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Diaspora Social Network, Originally Crowdfunded on Kickstarter, Now Being Used by ISIS

description of Diaspora

In a posting on the Diaspora blog entitled, “Islamic State Fighters on Diaspora*”, the site operators have clarified they cannot prevent anyone from using their software as multiple reports have been released indicating ISIS is actively using their platform. ISIS, or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,  is a radicalized Islamic movement that has terrorized… Read More

GoFundMe Hosts Crowdfunding Campaigns for Both Darren Wilson & Michael Brown

Michael Brown Darren Wilson Crowdfunding Campaigns GoFundMe

Ferguson, Missouri Tragedy Has Captured Global Headlines as Both Sides Raise Funds via Crowdfunding. It has become the norm for sympathetic supporters, family members or those who just want to help out to launch crowdfunding campaigns to donate funds to assist those in need.  The day of August 9th started like any other in the… Read More

Coin Delays Full Launch Until 2015

Coin one size fits all

According to several reports, Coin – the one card to replace them all- has delayed complete launch until next year. COIN released a wildly popular product as part of pretail crowdfunding campaign.  A witty pitch video, that went viral, described a product that most people quickly understood – and wanted.  A single credit card sized… Read More

Kreyos Founder Steve Tan Responds to Disgruntled Backers

Happy Steve Tan Shopping

In a posting on Facebook the elusive Steve Tan, founder of the Kreyos Smartwatch, responded to his critics.  For those of you who are just catching up now,  Kreyos launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in 2013 that was hugely successful.  The campaign closed as one of the most funded campaigns ever on the global… Read More

MP Craig Foss Talks Crowdfunding on Snowball Effect

Craig Foss

The Honorable Craig Foss, a member of Parliament in New Zealand and former banker, has shared his opinion on the benefits of equity crowdfunding and peer to peer lending on Kiwi crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect.  The Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMC Act) legalized both equity crowdfunding and P2P lending in New Zealand.  The country has… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Food Category Has Reached $50 Million in Pledges

Omnivore Salt Prep

So the Food Category on Kickstarter is not their biggest category by far.  In fact Food sits in 7th place with a below average success rate of a bit over 34%. The largest category on Kickstarter is games (both video and board games) representing about a quarter of all funding that flows through the rewards… Read More

GlobalGiving is Raising Funds for Ebola Epidemic Relief

Act Safe Ebola GlobalGiving

Non-profit donation based crowdfunding platform GlobalGiving, has launched an Ebola Epidemic Relief Fund to allow donors to contribute directly to locally driven Ebola relief efforts in West Africa.  The fund has been set up to supper nearly a dozen nonprofits that have been vetted by GlobalGiving. GlobalGiving reports that to date over 1500 individual donors… Read More

Social Lending Awards are Set for January in UK

Social Lending Awards Judges

The inaugural Social Lending Awards is preparing to take place in London this coming January.  A veritable who’s who in the crowdfunding and peer to peer lending space will be participating in the ceremony.  The awards represent a major first for the social lending community with the intent to become the leading annual industry gathering for… Read More

Company Behind Vessyl Cup Closes on $3 Million Seed Round

Mille Vessyl (Limited)

Mark One, the company behind Vessyl, a cup that automatically tracks your consumption has closed $3 million in seed funding co-led by Felicis Ventures and Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures. Vessyl ran a pretail crowdfunding campaign this past July where they quickly jumped to over $1 million in pre-sales.  Vessyl tracks the users consumption throughout the… Read More

Kreyos Smartwatch Called Scam As Backers Demand Refunds or Resolution

Kreyos on Wrist

Here is another crowdfunding campaign that is being labeled a “scampaign”.  Android Police published an article  last night on the odyssey of the Kreyos Smartwatch.  This was preceded by a post on Medium by Jonathan Barronville – another backer. Kreyos ran an enormously successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in June of 2013.  Labeled the ONLY smartwatch… Read More

