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Wealth Management Tech Plaform Addepar Acquires RCI to Assist Clients with Making More Informed Investment Choices

US-based wealth management tech platform Addepar notes that for many years, wealth managers have had important questions that have been “surprisingly difficult to answer.” For instance, they want to know what exactly they own in their portfolios and where they own these assets. Wealth managers… Read More

MasterCard Partners with COIN on Payments with Wearable Tech

COIN, the credit card replacement that stores digital data to streamline payments, has partnered with MasterCard (NYSE: MA) to provide financial transactions with a group of well-known companies selling wearable tech. COIN, now on its 2.0 iteration, will provide both hardware and software which can be… Read More

COIN Universal Credit Card is Shipping to Backers

This one falls under the “Where are they now?” Category. Coin ran an incredibly successful pretail crowdfunding campaign in the Fall of 2013. It really made sense  then: a single card to replace all of your cards that a person typically lugs around in their… Read More

COIN Issues Apology to Disappointed Backers

COIN, the one card to control them all, experienced a bit of a marketing stumble this past week as they announced the full launch of the COIN card would be delayed until 2015.  In the lightening speed space of technology many backers were quick to… Read More

Coin Delays Full Launch Until 2015

According to several reports, Coin – the one card to replace them all- has delayed complete launch until next year. COIN released a wildly popular product as part of pretail crowdfunding campaign.  A witty pitch video, that went viral, described a product that most people… Read More

COIN CEO Kanishk Parashar Gives Live Demo (Video)

Kanishk Parashar hit the stages of Disrupt this week to demonstrate COIN: The One Card to Replace Them All. COIN ran a spectacular self crowdfunding campaign that hit their initial “goal” of raising $50,000 within minutes of launch. The pretail campaign continued to offer presales… Read More

Coin Extends Pretail Campaign After Easily Hitting Crowdfunding Goal

Coin, the one card to replace them all, has released they are continuing their presale of the product for the foreseeable future. Coin’s purpose is to create a product that simplifies and improves your life. The card replacement device previously announced they had hit their… Read More

COIN Powers On. May Become Most Successful Hardware Crowdfunding Campaign Ever.

All Your Cards Into One:  Coin. The one card to replace them all: Coin, has announced their crowdfunding campaign continues following their incredible success as they easily rocketed past their $50,000 campaign goal in just under 40 minutes.  In a discussion with CEO and Founder Kanishk… Read More

COIN “All in One Credit Card” CEO Kanishk Parashar on CNBC (Video)

COIN CEO and founder Kanishk Parashar continues to make the media rounds with an interview on CNBC hosted by Carl Quintanilla and Kelly Evans.  COIN is clearly a crowdfunding success as it hit its relatively low goal of raising $50,000 in just 4o minutes.  With… Read More

Kanishk Parashar Shares Insight on COIN, Crowdfunding (Video)

COIN Founder and CEO Kanishk Parashar launched their crowdfunding campaign this past week on their own, in-house developed, crowdfunding platform and quickly rocketed to funding success by beating their goal in 40 minutes.  While they are not sharing their total amount raised in the past… Read More

One Card to Replace them All: Coin. Crowdfunding Now. (Updated)

Single Card Replaces All Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Loyalty Cards. As hard as I try to minimize the number of cards I lug around in my wallet the number continues to grow.  Yes I have an app for loyalty cards which I regularly use,… Read More

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