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Xapo Founder Emphasizes Bitcoin’s Experimental Nature, Suggests it Could Become “Nonpolitical Standard of Value”

Wences Casares, an early Bitcoin adopter and founder of the bitcoin wallet and vault company Xapo, has told reporters at Bloomberg that Bitcoin, “is a really interesting intellectual experiment…” that still has a “non-trivial chance of failing,” though he considers success more likely than failure…. Read More

Report: Wealthy Hoarding $10 Billion in Bitcoin Underground

Bloomberg is out with a report that some wealthy investors are “hoarding” Bitcoin in bunkers deep underground the amount is said to be hovering around $10 billion representing 7% of Bitcoin’s float. Xapo, the “Fort Knox of Bitcoin,” has raised $40 million from big name VC’s… Read More

Winklevii United: Launch Winklevoss Capital Syndicate Fundraising Campaign on AngelList

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss founded Winklevoss Capital in 2013 and have significantly bolstered their portfolio in the last four months.  Widely known for their claim that Mark Zuckerberg had stolen their idea for Facebook, the Harvard rowing grads have been in contentious litigation for… Read More

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