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John McAfee Offers Blockchain Assistance to Cuba to Create Cryptocurrency, Meanwhile Cuba Remains the Target of US Sanctions

Crypto advocate and iconoclast John McAfee is offering his knowledge and skill set to the country of Cuba if the country decides to pursue its own cryptocurrency. As was reported this past week, Cuba is apparently reviewing a bespoke crypto. According to Cuban Economy Minister… Read More

John McAfee to Launch His Own “Freedom” Cryptocurrency

John McAfee is preparing to launch his very own cryptocurrency, which is called the McAfee Freedom Coin, this coming fall. The volatile crypto proponent announced the news over the weekend by tweeting the following: Oops. Accidently deleted: THE MCAFEE FREEDOM COIN:https://t.co/FfROeByhKn — John McAfee (@officialmcafee)… Read More

Crypto Asset Exchange CoinBene Partners with the McAfee Alliance

CoinBene, a cryptocurrency asset exchange, has formed a partnership with the McAfee Alliance, founded by John McAfee, to “promote transparency, corporate responsibility, and self-regulation in the cryptocurrency markets.” The McAfee Alliance seeks to “unite the cryptoverse, promote transparency and fairness, to  combat perceived corruption of… Read More

Out on a Limb? John McAfee Says He Will Eat His Own D**K if Bitcoin Doesn’t Hit $500K in 3 Years

While John McAfee was first known as a trailblazer in the anti-virus / anti-malware software industry, he has had a bit of a renaissance of sorts in the cryptocurrency realm. Never one to mince his words, via his twitter account McAfee stated he sees a… Read More

John McAffee Says He is No Longer Working with ICOs Due to SEC Threats

John McAfee, a somewhat controversial individual and founder of the software company McAfee Associates, an anti-virus – security firm, has forsaken the cryptocurrency industry. In a series of tweets, McAfee said; “I am no longer working with ICOs nor am I recommending them, and those… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: An Apple Watch Band with Battery Power, Onagofly Drone & Everykey is Back

About a year ago, Everykey launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  A little bit slow out of the gate, the project eventually topped its $100,000 goal with the support of  almost 1700 backers. The concept was pretty simple. In a digital world where everything requires a… Read More

John McAfee’s Company Future Tense Secure Systems Invests in QiKfunder

Founder of well known McAfee Anti-Virus and one time fugitive, John McAfee and his Future Tense Secure Systems (FTC) has acquired an equity stake in QiKFunder. QiKfunder is a security and privacy-minded crowdfunding company that seeks to provide a seamless  crowdfunding experience by offering fundraising… Read More

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