfunding became WiSEED’s involvement with financial regulations in October 2014: “After months of discussions with… Read More

Interview: Financement Participatif France President & Unilend Founder/CEO Nicolas Lesur Analyzes Alternative Finance in France & Europe

The European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey deadline is today, 6 January 2015. Since late November, The University of Cambridge teamed up with EY, the global professional services organization, and launched the European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey with the support of major European industry associations. As readers may know, this is the largest study to date on… Read More

Locavore “Fast Good” Food: PUR etc. Raises Equity on WiSeed

The Strasbourg-based PUR etc. has listed its equity crowdfunding campaign on the French platform WiSeed.  Setting its targeted raise at €600,000, PUR etc.’s funding is currently in progress. PUR etc. is a locavore “Fast Good” food company, which offers locally sourced and seasonally grown foods… Read More

CrowdTuesday Events in France Brings Together Industry Champions

CrowdTuesday, a periodic gathering of members of the crowdfunding scene, had their inaugural gathering in Paris this past month.  The group is not targeting the novice sector of the industry but is focused on bringing together industry experts to review and discuss the nascent form… Read More

Powered by WiSeed, Ennesys Energy Systems Raises €300,000 on “WiCap Ennesys”

French crowdfunding platform WiSeed, a site that claims over 21,000 members and having raised over €6.3 million in the past years, has now facilitated OriginOil (OTCBB:OOIL) to fund Ennesys in a closed funding round.  WiSeed created a bespoke offering vehicle to allow the company to raise… Read More

The growth of Crowdfunding sites comes with vagueness of the law for the donors

Crowdfunding is trendy. This new means of finding funds to see a project trough is developing fast thanks to the internet. In the beginning the movement benefited artists and writers who saw their music or literary compositions rejected by advisors and publishing houses. From this… Read More

For Disillusioned SMEs Hope Is Not Lost

2012 was a tough year for SMEs. The Eurozone crisis rumbled on, economies stagnated or contracted and the banks failed to lend the sums needed to help pull Europe out of the abyss. Government initiatives such as the Funding For Lending (FLS) scheme in the… Read More

Crowdfunding permits financing for a crucial step in our development

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QzvamO6i8A] (Staff Translation) Numerous project founders are turning to Crowdfunding platforms. Adapted to independent or associated projects, this financing method is also open to start-ups from various sectors, however the concept is still not widely adopted in France. Thanks to Crowdfunding, Anatbio, a French… Read More

7 crowdfunding sites to finance all of your projects in France

(Staff Translation) Crowdfunding, tuns out to be a surprisingly powerful tool to finance all of your projects. Here is how it works : Present your project to the public on a specific website and be convincing enough so that the cumulative power of many small or large… Read More

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