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Assetz Capital Hurdles £200 Million in Lending to SMEs

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Record Year for Assetz Capital as £108 Million lent to Small Business in 2016. Assetz Capital, a peer-to-peer lending platforms, has announced having originated £200 million in loans since launching in 2013. The alternative finance platform targets small and medium-sized UK businesses and also helps property… Read More

Assetz Capital Lends £105 Million to UK Businesses During 2016

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Assetz Capital is reporting that it has lent approximately £105 million in 2016.   The peer to peer lender is not claiming the title of the UK’s 3rd largest P2P lender for SMEs. Founded in 2013, Assetz Capital says it is now the UK’s fastest… Read More

Assetz Capital’s Record-Breaking Month: Lends £26 million in November 2016

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Assetz Capital announced on Friday that November 2016 was officially the peer to peer lender’s most successful month ever. The website confirmed it lent £26 million to users, £100 million for 2016.  Commenting on the online lender’s November success, Stuart Law, CEO of Assetz Capital, stated:… Read More

Assetz Capital Appoints Rob Pailin As New Chief Commercial Officer


UK peer to peer lender Assetz Capital announced on Tuesday it has appointed Rob Pailin as its Chief Commercial Officer and member of the board of directors. Pailin reportedly joins Assetz Capital from RBS Corporate, where he was managing director of the bank’s corporate business in… Read More

CEO of Assetz Capital Stuart Law: NS&I Savings Bond is Ridiculous


The NS&I Investment bond as described in the Autumn Statement was created to provide savers with a higher rate of return. The indicative rate is 2.2% but the rate may be adjusted according to market conditions when it is launched in the spring of 2017. The… Read More

Assetz Capital Reports £15 Million in Interest Paid to Investors

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Peer to peer lender Assetz Capital has reported that investors have now earned £15 million in gross interest since platform launch in 2013.  The P2P lender has focused on provide access to capital for UK SMEs while give investors a viable investment alternative. Assetz Capital… Read More

Alternative Lender iwoca to Receive Referrals From NatWest Through Capital Connections Panel


On Tuesday, alternative lender iwoca announced it is set to receive referrals from NatWest as part of the website’s new expanded panel of alternative lenders, Capital Connections. According to the companies, Capital Connections build on NatWest’s existing partnerships and creates even more opportunities for users… Read More

Assetz Capital Receives 5-Star Rating From Defaqto

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Assetz Capital announced on Monday it received a 5 Star Rating from Defaqto in the independent financial information business’ first “Loan Based Crowdfunding” analysis. The UK-based lender is considered one of only four peer-to-peer finance platforms to have achieved the highest rating awarded by Defaqto. According to Assetz… Read More

Assetz Capital Reports: Peer-to-Peer Lending Expected to Thrive As Bank of England Slashes Interest Rates

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Assetz Capital one of the UK’s largest peer-to-peer lenders, announced it is predicting that both savers and borrowers will continue to turn to alternative finance companies in increasing numbers as Bank of England slashes interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25%. The website reported, peer-to-peer lending platforms remain largely untouched… Read More

Assetz Capital Says Brexit is Big Opportunity for Investors

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Peer to peer lender Assetz Capital is “optimistic” following the decision by UK citizens to depart the EU.  The leave vote has, in their opinion, created an opportunity; “Brexit will create a big opportunity for Assetz Capital’s investors as bank interest rates on business loan… Read More

Assetz Capital Pushes Deeper into Real Estate with Five New Property Investment Products

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Assetz Capital has formed a strategic relationship with FundBay, a deal matching platform.  As part of the relationship, Assetz Capital has created some new commercial mortgage products. According to Assetz Capital, the company has been collaborating with the Fundbay team in the development these new loan products for… Read More

Assetz Capital Adds 30 Day Access Account to List of Investment Options

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Assetz Capital has launched a “30-day access account” or 30DAA to their list of options for investors. According to the online lender, the 30-day account follows on the heels of success of their Quick Access Account (QAA).  Assetz Capital has pushed forward with providing more… Read More

Assetz Capital Updates on Innovative Finance ISA Plans

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The Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA) becomes actionable for all UK savers next month and the peer to peer industry is moving rapidly to embrace the new investment vehicle. Assetz Capital, has announced its plans for the IF ISA. According to Assetz Capital management, both… Read More

Officially Launched: Goji is Ready for IF ISA, Receives Funding from Cocoon Wealth

IF ISA Innovative Finance ISA

Goji, a platform that aggregates peer to peer lending investment opportunities including the forthcoming Innovative Finance ISA, has announced its “official” launch as the new IF ISA is set to hit hit the marketplace. Goji states that P2P lenders Landbay, ArchOver and Assetz Capital are… Read More

Improvements to ISA Lauded by Peer to Peer Industry Participants

IF ISA Innovative Finance ISA

There has been a lot of chatter regarding the numerous announcements by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and his budget presentation to parliament this week.  One of the areas that received a government update is the structure of the ISA.  As many people understand, in… Read More

Assetz Capital Says £22.7 Million Invested in Quick Access Since Fall Launch


Assetz Capital states that its Quick Access Account (QAA) has seen over £22.7 million invested in their new service. Byt March that number is expected to hit £30 million.  QAA competes with bank savings accounts by providing a higher rate of return for savers will… Read More

Assetz Capital Says it Has £525 Million Ready to Lend to UK SMEs

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Peer t0 peer lender Assetz Capital has revealed it has secured funding from “a number of financial institutions” and will be providing access to capital for UK SMEs.  Assetz Capital provides a variety of products including commercial mortgages, SME term loans, development finance, bridge loans,… Read More

Peer-to-Peer Lender Assetz Capital Set to Launch Innovative Finance ISA Account

Stuart Law

Following today’s Autumn Statement from Chancellor George Osborne, in which he  addressed the government’s success and pinpointing areas for economic improvement, Assetz Capital, one of the UK’s fastest growing peer-to-peer alternative finance platforms, revealed it is set to launch an innovative finance ISA account.  Stuart Law,… Read More

Chinese Online Lenders Need to Have Flesh in the Game

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  Last month I attended LendIt Europe in London (Oct. 20-21) to learn more about developments in the marketplace lending industry in the UK and in broader continental Europe. LendIt has once again done an excellent job organizing the conference and brought together a wealth… Read More

Crowdfunding Losing its Crowd? Money&Co CEO Nicola Horlick Promises, “We Will Keep the Crowd.”

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Interest in crowdfunding from banks and other noteworthy investors including some family offices has steadily increased in recent months, so much that Money&Co blogged, “It’s often said that crowdfunding is in danger of losing the crowd.” Could crowdfunding lose its crowd? How does the industry… Read More