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OFF3R Launches SIPPs Channel

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UK based aggregator of alternative investments OFF3R announced on Tuesday the launch of its new Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) channel, which will feature pension products from some of the leading providers in the market. The company described A SIPP as a tax wrapper that holds your chosen investments… Read More

#UKStrong: OFF3R Report Says Equity Crowdfunding Defies Brexit Uncertainty in First 6 Months, Rises to Record £130 Million

OFF3R is out with a report today on the status of equity crowdfunding in the UK. According to their numbers, the UK investment crowdfunding sector is booming. In fact the OFF3R Index states that UK crowdfunding platforms raised a record £130 million during the first… Read More

Crowdfunding & Beer: Love at First Round

Equity crowdfunding and beer, or breweries in general, are a natural fit, so it would seem. Beer lovers have a tendency to be rather faithful to their preferred brew. Give them a chance to own shares in the company (along with a free beer or… Read More

Pivot? OFF3R Wants to Become “Money Supermarket”

OFF3R is a UK based aggregator of alternative investments. The platform integrates opportunities within equity crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, real estate and more. At last count OFF3R hosts offers from 36 different UK platforms. Today in a report on P2PFinanceNews, OFF3R is revealing it… Read More

OFF3R’s Latest Index Data Reveals: Significant Increase in Equity Crowdfunding Investments in March 2017 Through UK Platforms

OFF3R, a UK based aggregator of alternative finance platforms, released its latest installment of the OFF3R Index that revealed more than £40 million was invested in early stage businesses in March 2017 through equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK. The company states this new record-breaking figure smashes… Read More

Report: UK Equity Crowdfunding Recovers from January Slump

OFF3R is out with an updated report on the UK equity crowdfunding market and, according to their numbers, this sector of finance has bounced back from a January slump.  As we last reported, OFF3R said that peer to peer lending remained strong in January but… Read More

OFF3R Launches New Interface & Investor Education Tools

OFF3R, a UK based aggregator of alternative finance platforms, has released an updated interface that allows investors to easily compare investment opportunities from over 40 different platforms. The new site lets users apply filters and sorting to bring forward the most relevant opportunities across equity… Read More

OFF3R Index: Strong P2P Lending Growth Continues

OFF3R, an online marketplace for alternative investments, published a report on P2P lending and crowdfunding last week.  OFF3R said that while equity crowdfunding sagged in January – dropping 65% from December – P2P lending remained strong. The Index includes six different equity crowdfunding platforms. OFF3R… Read More

OFF3R Index: Very Strong Growth for UK P2P Lending in 2016

Yesterday we reported the UK P2PFA Q4 2016 peer to peer lending numbers showed solid growth for online lending. Today we have numbers from OFF3R that captures the activity of 9 UK peer to peer lending platforms. According to the OFF3R Index, p2p lending grew by… Read More

The Top UK Investment Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2017

OFF3R, an alternative investment aggregator in the UK, has put together an interesting list of the top investment crowdfunding campaigns for 2017. We have replicated the OFF3R list below (with a few adjustments). Several of these companies have raised capital crowdfunding several times. Landbay has… Read More

OFF3R Announces Alternative Investment Index

OFF3R has launched an independent Index designed to outline performance of equity crowdfunding and peer to peer lending platforms.  OFF3R is a platform aggregator allowing investors a single site or App in which to select and invest. The index is said to analyze major UK… Read More

OFF3R Relaunches Alternative Asset Investment App with Majority of UK Platforms

OFF3R has relaunched its updated site that allows investors to access peer to peer lending, property / equity crowdfunding and managed investment platforms in a single application. The multi-channel platform was said to have received a “total overhaul” for both its desktop and mobile version…. Read More

UK Crowdfunding Aggregator OFF3R Surpasses 1 Million In-App Interactions

On Monday, mobile crowdfunding aggregator, OFF3R, announced that it has surpasses 1 million in-app interactions since its app’s launch in June 2015. During its beta phase, the app drove over 50,000 requests for more deal info from 35 partner platforms such a Crowdcube, Seedrs and Zopa. OFF3R revealed on Twitter the milestone through… Read More

New Look Founder & Various Angels Invest in UK Crowdfunding Aggregator OFF3R

OFF3R, a mobile crowdfunding aggregator, announced on Monday it is eyeing a major expansion after receiving a £480,000 investment from various investors including New Look founder Tom Singh, super-angel Daniel McPherson, Earlymarket and Head of Marketing from Rocket Internet-backed Jumia. Lex Deak, the founder of OFF3R, stated: “We… Read More

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