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BTCjam Sets Closing Date. Users May Withdraw Stored Bitcoin until July

BTCjam, a P2P marketplace launched in 2012 to borrow and lend using bitcoin, announced the company has made “the difficult decision” to close up shop, according to multiple news sources. The platform cited regulatory challenges around bitcoin and the difficulties introducing bitcoin technology to poor communities around… Read More

Charles Moldow Compares Fintech Early Days to Netflix’s Ultimate Domination

How easy is it for Fintech startups to challenge established Wall Street firms? Charles Moldow, General Partner of Foundation Capital and an early investor in Lending Club, OnDeck and more, recently told CNBC; “I think it is hard to disrupt any mature industry. This one… Read More

Peer-to-Peer Marketplace Peerspace Secures $5M During Series A Funding Round

PeerSpace, Inc., a peer-to-peer marketplace dedicated to unique short-term commercial spaces, announced a $5 million Series A funding led by Foundation Capital. Due to rapid growth in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the short-term space reservation company is now expanding into New York City. PeerSpace… Read More

Interview: Cloud Lending CTO Darpan Saini and LendingPoint CTO Franck Fatras Discuss Partnership and Cloud Solutions

In February Cloud Lending Solutions announced that its customer and partner,  LendingPoint, had successfully used Cloud Lending as a foundation to go from concept to market in less than ninety days.  Helmed by CEO and Founder Snehal Fulzele and CTO Darpan Saini,  Cloud Lending has quickly disrupted global direct online lending as more and… Read More

Cloud Lending CEO Snehal Fulzele: Technology Enabler for Disruptive Minds in Financial Markets

Cloud Lending, the industry’s end-to-end lending solution built on Salesforce.com, recently added CL Marketplace, a unified cloud platform that simplifies and automates the entire loan process in marketplace lending, to its suite of cloud-based industry applications that enable non-bank financial institutions to manage loan portfolios, increase transaction volume and rapidly bring new… Read More

Foundation Capital: Peer to Peer Lending Goes to $1 Trillion

Charles Moldow, General Partner at Foundation Capital, has declared that Peer to Peer (P2P) lending – part of the nascent crowdfunding revolution – is destined to hit the $1 Trillion mark by 2025 – a little more than a decade away.  Foundation Capital is a… Read More

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