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Japanese E-Commerce Rakuten Establishes $100M Fintech Investment Fund: Initially Targets US and Europe

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten (TOKYO:4755) officially initiated a new $100 million fintech investment fund, according to a release.  The Rakuten FinTech Fund, a new US$100 million global investment fund focuses on investments in disruptive early to mid-stage fintech startups aims to offer attractive return potential with strategic relevance…. Read More

Innovate Finance, Hartree Centre, Announce FinTech Blockchain Lab

The UK’s Innovate Finance has partnered-up with Hartree Centre to create the FinTech Blockchain lab.  Hartree Centre is a “high performance” computing and data analytics research facility which was founded by the UK government.  Innovate Finance is a not for profit group that was created… Read More

Innovate Finance + Open University Launch FinTech 101, Online Course For Executives

  Recently, the first back-to-school ads popped up on my music streaming service, accompanied by the scent of the school year–anticipation of the new. I paused, remembered what it felt like to use an eraser and be dropped off at the curb daily, then kept writing. A computer… Read More

Lawrence Wintermeyer in as New CEO of Innovate Finance

Lawrence Wintermeyer has been selected as the new Chief Executive Officer of Innovate Finance while founding CEO Claire Cockerton exits. Innovate Finance was launched with much fanfare in 2014, along with the verbal support of Chancellor George Osborne, in the recognition of the UK’s growing role… Read More

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