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Fintech Future: China and the UK Strike Deal on Financial Services Investments

The Vice Premier of China, Hu Chunnhua, is visiting UK government officials this week. As part of the tour, the UK government has announced a series of deals designed to boost trade with China including financial services. The new business deals were agreed to by… Read More

UK Department for International Trade Under Liam Fox, Launches International Programs to Boost Fintech Innovation

DIT Fintech Bridge As London Fintech Week kicks off, the Department for International Trade (DIT), in partnership with Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT), have announced new programs to boost Fintech innovation. According to a release from DIT, the UK will be building upon their Fintech Bridge… Read More

Citing Low Taxes & Government Support, UK Says 100s of Jobs Created by Overseas Investment Including Fintech

The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) is out with a note this morning saying £109 million of foreign investment will create 359 new jobs as money goes into the high tech sector, including the important Fintech industry. DIT states that 11 different investments will… Read More

The UK and the Netherlands Announce Closer Collaboration on Fintech

The UK Department for International Trade has announced a series of new agreements with the Netherlands designed to boost closer collaboration with the Netherlands. The announcement coincided with a Dutch State Visit which took place on October 24th. Several of the deals included Fintech deals…. Read More

New UK Fintech Investment Drive Launched by Department of International Trade

Fintech is gaining another boost today as the UK International Trade Secretary Dr. Liam Fox, MP, has launched a new Fintech investment drive. The UK is a leading Fintech hub. The fact the UK government has been very supportive of Fintech innovation is one of… Read More

Dr. Liam Fox: Fintech is a Driver of the Future Landscape of Financial Services

Dr. Liam Fox, the UK Secretary of State for International Trade, delivered a speech today outlining how the UK government will support the future of financial and professional services. Fox noted that finance is a very important sector of trade as the UK has a… Read More

UK – Hong Kong Love In: UK Government to Host Best of British Innovation in HK

Fintech Bridge is Topic of Focus The UK government will host a “GREAT Festival of Innovation” in Hong Kong to showcase UK innovation and technology to the world. The announcement was shared by International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox today. Total bilateral trade between the UK… Read More

Still Strong: UK Continues to Attract Foreign Direct Investment

The UK Department for International Trade has announced that the UK has attracted more foreign direct investment (FDI) projects than ever before for the year 2016 to 2017. This is encouraging news in light of Brexit and the looming changes regarding the UK’s relationship with continental Europe…. Read More

UK Explores Possibility of New US Trade Agreement Following Brexit

The US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, met with the UK International Trade Secretary Dr. Liam Fox yesterday. This was the first visit between the two trade reps since the UK election. According to the UK government, discussions included the possibility of a new trade arrangement… Read More

Liam Fox Tells UK Fintech Faithful: Today’s Financial Revolutionaries will be Tomorrow’s Financial Establishment

Affirming the future of Fintech, Rt. Honorable Liam Fox, MP, Secretary of State for International Trade, delivered a closing speech to the inaugural International FinTech Conference organized by DIT and HMT. Fox stated; “Never before have prospects been so great. Never before has investment in… Read More

The UK is Aggressively Promoting Investment & Facilitating SME Creation

The UK has been a solid performer economically in comparing to other countries in Continental Europe.  Words are frequently matched with proactive policies that seek to promote business creation and innovation.  Today the UK has announced another initiative: Invest in Great. The announcement was made… Read More

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