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European Lender Bondora Shares Latest Financial Results

European lender Bondora says it’s pleased to announce their platform’s 5th consecutive year of profitability. With their solid foundation, Bondora continues to “offer intuitive products that empower [their] customers to spend, grow and save their money.” Over the past 14 years, the Bondora community of… Read More

Bondora Confirms it Has No Operations in Russia or Belarus, so Crisis Might Have No Direct Impact on Online Lender

Pärtel Tomberg, CEO at European lender Bondora, notes that the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has “sent shock waves around the world.” Bondora‘s CEO writes in a blog post that their thoughts “go out to everyone who is affected, and [they’re] committed to… Read More

European P2P Lender Bondora Reports €21.4M in Annual Revenue, €3.4M in Net Profit for 2020

Despite an unprecedented year in the global financial markets, European peer-to-peer lender Bondora is reporting its 4th straight year of profitability. Some of the main highlights for the Bondora platform during the past year are as follows: Revenue “increased by 5% to €21.4M” Net profit… Read More

European P2P Lender Bondora Reveals that 52,000 New Investors Joined Platform, Records 3rd Year of Profitability

Peer to peer lending platform Bondora has shared its top highlights for this year. The P2P lender notes that 2020 has turned out “quite differently than many of us expected.” While we all faced many different challenges due to COVID-19, Bondora says it has had… Read More

P2P Lender Bondora Tops €100 Million in Lending

In a recent post on Bondora, the Estonian peer to peer lender, the company announced that it had surpassed €100 million in loan originations. As Bondora states, the platform has now lent €102 million, paying out €15 million in interest to 28,541 investors. Bondora has also reached cash… Read More

Bondora Seeks to Improve Loan Quality in All Markets with Better Collection Procedures

Pärtel Tomberg, CEO of Bondora, spoke about his platform’s plans for 2016 in a recent interview.  According to Bondora, one of the objectives for coming months is to “improve the loans quality in all [their] markets”. “We strive for a more secured but faster loan… Read More

Bondora Has Now Processed Over € 1 Billion in Loans

Estonia-based Bondora, a marketplace lending platform, has now surpassed € 1 million in loans processed via their site. Out of these applications € 150 million in loans have been approved and investors have funded over € 52 million. Bondora CEO and co-founder Pärtel  Tomberg commented on topping the… Read More

Bondora Closes 2015 Having Funded € 24 Million in P2P Loans

European peer to peer lender Bondora has closed out 2015 having funded over € 24 million in loans.  Bondora is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority having received interim approval in May of 2015.  The company has applied for full FCA authorisation, an expensive and rigorous… Read More

What Trends Will Shape the P2P Lending Industry in 2016?

The peer-to-peer lending market is looking for another massive growth from 2016, but before holiday season kicks in, we here at Bondora have decided to dig deeper to see what will be the underlying trends shaping the surging industry in the new year. INSTITUTIONAL MONEY We… Read More

Quotes From #LenditEurope: About China’s 2,000 Lending Platforms & More

Part II: Seen & Heard at Lendit Europe If you missed attending Lendit Europe, you missed a great event. You can catch up on a selection of presentations on Lendit . For short skimming, we’ve selected a few thought-provoking quotes from day 2. You may also… Read More

Canada Eh? Bondora Crosses the Atlantic to Grow Peer to Peer Lending Platform

Bondora has crossed the Atlantic. This is according to multiple reports that the Estonian based platform has entered North American, skipping the US, and heading due North. Quoted in the Globe & Mail, Partel Tomberg, Bondora co-founder and CEO, stated; “We are able to provide investors… Read More

Bondora Updates Legal Structure Regarding Defaulted Loans

Bondora, previously doing business as isePankur, is one of the faster growing peer-to-peer lending platforms in Europe. Based in Estonia, but also approved by the FCA in the UK, Bondora recently updated its legal approach to dealing with loans in default. Loans that go bad are… Read More

Bondora Sees Huge Opportunity in European Peer to Peer Lending

Although you may not have heard of Bondora, if you follow the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending industry, you most likely will soon. Bondora is one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer lenders in the world and they are operating in a market with few competitors. Bondora is… Read More

Estonia Based Bondora Now FCA Regulated

Bondora based in Tallinn, Estonia, has become authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.  Bondora, previously called isePankur until this past April, is a peer to peer (P2P) lending platform.  The company describes themselves as an “advanced marketplace for experienced investors… Read More

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