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HealthiosXchange Founder Says Equity Crowdfunding Provides Self-Directed IRA Investors with Access to Premium Deal Flow


Scott Jordan, Founder of HealthiosXchange (“H/X”), the equity-based crowdfunding portal of Healthios, has published a White Paper—“Self-Directed IRAs, Meet Crowdfunding!”— which explores how self-directed IRA investors may use equity crowdfunding to achieve attractive returns in private equity. Jordan noted, “Equity crowdfunding, also called ‘portals’, which leverages the Internet and Social Media to raise smaller amounts of capital… Read More

PropFunds Fully Funds $850,000 First Trust Deed in Santa Monica


PropFunds L.P., having just completed its first thirty days in business in the real estate crowdfunding arena, fully funded its first investment opportunity on a five-unit apartment complex in the City of Santa Monica, one of the Southern California region’s hottest real estate markets. The First Trust Deed investment has a loan-to-value (LTV) of 62%… Read More

OurCrowd Has Raised $60 Million in Equity Crowdfunding

Jon Medved Charlie Rose

Global Equity  Crowdfunding Platform OurCrowd States Over $60 Million has been raised for 46 Companies in Just 16 Months. OurCrowd, a leading equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, announced today that it has successfully raised $60 million in the aggregate to date over its platform for its 46 portfolio companies. This is a substantial achievement… Read More

SunFunder Launches 2nd Solar Empowerment Fund

Captiva Sunset Small

Since launching in 2012, SunFunder has sought to address the needs of off-grid communities by providing finance for solar energy.  SunFunder wants to “unlock the solar revolution” in emerging markets something that benefits both the community that receives financing and the rest of the world since it shifts energy from fossil fuels to renewable energy…. Read More

Brief: Funding Circle Reviewing More Loans on a Case by Case Basis

British Pounds Sterling

Funding Circle UK recently shared they had adjusted their policy on the types of loans and security required to allow the offer.  The peer to peer lender removed the £150,000 threshold for loans without asset security thus allowing their credit team greater flexibility in assessing and approving loans. The company also stated they will start to review… Read More

Tim Simon, CEO of Madiston LendLoanInvest, Talks Future of Peer to Peer Lending

Madiston LendLoanInvest Crystal Ball

Peer to Peer lending is experiencing dramatic growth in the UK  (and around the world).  While traditional loans have, in some categories, lagged the economic expansion, P2P is booming.  In fact UK businesses have benefited from over a half a billion in funds and consumer P2P lending may have reached over £1 billion at the end… Read More

Indiegogo Shares Strategy to Boost Crowdfunding in Final Hours

$1000 in $100 Bills

Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo loves to hand out advice to help crowdfunders hit their goal.  Sure it helps them too, but Indiegogo was built with a mission to democratize access to capital and they are doing just that.  Crowdfunding is tough.  It takes time, dedication and perseverance.  We have seen many a good project fail… Read More

Elon Musk Contributes to Tesla Museum with $1 Million Donation

Nikola Tesla

On Thursday (July 10), Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk announced another $1 million for creating a museum honoring the father of the electrical age. He joins the contributors from more than 86 countries who supported the initial campaign on Indiegogo. The donation from Musk was made on what would be Tesla’s 158th birthday. Speaking about the exciting… Read More

Whole Foods Partners with Credibles to Support Local Food

Credibles Logo

Whole Foods Market in Northern California & Reno now accept Credibles as a way to invest in and pay local food producers. Credibles is a crowdfunding platform that allows backers to support small, sustainable food related businesses.  Consumers may “prepay” to support the food business and then “pay” with the Credibles app.  The creators have… Read More

Speaker Sponsor Launches New “Crowdfunding for Speakers” Platform

Speaker Sponsor

Speaker Sponsor has become known as an online matchmaker between speakers and the small businesses that want to sponsor them. But now they’ve added a new service, crowdfunding for speakers. “I heard so many people say they’d love to spread the word about a particular cause, but that they weren’t speakers themselves,” Speaker Sponsor CEO,… Read More

