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Overfunding: Electric Vehicle Charging Network Urban Electric Quickly Surpasses £250,000 Funding Target on Crowdcube

Urban Electric 3

Urban Electric, a company that is on a mission to create the UK’s largest urban electric vehicle charging network, has successfully secured its initial 250,000 though its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. The company is currently offering 9.76% in equity at a £3 million pre-money… Read More

Electric Car Startup Sono Motors Nears €6M Funding Milestone, Overfunding on Seedrs

sono motors 1 1

Sono Motors GmbH, a Munich-based electric car startup, is revving up to surpass the €6M milestone in its most recent Seedrs equity crowdfunding campaign. At this writing, over 645 investors have plugged in funds into this overfunding campaign, surpassing €5,984,710 for 5.15% equity offered. Electric cars… Read More

Update: Sono Motor Surpasses €1 Million Funding Target on Seedrs

Sono Motors 2

Munich-based electric car startup, Sono Motors GmbH, has successfully secured its initial €1 million funding target through its Seedrs initiative from more than 550 investors. The company launched the initiative last month, seeking the funds as it prepares to expand its vehicle line.  As previously reported, the company… Read More

German Electric Car Company Sono Motors Seeks €1 Million Through Equity Offering on Seedrs

Sono Motors 1

Sono Motors GmbH, a Munich-based electric car startup, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The company is currently seeking €1 million as it prepares to expand its vehicle line.  The company, which secured €549,895 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo last year for its solarcar, Sion, is… Read More

Renewable Hydrogen For Electric Vehicles Supplier HyGen Industries Seeks Funds Under Regulation A+ Rules on StartEngine

Hygen 1

HyGen Industries, Inc. a California-based company that supplies clean renewable hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles, announced on Friday it launched a crowdfunding offering on StartEngine to raise funds under Regulation A+ Tier 2. The company reported that this offering news comes just after it… Read More

Energized! Place to Plug Closes Nears 100K€ Crowdcube Spain Goal

place to plug

With thirteen days remaining on its campaign, Place to Plug has raised over 80 percent of its goal from over 72 Crowdcube Spain investors.  To date the campaign has raised just over 81,140€ for 20.00% equity; 20,000€ is the largest investment to date. Place to Plug, headquartered… Read More

Elio Motors Answers: Is an Electric Car in the StartEngine Alum’s Future?

Elio Parked

Continuing to build excitement for its highly anticipated three-wheel vehicles and its growth, Elio Motors recently discussed the possibility of producing its own fleet of electric cars.  In a recent blog post, the Elio team stated the reason why the first version of their vehicles… Read More

Enio Promotes Electric Cars on Companisto, Looks to the Crowd


Start-up ENIO wants to promote electric cars with the help of a crowd solution in partnership with Companisto. The demand for charging stations is also rising as more powerful electronic vehicles are arriving on the market. As a consequence, drivers need to know where the nearest… Read More

JuiceBox Promises Cheap, Fast Solution For Charging Your Electric Car

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A Palo Alto engineering firm, Electric Motor Werks, has a campaign on Kickstarter that is fully funded. The big reward? A low-cost electric vehicle charging station promising Our group leader, Valery Miftakhov, has a PhD in Physics from Princeton University and 10+ years of business… Read More

CYBER MONDAY: 10 Cool Products Being Crowdfunded Now

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, here are 10 crowdfunding campaigns that you can contribute to now to support innovative new products. Puzzlebox Orbit: Brain-Controlled Helicopter A toy helicopter you can control with your mind?  A toy helicopter you can control with your mind!  The Puzzlebox… Read More

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