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Finnish P2P Marketplace Lender Fellow Finance Expands to Poland

The P2P lending platform Fellow Finance has announced that its platform is now open for borrowers in Poland. Polish customers may now apply for P2P loans with maturity from 1 to 3 years up to 12 000 PLN. This gives Fellow Finance investors an opportunity to diversify their investments geographically and… Read More

Crowdcredit & Fellow Finance form Partnership on P2P Investment Funds

Fellow Finance, a peer to peer lender based in Helsinki, has formed a strategic partnership with Crowdcredit, based in Toyko, in an arrangement where Crowdcredit which create investment funds to invest in loans from Finnish borrowers.  The agreement is designed to drive value for both… Read More

Quotes From #LenditEurope: About China’s 2,000 Lending Platforms & More

Part II: Seen & Heard at Lendit Europe If you missed attending Lendit Europe, you missed a great event. You can catch up on a selection of presentations on Lendit . For short skimming, we’ve selected a few thought-provoking quotes from day 2. You may also… Read More

Japan Based CrowdCredit Opens Up Hub in Estonia for European Push

CrowdCredit, a cross border focused peer to peer lender, has established an office in Estonia according to a company report. CrowdCredit is based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.  The platform was founded by Tomoyuki Sugiyama, a former Lloyds Bank bond trader. CrowdCredit Estonia expects to issue… Read More

Across the Ocean for a Loan: Crowdcredit, Japan’s First Cross-Border-Focused P2P Lender

  Crowdcredit, founded by Tomoyuki Sugiyama, a former bond trader in Lloyds Bank’s Tokyo branch, is Japan’s first lending platform focused on only cross-border peer to peer lending, as P2P-Banking.com notes. The company, based in Tokyo, invests Japanese capital in credit markets in various Latin American countries, such… Read More

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