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#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 26, 2013

Wall Street Journal | Danae Ringelmann: Crowdfunding Unleashes A Different Segment of the Economy Indiegogo co-founder and Chief Customer Officer Danae Ringelmann takes to the Wall Street Journal to discuss equity crowdfunding. In her words, “my hopeful prediction is that equity crowdfunding will make investing… Read More

COIN Powers On. May Become Most Successful Hardware Crowdfunding Campaign Ever.

All Your Cards Into One:  Coin. The one card to replace them all: Coin, has announced their crowdfunding campaign continues following their incredible success as they easily rocketed past their $50,000 campaign goal in just under 40 minutes.  In a discussion with CEO and Founder Kanishk… Read More

COIN “All in One Credit Card” CEO Kanishk Parashar on CNBC (Video)

COIN CEO and founder Kanishk Parashar continues to make the media rounds with an interview on CNBC hosted by Carl Quintanilla and Kelly Evans.  COIN is clearly a crowdfunding success as it hit its relatively low goal of raising $50,000 in just 4o minutes.  With… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 19, 2013

Joystiq | Game dev story: The final, agonizing moments of a Kickstarter campaign Ever wonder what it is like to run a live crowdfunding campaign? According to Steve Swink, the answer is that “administering a Kickstarter was seriously brutal business.” Through a lot of hard… Read More

Kanishk Parashar Shares Insight on COIN, Crowdfunding (Video)

COIN Founder and CEO Kanishk Parashar launched their crowdfunding campaign this past week on their own, in-house developed, crowdfunding platform and quickly rocketed to funding success by beating their goal in 40 minutes.  While they are not sharing their total amount raised in the past… Read More

One Card to Replace them All: Coin. Crowdfunding Now. (Updated)

Single Card Replaces All Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Loyalty Cards. As hard as I try to minimize the number of cards I lug around in my wallet the number continues to grow.  Yes I have an app for loyalty cards which I regularly use,… Read More

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