Indiegogo Publishes Diversity Report

Women at Indiegogo

Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has published an interesting diversity report that tackles not only the make up of their employees but also touches on the  crowdfunding campaigns created by women. The report entitled “Diversity Matters” is part of a growing movement that highlights the importance of corporate diversity.  Crowdfund Insider has recently published an article… Read More

UK Entrepreneurial City Clusters (Infographic)

Tower Bridge London (Wikipedia)

The below interactive infographic is an interesting depiction of the entrepreneurial clusters that have formed in the United Kingdom.  The infographic is courtesy of the Policy Exchange and was developed in conjunction with a report on supporting tech clusters outside of London. The UK is experiencing significant growth in the technology sector.  FinTech has been… Read More

Beauhurst: Record Year for Equity Investments in UK

10£ Queen Elizabeth British Pounds

According to research firm Beauhurst, United Kingdom equity investment has been growing at around 25% per year for over three years now – an impressive pace.  At least part of this growth is due to the liberal approach taken by UK regulators regarding new methods of capital formation such as crowdfunding.    Beauhurst reports that… Read More

Innovestor is Finland’s Newest Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Innovestor Logo with Angels

Finland welcomed a new equity crowdfunding platform today. Innovestor, a company formed this past May, was launched by CEO Tommi Äijälä and Antti Parviainen to help cultivate and fund startups.  Recognizing a common theme around the world that one of the most challenging obstacles for a young company is finding appropriate and adequate funding, they… Read More

First New Zealand Offer, Renaissance Brewing, Nears Equity Crowdfunding Goal

Back A Kiwi Business Renaissance Brewing

The very first company in New Zealand to take advantage of the new Kiwi exemption that legalized equity crowdfunding – Renaissance Brewing  - has issued the last call for shares.  The offer has been live on Snowball Effect for just over a week and stands at over 90% funded.  In a note to followers Renaissance… Read More

Neil Young’s Pono Raises Over $6 Million in Just 7 Days Equity Crowdfunding

PONO Device

While the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was pretty amazing the equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder has rocketed through expectations.  PonoMusic, the vision of famed recording star Neil Young, took only 7 days to raise $6 million in equity.  On Kickstarter it took 35 days to raise $6.2 million.  While backers lined up to fund Pono… Read More

goTenna Quickly Beats $50K Goal, Now Over 12X Campaign Target

goTenna in hand

goTenna, the off-grid communications device that enables you to use your smartphone to communicate without central connectivity (cell tower connection), easily surpassed its $50,000 pre-sales crowdfunding goal in under 3 hours.  The young company skipped the large crowdfunding platforms and offered goTenna to early backers on their own platform.  Of goTenna’s earliest sales, a majority… Read More

First Deal Closed on SyndicateRoom “Captive Media”, Returns for Follow on Equity Crowdfunding Round

captive media

SyndicateRoom, a fast growing equity crowdfunding platform in the UK, has announced that Captive Media has returned to their site to raise additional capital.  Captive Media holds the title of the first deal ever closed on SyndicateRoom – a funding round that took just 27 days, back in November of 2013 to raise £300,000.  The… Read More

Jason Best & Sherwood Neiss to SEC: Vote Now on Title III Crowdfunding Rules

Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss

Crowdfund Capital Advisors principles Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss have joined the growing group of crowdfunding industry participants demanding the Securities and Exchange Commission release final rules on Title III crowdfunding immediately.  In a comment letter addressed to SEC Chair Mary Jo White, Best and Neiss urged the Chair to release final rules now. This… Read More

Chilango Talks Mini-Bonds with The Economist

Chilango Burrito

Chilango, a UK based Mexican restaurant chain, was the first mini-bond ever to go the crowdfunding route.  Called the “Burrito Bond” the offer for the 4 year security with an 8% coupon launched this past June and quickly funded hitting its initial goal of raising £1 million on Crowdcube. The campaign is now in over-funding mode… Read More