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Indiegogo Offers Up “Crowdfunding Campaign Follow-Up” Advice

Continuing to offer more tips for crowdfunding campaign organizers, Indiegogo has unveiled some advice about what to do after the initiative is done. The global platform shared: “Congratulations – you have officially run your very own crowdfunding campaign! For the past few months (or more!),… Read More

Indiegogo Unveils Eight Insights from 22,000 Film Crowdfunding Campaigns (Infographic)

On Friday, Indiegogo released a new report on film crowdfunding that revealed eight insights from 22,000 campaigns. The global crowdfunding platform revealed in a recent blog post: “Indiegogo is an open platform, where all ideas get an equal shot at success. In an industry as… Read More

University of Pennsylvania Conducts Independent Analysis that Examines Kickstarter Project Fulfillment

On Monday, Kickstarter unveiled a new independent analysis that examined its project fulfillment. This report was conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s professor, Ethan Mollick. The description of the analysis reads: “Kickstarter is a new model for bringing creative projects to life. Compared with other… Read More

Kickbooster Launches Services That Pays Backers to Share Their Favorite Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickbooster, a network for crowdfunding campaigns, has recently launched its services that pays campaign backers so share their favorite funding projects. According to Tech Crunch, Kickbooster users can share links to interesting campaigns, and receive a 10 percent referral fee when someone clicks their link and… Read More

Indiegogo Reveals “7 Free Hacks For Any Crowdfunding Campaign”

Seeking to help crowdfunding first-timers with their projects, Indiegogo released its “7 Free Hacks for Any Crowdfunding Campaign” list. The global crowdfunding platform shared: “Developing a strategy for your crowdfunding campaign involves a lot of different pieces, including (but not limited to) social media, PR,… Read More

EventBrite Offers Tips on How to Use Events to Bring Crowdfunding Campaigns to Life

Revealing a few tips and tricks for crowdfunding campaign organizers, global event marketplace EventBrite shared details about how events can bring funding initiative to life. The company penned on Indiegogo’s Blog: “Live events allow you to make this type of priceless, personal connection with new… Read More

Crowdcube Update: 300 Raises. 200,000 Members (Infographic)

This week, UK equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube announced that it has hit a new milestone. The investment platform has now successfully funded 300 raises. The platform explained: “Today we have over 200,000 members and an ever growing network of growth stage businesses approaching Crowdcube, and… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin Offers Up Tips & Tricks for Crowdfunding Success

Always willing to give crowdfunding advice, Indiegogo‘s Slava Rubin sat down with CNN Money to offer up his very own tips and tricks for those looking to use the funding method successfully. During the interview, Rubin noted how important pitch videos are to campaigns: “Campaigns that… Read More

Brief: Crowdfunder UK Teams Up With instantprint to Make Crowdfunding Easier

UK reward-based crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunder UK, announced on Monday has formed a partnership with online printing website, instantprint, to help projects create posters, flyers and marketing materials to promote campaigns – and the ability to offer postcards and posters as rewards. Project owners will be offered an exclusive Crowdfunder deal to… Read More

Indiegogo Offers Up Tips on How to Get the Press to Cover Crowdfunding Campaigns

  Seeking to help organizers draw more attention to their projects, Indiegogo has revealed tips on how to get the press to cover campaigns. The crowdfunding platform stated: “We want every campaign on Indiegogo to be successful. Our team is constantly researching the best ways… Read More

Kickstarter Offers Tips on How to Make a Great Campaign Pitch Video For Writers & Publishers (Video)

Seeking to help writers and publishers campaign organizers with their projects, Kickstarter offers up some tips on how to successfully create a great campaign pitch video. The crowdfunding platform declared: “A video is one of the first things your backers will see — but that… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Announces New & Improved Shipping Perks

On Tuesday, Indiegogo announced that it has created new and improved shipping perks for all campaigns. The global crowdfunding platform shared: “Indiegogo is a truly global platform – every week we distribute funds to campaigners in 70-100 countries. Campaigners can easily connect with contributors on… Read More

Indiegogo’s Kate Drane Reveals Campaign Success Secrets & Her Thoughts on Equity Crowdfunding

Earlier this week, Indiegogo’s hardware category lead Kate Drane sat down with France’s startup blog Rude Baguette during Connected Conference to discuss crowdfunding success and the rise of equity crowdfunding. During her interview, Drane shared some advice on how project creators should form a community before campaign launch:… Read More

Bonjour! Kickstarter Announces Crowdfunding Services For French Inventors

On Monday, Kickstarter announced that it is ready to open its doors for inspired French inventors. The crowdfunding company stated: “We’re so excited to announce that Kickstarter is now open to French makers, innovators, filmmakers, chefs and creators of all types! French creators can start building… Read More

Kickstarter’s Yancey Strickler Talks Crowdfunding Failures (Video)

Each year, millions of backers hit crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for various projects: movies, technology, events… you name it, there’s a campaign for it. But what happens when the project’s organizers are unable to deliver? CBS correspondent, Michelle Miller, investigated the situation by chatting… Read More

Kickstarter Rolls Out New Google Analytics Feature For Campaign Organizers

In an effort to offer crowdfunding campaign organizers more ways to see how their project is doing with backers, Kickstarter announced a new Google Analytics feature that will show who’s checking out the pitch. The crowdfunding giant revealed in its blog: “If you’ve never launched a… Read More

Guten Tag! Kickstarter’s Yancey Strickler Announces Crowdfunding Services For German Campaign Organizers

On Tuesday, Kickstarter announced that their campaign creation process is officially open to German project creators. Kickstarter’s Yancey Strickler wrote: Hallo Deutschland!   My name is Yancey, I’m the CEO of Kickstarter, and it’s my pleasure to welcome all of you to the Kickstarter community.  … Read More

Brief: Filmmakers Offer Up Tips on Setting a Kickstarter Funding Goal (Video)

With more and more filmmakers looking to the crowd to fund their up and coming projects, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter gathered a few moviemakers to share their funding success tips. Kickstarter’s Niina Pollari wrote: “It can seem incredibly difficult to determine a realistic and attainable goal for… Read More

Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin to TrustedReviews: Expect the First $1bn Crowdfunding Project By 2020

Revealing what he expects in the future of crowdfunding, co-founder and CEO of Indiegogo Slava Rubin stated that he believes a single project using the funding method will generate more than $1 billion by end of this decade. During his recent interview with TrustedReviews, Rubin… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin Shares Insight on Jolla at Mobile World Congress (Video)

During his time at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, CEO of crowdfunding giant Indiegogo, Slava Rubin, weighed in on the success of tablet Jolla, which raised over $1 million on the famous platform just a few months ago. While chatting with ShinyShiny’s Holly Brockwell about Jolla,… Read More

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