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Elio Motors Answers: Is an Electric Car in the StartEngine Alum’s Future?

Continuing to build excitement for its highly anticipated three-wheel vehicles and its growth, Elio Motors recently discussed the possibility of producing its own fleet of electric cars.  In a recent blog post, the Elio team stated the reason why the first version of their vehicles… Read More

Enio Promotes Electric Cars on Companisto, Looks to the Crowd

Start-up ENIO wants to promote electric cars with the help of a crowd solution in partnership with Companisto. The demand for charging stations is also rising as more powerful electronic vehicles are arriving on the market. As a consequence, drivers need to know where the nearest… Read More

JuiceBox Promises Cheap, Fast Solution For Charging Your Electric Car

A Palo Alto engineering firm, Electric Motor Werks, has a campaign on Kickstarter that is fully funded. The big reward? A low-cost electric vehicle charging station promising Our group leader, Valery Miftakhov, has a PhD in Physics from Princeton University and 10+ years of business… Read More

CYBER MONDAY: 10 Cool Products Being Crowdfunded Now

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, here are 10 crowdfunding campaigns that you can contribute to now to support innovative new products. Puzzlebox Orbit: Brain-Controlled Helicopter A toy helicopter you can control with your mind?  A toy helicopter you can control with your mind!  The Puzzlebox… Read More