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Birchal Has Now Enabled Over $100 Million in Securities Crowdfunding

Birchal Team Photo

Investment crowdfunding platform Birchal has surpassed $100 million in financing (as of March 17, 2022), according to an email from the company. As the largest crowdfunding provider in Australia, Birchal is the first to top this amount. As of March 2022, Birchal claims to be… Read More

Australia: Crowdfunded Companies Top $1 Billion in Market Cap in 2021

Birchal Team Photo 2022

In Australia, the market cap of all crowdfunded companies topped $1 billion in 2021, according to the leading securities crowdfunding platform Birchal. The report states that the value of all crowdfunded companies doubled in 2021 in comparison to 2020. In Australia, securities crowdfunding is labeled… Read More

Eco Startup Zero Co Raises $5 Million in 6.5 Hours on Birchal Topping Multiple Aussie Records

Mike Smith Zero Co breaks internet square

Zero Co, has broken the Australian record for the fastest online securities offering to top $3 million in funding in just 47 minutes, according to a note from the company. Zero Co, an eco startup, is raising growth capital on Birchal. Zero Co went on… Read More

Australia: Biggest Quarter Yet for Investment Crowdfunding Industry

Matt Vitale

Birchal, the top investment crowdfunding platform (called crowd-sourced funding or CSF) in Australia, is reporting that September 2021 is the biggest quarter ever for the industry. According to Birchal, crowdfunding in Australia jumped by 110% versus same quarter year prior. Platforms raised $19.4 million from… Read More

Australian Eco Startup Zero Co Launches $4.3M Crowdfunding Campaign

Australia Money 3

Australian eco startup Zero Co has announced a $4.3 million crowdfunding campaign, asking Australians to support its next growth phase as they seek to tackle the global plastic problem.  Over the past 10 months, Zero Co has signed up more than 40,000 Australian households and… Read More

Australia: Equity Crowdfunding Volume Doubles in First Half of 2021

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Investment crowdfunding in Australia, or crowd-sourced funding (CSF), has doubled in the first half of 2021 in comparison to the same period year prior according to a note provided by Birchal. In aggregate since CSF became legal, over 144 Australian SMEs have raised over $100 million… Read More

Birchal, Australia’s Leading Crowdfunding Platform, Reports on Sector Progress in 2020, Q4 Was Biggest Ever. Female Founded Firms Raised More than Year Prior

Birchal Team Photo

Birchal, the leading investment crowdfunding platform in Australia, has published a report on the entire sector of online capital formation as well as platform performance. The report tracks progress in the Australian “crowd-sourced funding” (CSF) industry (investment crowdfunding) via data aggregated by Birchal. The information… Read More

Birchal Publishes Update on Crowdfunding in Australia

Birchal Adam Vise Chairman Alan Crabbe Co Founder and MD and Matt Vitale Co Founder and MD

Birchal, the top investment crowdfunding platform in Australia, has published a report updating on progress being made in Australia regarding “crowd sourced funding” (CSF) as it is called in Australia. According to Birchal, since the commencement of Australia’s CSF industry in 2018, over 80 Australian… Read More

Australia: Birchal Takes the Lead in Investment Crowdfunding as Industry Expands


Australia enacted investment crowdfunding laws some time ago but the initial iteration was a bit of a no starter due to some glaring omissions by the Australian government. In late 2018, this changed when the parliament fixed the most pressing issue – the fact that“proprietary… Read More

Birchal Plans Secondary Market for Crowdfunded Securities

Matt Vitale

Investment crowdfunding platform Birchal will launch secondary trading of CSF securities in 2020, according to a note from the company. Birchal is a leading “crowd-sourced funding (CSF)” platform in Australia. The new marketplace, announced today, will be called Birchal Trade. There has been a good… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding Platform Birchal Shares Results for Q1 2019, Leads Market in Performance

Birchal Media Wall

Birchal, an Australia-based investment crowdfunding platform, has shared platform results for the first quarter of 2019. Australia recently updated their “crowd-sourced funding or CSF” regulations that enabled a far wider spectrum of businesses to take advantage of issuing securities online. Birchal describes Q1 performance as… Read More

Female Only Rideshare Firm Shebah Tops Aussie Crowdfunding Record, Single Investor Contributes $1 Million

George McEncroe

Shebah, a ridesharing service only for women, has raised $3 million on Birchal. The Australian company has claimed the most money raised for the young investment crowdfunding sector. Shebah sought a minimum target of $1 million at a pre-money valuation of $19.4 million. The fully… Read More

Birchal Describes Equity Crowdfunding as the Silver Bullet for SMEs Rejected by Banks

Alan Crabbe 1

Australia based Birchal believes that equity crowdfunding may be the “silver bullet” for SMEs turned away by traditional banks. Pointing to a recent note from the Australian Small Business Finance Advisory Panel that many small businesses find it challenging to access finance, Birchal believes Fintech… Read More

Birchal Expects First Listed Pty Ltd Company to Successfully Crowdfund Under New Australian Rules


This past September, Australia finally allowed “proprietary firms” to use “Crowd-Sourced Funding” (CSF) or investment crowdfunding to raise capital online. New legislation was signed into law that should help boost online capital formation in Australia. Before the change, only “unlisted public companies” were allowed to… Read More

Finally! Parliament of Australia Approves Proprietary Firms to Utilize Investment Crowdfunding

Kangaroo Australia

Earlier today, the Parliament of Australia finally legalized the ability of “proprietary firms” to use “Crowd-Sourced Funding” (CSF) or investment crowdfunding. The change in the existing law has been a nagging concern for some time now as the previous law only allowed “unlisted public companies”… Read More

FinTech Australia Tells Aussie Government it is Time to Act on Legislation to Empower Private Company Equity Crowdfunding

FinTech Australia vice chair Stuart Stoyan

Australia enacted new crowdfunding regulation (Crowd-sourced funding) in 2017 but left a gaping shortcoming  in the new rules. For some obtuse reason, only unlisted public companies may crowdfund up to $5 million under current law. The vast majority of SME businesses in Australia are private companies thus… Read More

Pozible Founder Launches New Equity Crowdfunding Platform Birchal in Australia

Matt Vitale and Alan Crabbe 2

The investment crowdfunding market is changing in Australia and it is changing for the better. While it has taken policymakers a bit of time to update existing rules, new regulations commence on September 29th ushering a new era of raising capital online. Labeled “crowd-sourced funding”… Read More

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