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During Challenging Economic Climate, Investment Crowdfunding Remains Stable in Australia – Report

Birchal, the largest investment crowdfunding platform in Australia has distributed a report updating on the activity of issuers pursuing online capital formation in the country. “Crowd-sourced funding,” as online securities offerings are labeled in Australia, are said to have remained “stable” generating A$71 million during… Read More

Birchal Provides Update on Securities Crowdfunding in Australia – Five Years On

Birchal, the largest securities crowdfunding platform in Australia (called crowd-sourced funding in the country), has published a report following five years after online capital formation in its present form was legalized. Matt Vitale, CEO and co-founder of Birchal, states: “We’re five years in. The industry… Read More

Australia: Investment Crowdfunding Raises $72 Million in 2022

Investment crowdfunding, or crowd-sourced funding (CSF) as it is called down under, generated $72 million in online capital formation, according to an industry report. The information is compiled by Birchal, the largest online investment platform in Australia. Birchals has been providing this report for several… Read More

Australia: Investment Crowdfunding Grows by 82% in 2022

Investment crowdfunding in Australia grew by 82% in the first 6 months of the year, according to the leading platform Birchal. Birchal shares that this growth was fueled largely due to its operations as it garnered 73% of all online securities offering. Crowd-sourced funding (or… Read More

Australia: Crowdfunded Companies Top $1 Billion in Market Cap in 2021

In Australia, the market cap of all crowdfunded companies topped $1 billion in 2021, according to the leading securities crowdfunding platform Birchal. The report states that the value of all crowdfunded companies doubled in 2021 in comparison to 2020. In Australia, securities crowdfunding is labeled… Read More

Australia: Biggest Quarter Yet for Investment Crowdfunding Industry

Matt Vitale

Birchal, the top investment crowdfunding platform (called crowd-sourced funding or CSF) in Australia, is reporting that September 2021 is the biggest quarter ever for the industry. According to Birchal, crowdfunding in Australia jumped by 110% versus same quarter year prior. Platforms raised $19.4 million from… Read More

Australia: Equity Crowdfunding Volume Doubles in First Half of 2021

Investment crowdfunding in Australia, or crowd-sourced funding (CSF), has doubled in the first half of 2021 in comparison to the same period year prior according to a note provided by Birchal. In aggregate since CSF became legal, over 144 Australian SMEs have raised over $100 million… Read More

Birchal, Australia’s Leading Crowdfunding Platform, Reports on Sector Progress in 2020, Q4 Was Biggest Ever. Female Founded Firms Raised More than Year Prior

Birchal, the leading investment crowdfunding platform in Australia, has published a report on the entire sector of online capital formation as well as platform performance. The report tracks progress in the Australian “crowd-sourced funding” (CSF) industry (investment crowdfunding) via data aggregated by Birchal. The information… Read More

Birchal Publishes Update on Crowdfunding in Australia

Birchal, the top investment crowdfunding platform in Australia, has published a report updating on progress being made in Australia regarding “crowd sourced funding” (CSF) as it is called in Australia. According to Birchal, since the commencement of Australia’s CSF industry in 2018, over 80 Australian… Read More

Australia: Birchal Takes the Lead in Investment Crowdfunding as Industry Expands

Australia enacted investment crowdfunding laws some time ago but the initial iteration was a bit of a no starter due to some glaring omissions by the Australian government. In late 2018, this changed when the parliament fixed the most pressing issue – the fact that“proprietary… Read More

Australian Securities & Investment Commission Touts Growth of Alternative Finance, Fintech Innovation. Publishes Reports on Marketplace Lending and “Crowd-Sourced Funding”

The Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) has published several reports touting the progress of Fintech in Australia. ASIC said that recent surveys show an increase in demand – aided in part by ASIC’s Innovation Hub. Australia may be a smaller market but it has… Read More

Finally! Parliament of Australia Approves Proprietary Firms to Utilize Investment Crowdfunding

Earlier today, the Parliament of Australia finally legalized the ability of “proprietary firms” to use “Crowd-Sourced Funding” (CSF) or investment crowdfunding. The change in the existing law has been a nagging concern for some time now as the previous law only allowed “unlisted public companies”… Read More

The Australian Securities & Investment Commission Licenses First Crowd-Sourced Funding Platforms

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has licensed the first crowdfunding platforms or “crowd-sourced funding (CSF) intermediaries” as it is called in Australia. The licensed platforms follow several prolonged years to create workable rules allowing for companies to raise capital online under the new… Read More

Australia to Fix Gap in Crowdfunding Regulations as Private Companies May Gain Eligibility in New Legislation

This week the Australian Parliament introduced new legislation that will extend crowdfunding or “crowdsourced equity funding” (as the Aussies call it) to private companies. This is an important fix that will create a far more robust and equitable crowdfunding ecosystem in Australia. Earlier this year,… Read More

Australian Securities & Investments Commission Publishes Guides on “Crowd-Sourced Funding”

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is out with two consultation papers that are guides for crowd-sourced funding (or investment crowdfunding). The first, “Crowd-sourced funding: Guide for public companies,” is consultation seeking feedback for proposed guidance on public companies raising capital online. The second, “Crowd-sourced funding:… Read More

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