Kickstarter 2nd Quarter Numbers


Kickstarter has become synonymous with the term crowdfunding.  For many people Kickstarter means crowdfunding similar to Kleenex means tissues.  While still in the infancy of the concept of using technology to gather a crowd of backers or investors the concept will soon be an accepted fact – not a novel approach.  Rewards based crowdfunding is… Read More

Zoomaal Founder Discusses Crowdfunding’s Popularity in the Middle East


As crowdfunding becomes more popular in various countries, recent reports reveal the funding option is gaining attention in the Middle East. According to the Huffington Post, a handful of Lebanese entrepreneurs are using crowdfunding to create and sustain social initiative throughout the country, some of which have a strong focus on disadvantaged youth. Lebanese-American and MIT… Read More

Brief: Crowdfunding Platform Local Lift Set to Launch San Francisco Site

Local Lift

Next Friday (July 18), reward-based crowdfunding platform Local Lift, formerly known as Equity Endeavor, will be opening a brand new site for San Francisco Bay entrepreneurs. The platform itself already features campaigns from Austin, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana. Local Lift allows business owners to create fundraising campaigns that engage their customers and local communities…. Read More

Peer-to-Peer Lender RateSetter First to Receive Risk Rating

Rhydian Lewis

RateSetter risk-rated similar to cash by FE, a provider of investment analysis and research. The growing global peer to peer (P2P) lending industry took another step in the direction of popular acceptance as RateSetter, the UK’s biggest P2P lender by monthly volume, has now become the first platform to be risk-rated by the ratings and… Read More

Brief: Peer to Peer Lender SoFi Gets S&P Rating on Senior Portion of $270M Deal


According to multiple reports, peer-to-peer lender SoFi, a San Francisco startup, has received a landmark rating on the senior portion of a $270 million P2P deal. S&P and DBRS have assigned a single A rating according to the FT. Mike Cagney, CEO of SoFi was quoted as stating; “It’s a huge win to get S&P… Read More

Prosper CEO Aaron Vermut Shares June Snapshot

Prosper $1 Billion

Peer to peer lender Prosper continues to experience dramatic growth in the booming industry of peer to peer lending as they “transform the world of finance and banking”.  During the month of June, Prosper jumped to $145 million loans – up from $124 million in May – a significant increase.  June numbers were an increase… Read More

Kickstarter to FCC: We Support an Open Internet

Net Neutrality Tom Wheeler FCC Chairman

Destroying Net Neutrality has implications far beyond Kickstarter. Yancey Strickler, CEO of crowdfunding giant Kickstarter, has posted today affirming their support on the subject of Net Neutrality – something that should concern us all. Kickstarter has filed an official comment with the FCC expressing their opinion on the issue. As posted on the Kickstarter site:… Read More

Dealstruck, BodeTree Form Partnership, Includes Fivesky Optimization

BodeTree Service

Peer to peer crowdfunding provider Dealstruck has partnered with BodeTree to help provide real-time data analysis to help small business owners better understand their finances.  BodeTree integrates with companies’ accounting tools to create an online financial analytics dashboard, aiding businesses in achieving true financial health. BodeTree’s partnership with Dealstruck will provide BodeTree customers, including network… Read More

Newspryng Launches New Crowdfunding Platform For Freelance Writers & Journalists

Newspryng 1

UK-based crowdfunding website Newspryng officially launched its platform last week. The new site offers freelance writers a chance to publish their new work, while getting paid for it. Explaining the platform’s main focus, the team of Newspryng stated it “experiments with a new model for journalism that combines open journalism with crowdfunding. Much has been… Read More

EquityNet Extends Reach with CrunchBase Partnership


EquityNet, an equity crowdfunding platform,  is now partnering with CrunchBase to expand its deal distribution network to allow entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses to more investors. The CrunchBase agreement joins MarketWatch and CrowdneticWire to generate greater exposure to their funding needs. “I am highly enthusiastic about our new partnership with CrunchBase. We are pleased to offer our… Read More