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OurCrowd Backs Oversubscribed Seed Round of Foodtech Mermade Seafoods

Mermade Seafoods , an Israel based Foodtech startup, has raised $3.3 million in an oversubscribed Seed funding round. Investment marketplace OurCrowd participated in the funding along with Fall Line, Sake Bosch and others. Mermade was founded in July 2021 by CEO Daniel Einhorn, CTO Dr…. Read More

Beyond Fish? Foresea is a Cell Based Seafood Company and it is Raising Money on OurCrowd

OurCrowd has been an active Foodtech investor for years now. Before Beyond Meat went public, OurCrowd was serving the plant-based meat alternative at its annual global investor event. Of course, Beyond Meat eventually IPOed on the Nasdaq providing an exit for early investors. Currently, OurCrowd… Read More

Remilk, a Provider of Cow Free Milk, Raises $120 Million Series B, Including Participation from OurCrowd

Remilk, a creator of milk without the cows, has raised an oversubscribed $120 million in Series B funding. The additional capital is expected to enable Remilk to scale production of “dairy-identical milk protein” for commercial use by manufacturers in traditionally dairy-based products including cheeses, yogurt,… Read More

Crowdfunding Foodtech: THIS Takes Just 2.5 Days to Raise Over £4 Million in Securities Offering

THIS, a company producing plant-based meat alternatives, has closed its securities offering on Seedrs raising £4.476 million in just 2.5 days, according to the offering page. The crowdfunded securities offering is said to be the fastest ever to hit £1.5 million on Seedrs. Not only… Read More

Foodtech: Plant based Meat Replacement Firm THIS Claims Crowdfunding Records on Seedrs

THIS, a plant-based meat replacement company, has claimed title to the fastest ever securities offering raising £1.5 million on Seedrs. As well, TRHIS is the fastest ever FMCG business to hit its target that was pegged at £2 million. THIS had revealed the forthcoming securities… Read More

Wow. THIS, a Meat Substitute Business, Sees £20.2 Million Pledged on Upper End of Forthcoming Seedrs Offering

Plant-based meat substitute firm “THIS” is reporting strong interest in its forthcoming securities offering on Seedrs. Several weeks ago, THIS revealed its intent to list a crowdfunded securities offering on Seedrs. The investment opportunity follows a recent VC round where the company raised £4.7 million… Read More

Plant Based Meat Substitute Firm THIS Plans Crowdfunding Round on Seedrs After Raising £5.6 Million in VC Funding

The founders of Chosen Bun, a successful UK burger chain since sold, have launched a new brand a plant-based meat substitute called “THIS.” Founders Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman, spent a year and a half developing their product which has generated a good degree of… Read More

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co Set to Close Seedrs Round With More Than £1.85 Million Raised

  Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, a UK-based foodtech that is creating premium health noodles-in-a-cup and soon to be launched instant Congee Asian rice porridges, is set to close its latest equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs with more than £1.85 million raised from over 530 investors. The… Read More

Update: Mr Lee’s Pure Food Co’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Surpasses £1.8 Million During the Final Days on Seedrs

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, a UK-based foodtech that is creating premium health noodles-in-a-cup and soon to be launched instant Congee Asian rice porridges, is now set to close its equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs with more than £1.8 in funding secured. The funding round launched in… Read More

Overfunding: Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co’s Seedrs Round Surpasses £1.75 Million Funding Target Days After Launch

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, a UK-based foodtech that is creating premium health noodles-in-a-cup and soon to be launched instant Congee Asian rice porridges, successfully secured its initial £1.75 funding target through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.  As previously reported, Mr Lee’s claims to be a… Read More

Foodtech Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Now Seeking £1.75 Million Through Seedrs Equity Crowdfunding Round

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, a UK-based foodtech that is creating premium health noodles-in-a-cup and soon to be launched instant Congee Asian rice porridges, is now seeking £1.75 million through its equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs. Founded in 2015, Mr Lee’s claims to be a “real… Read More

Global Investment Crowdfunding Platform OurCrowd Wins Tender to Operate Startup Incubator in New Zealand

OurCrowd, as part of an international consortium, has won a tender to operate a startup incubator in New Zealand. The consortium of companies that participated in the bid includes Finistere Ventures, New Zealand’s food giant Fonterra and animal management leader Gallagher. The consortium was selected… Read More

OurCrowd Partners with Finistere, Tnuva & Tempo to Launch Fresh Start Foodtech Incubator

OurCrowd, Israel’s most active venture investor and leading global crowdfunding platform, has partnered with Finistere, Tnuva and Tempo to launch a NIS 1 billion (~ USD $ 283 million) Foodtech incubator in Israel.  “Fresh Start” was officially launched at an event this week. OurCrowd announced… Read More

OurCrowd and Partners Win Tender to Operate Israeli Foodtech Incubator

Following the outsized success of BeyondMeat’s (NASDAQ:BYND) initial public offering, OurCrowd and its partners have received government approval to operate Israel’s Foodtech incubator. OurCrowd, along with Finistere Ventures, a global agrifood investment leader, Tnuva, Israel’s food manufacturer, and Tempo Beverages, the leading Israeli beverage company,… Read More

OurCrowd Joins Finistere Ventures In $100 Million Partnership to Invest in Foodtech & Agtech Innovation

Global crowdfunding platform OurCrowd has partnered with Finistere Ventures, along with food manufacturer Tnuva and Tempo Beverages, in a new partnership to invest $100 million in Foodtech and Agtech innovation. Finistere Ventures is a global agrifood investment firm. Tnuva is Israel’s largest food manufacturer and… Read More

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