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Ryan Lewis’ 30/30 Project Tops Crowdfunding Campaign Goal on Indiegogo

Excited to share the special news, American rapper Ryan Lewis took to his Twitter account on Thursday to announce the 30/30 Project, which will help build HIV clinics in Malawi, has smashed its original crowdfunding campaign goal on Indiegogo and raised $137,600 from 1,200 backers. Immediately… Read More

30/30 Project Exceeds Its $100k Crowdfunding Goal on Indiegogo

With less than a week until it closes, the 30/30 Project’s crowdfunding campaign has surpassed its goal on Indiegogo. The organization has a partnership with Julie Lewis, American Rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis along with Construction of Change to build healthcare facilities all over the… Read More

Watch Me Go Launches Crowdfunding for Girls High School Education

Watch Me Go is a new organization giving girls living in urban slums around the world the opportunity to go to high school. It recently launched the first crowdfunding platform dedicated entirely to girls’ secondary education in developing countries, and is currently raising funds to… Read More

Crowdfunding and Climate Innovation: The Next Steps are in Funding Impact Investing

The future of Impact Investing and Crowdfunding was on display in Nairobi, Kenya last week.  At the World Bank/infoDev’s annual funding meeting their budget was divvyed up among the creation of Climate Innovation Centers (CIC) in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Vietnam and the Caribbean and… Read More

FlameStower Fire Charger Beats Goal on Kickstarter, Forms Partnership in Kenya

FlameStower, a device that can charge your cell phone by using fire, has beaten their goal on Kickstarter by raising over $38,000 on a $15,000 goal.  The campaign continues to raise funds and is scheduled to close on October 24th.  With the successful funding round… Read More

GATE Global Impact Works to bring Internet to Developing Countries

GATE Global Impact (GGI), an electronic regulatory-compliant marketplace that provides market infrastructure for public and private investments, has partnered with Indigo Group to provide high-speed internet to the parts of the developing world.  The project titled,  “ImpactWIFI“,  will bring the internet to rural areas in Africa to increase… Read More

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