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Update: Cyanide & Happiness Begins Shipping Process For Kickstarter-Funded Project “Joking Hazard”

Last week, Cyanide & Happiness announced it was starting to ship its Kickstarter-funded  card game, Joking Hazard. The popular webcomic launched its campaign on the crowdfunding giant’s platform earlier this year and raised a grand total of $3,246,588 from 63,758 backers. This made Joking Hazard the… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Preps For 2016 Gen Con Appearance & Announces Collaboration With Cards Against Humanity

With the 2016 Gen Con set to kick off in Indianapolis this Thursday, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter announced its lineup for the board game convention. The funding website revealed that it has teamed up with Cards Against Humanity to host a range of board games for… Read More

“Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game” Launches on Kickstarter & Quickly Scores $240,000

Evil Dead 2 fans, get ready for a game that will make you fall in love with the crazy, the bloody and sometimes super frightening film all over again. Space Goat Productions, Inc. recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a mission to raise only $70,000 for… Read More

Cool Mini of Not’s “Massive Darkness” Captures Over $3.5M Before Closing Kickstarter Initiative

Success! Cool Mini or Not‘s 24th Kickstarter has officially closed. The gaming company took to the crowdfunding giant last month to raise $200,000 for its new board game, Massive Darkness. Within only three days, the project scored $1.1 million. The initiative capped at $3,560,642 from 22,361 backers Thursday evening…. Read More

Rooster Teeth Begins to Ship Kickstarter Success “Million Dollars, But…” Game

Less than a month after closing the highly successful Kickstarter initiative for the new game, Million Dollars, But…,  Rooster Teeth has begun the shipping process. Million Dollars, But… is described as a game that puts the player’s morals and imagination to test by posing the common… Read More

Cool Mini Or Not’s New Board Game “Massive Darkness” Scores $1.1M in Three Days on Kickstarter

Cool Mini or Not, the studio behind the hit board games Zombiecide, Relic Knights, Dogs of War, and Rum & Bones, hit Kickstarter earlier this week to raise $200,000 for its new gaming project, Massive Darkness. Within just a few days, the company’s 24th campaign on the crowdfunding platform not… Read More

Rooster Teeth’s “Million Dollars, But… The Game” Surpasses $1M on Kickstarter

Just a little over two weeks after launching its Kickstarter campaign, Rooster Teeth’s Million Dollars, But… board game has successfully secured $1 million from nearly 22,000 backers. The initiative originally sough to raise $10,000 and secured the initial goal within minutes of its debut. Million Dollars, But…… Read More

Creators of Video Game “Plague Inc.” Hit Kickstarter to Raise Funds For Tabletop Version

Ndemic Creations, the creators of the hit iOS, Android and Windows Phone strategy video game, Plague Inc., launched a Kickstarter this week to raise $35,000 for the board game version. Within a few days, the project has surpassed its initial goal and currently nearly $100,000 thanks… Read More

Update: “Dark Souls – The Board Game” Nears £2M on Kickstarter

With less than two weeks until its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, Dark Souls – The Board Game is currently nearing £2 million thanks to over 19,000 backers. Dark Souls – The Board Game is described as a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players set… Read More

“Dark Souls – The Board Game” Captures Over £1.5M First Week on Kickstarter

Last week, UK-based Steamforged Games launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise £50,000 for Dark Souls – The Board Game. Not even five minutes into the initiative, the game surpassed its initial goal and in 24 hours hit £1 million. Now, just a week after the launch, the campaign… Read More

“Dark Souls – The Board Game” Surpasses £1M in 24 Hours on Kickstarter

On Tuesday, UK-based Steamforged Games launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise £50,000 for Dark Souls – The Board Game. Not even five minutes into the initiative, the game surpassed its initial goal and in 24 hours hit  £1 million. Dark Souls – The Board Game is described as a strategically challenging,… Read More

Cryptozoic Entertainment & Sony’s “Ghostbusters: The Board Game II” Secures Half a Million in 3 Days on Kickstarter

Just three days after Cryptozoic Entertainment and Sony Pictures Consumer Products launched Ghostbusters: The Board Game II on Kickstarter, backers have secured half a million for the new game. The initiative originally sought to raise $250,000 and achieved the goal within just two hours. Ghostbusters:The Board Game II features… Read More

Cryptozoic Entertainment & Sony’s “Ghostbusters: The Board Game II” Smashes $250,000 Goal in 2 Hours on Kickstarter

  Ghostbusters fans, unite! Less than two hours after launching the Ghostbusters II: The Board Game Kickstarter, Cryptozoic Entertainment and Sony Pictures Consumer Products successfully secured their initial $250,000 goal. As previously reported, Ghostbusters: The Board Game II features an original story by IDW Comics’ Ghostbusters writer Erik Burnham in… Read More

Cryptozoic & Sony Pictures Consumer Products Return to Kickstarter For Second “Ghostbusters” Board Game

On Monday, board games, trading cards and collectibles brand, Cryptozoic Entertainment and Sony Pictures Consumer Products launched a Kickstarter for Ghostbusters: The Board Game II. The duo previously hit the crowdfunding giant for the first game, which secured $1,546,269 from 8,396 backers. According to the companies, Ghostbusters: The Board… Read More

Brief: Sony Teams Up Cryptozoic Entertainment For Second Ghostbusters Board Game & Announces Kickstarter Return

Cryptozoic Entertainment, a board game and collectible cards studio, and Sony Pictures Consumer Products announced on Friday they are teaming up once again to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Ghostbusters: The Board Game II.  Following on the heels of last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign, which captured over… Read More

Mantic Games Quickly Captures Over $180,000 on Kickstarter For New “Walking Dead” Board Game

On Monday, UK-based studio, Mantic Games, took to crowdfunding giant Kickstarter to raise $50,000 for its new game, The Walking Dead: All Out War. Within hours of the launch, the project smashed through the initial goal and is now nearly $200,000. The game, which is based on… Read More

Hasbro Discovers the Next Great Game Thanks to Indiegogo

Earlier this year, Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) announced that it has teamed up with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to find the next hit face-to-face party game by launching a new contest called, the next great game challenge. Hasbro revealed that it is continuing to focus on connecting with the gaming… Read More

Sony & Cryptozoic Entertainment’s “Ghostbusters: The Board Game” Now Available

On Wednesday, Cryptozoic Entertainment announced its Kickstarter success, Ghostbusters: The Board Game, a cooperative tabletop game that lets fans relive classic moments from the beloved film series, is now available at retail stores and online. The new game is the first officially licensed Ghostbusters tabletop game in nearly… Read More

Review: “Exploding Kittens” Offers Up Explosive Fun For Mostly Everyone

Earlier this year, I was researching the latest crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter when I stumbled upon this hilarious, Russian roulette concept game Exploding Kittens.  NEVER have I laughed so hard at project. Beyond the great name, Exploding Kittens raised over $8.7 million with the support of… Read More

CoolMiniOrNot Talks Kickstarter Success “Zombicide: Black Plague’s” Presence at Gaming Convention GenCon

  Taking time away from the production of  Zombicide: Black Plague the team at game developing studio CoolMiniOrNot shared details about the Kickstarter-success’ experience at GenCon in Indiana this past weekend. Zombicide: Black Plague is described as a standalone cooperative boardgame for 1 to 6 players that… Read More

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