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CrowdProperty Reports Over £200 Million Returned to Investors

Real estate investment platform CrowdProperty is reporting that over £200 million has been returned to investors since the property investment service launched. At the same time, CrowdProperty says that August 2023 has emerged as its best-performing month of all time. UK-based CrowdProperty offers individual investors… Read More

UK’s CrowdProperty Raises Investor Rates to 10.5% P.A.

The UK remains in a higher interest rate environment, with inflation remaining stubborn, the team at CrowdProperty noted. Recent headlines were centered around businesses (including some of the country’s biggest banks) being “challenged on profiteering in this market by dragging their feet on updating their… Read More

CrowdProperty Funds £700M+ Of Property Development Projects, £400M+ Facilities Agreed

CrowdProperty revealed recently that it has now “funded more than £700m of property projects and the development of over 3,000 homes.” Having agreed £24m in June alone, the business has now “closed in excess of £400m of facilities to support the construction of residential and… Read More

CrowdProperty Increases Rates Up to 9%

CrowdProperty has announced it has increased rates paid to investors to a range of 8% to 9%. The announcement is being made following the recent move by the Bank of England, which increased benchmark rates to 4.5%. The rates paid to investors are on both… Read More

British Business Investments Teams Up With CrowdProperty

British Business Investments, a wholly-owned commercial subsidiary of the British Business Bank, aims “to increase the supply and diversity of finance for smaller businesses across the UK by boosting the lending capacity of a range of finance providers.” Since it was established in 2014, British… Read More

CrowdProperty Tops 3000 Homes Financed

CrowdProperty, a real estate investment platform, reports that it has topped 3000 homes financed. According to the funding platform, it has provided financing for 3010 houses worth £680,000,000, originating over £375,000,000 of financing facilities and lending more than £299,000,000 to date. CrowdProperty is authorized and… Read More

CrowdProperty Has Supported £600 Million of Funding Following “Record Month”

Real estate crowdfunding platform CrowdProperty says it has topped £600 million in property projects, after a “record-breaking” September. During the month, CrowdProperty lent £14.3 million to enable the construction of residential property developments by small and medium-sized developers across the UK. When comparing the same… Read More

CrowdProperty Launches CP Capital

Property investment platform CrowdProperty has announced the launch of CP Capital – a second charge mezzanine finance product for property developers. CP Capital is said to exist to serve developers’ funding needs, supported by property expertise. Mezzanine funding sourced via the CP Capital product is… Read More

CrowdProperty: We Have Paid £100 Million Back to Investors

Property investment platform CrowdProperty says it has surpassed £100 million paid to investors. According to the investment marketplace, investors have earned, on average, 8.3% IRR. Importantly, CrowdProperty reports that it has maintained 100% principle and interest payback for its marketplace lending service since 2014. In… Read More

Property Investment Platform CrowdProperty Launches “Planning Gain Finance” Product

Property investment platform CrowdProperty has announced the launch of its Planning Gain Finance product, a service line that affirms the business’s commitment to partnering with SME developers. According to CrowdProperty, Planning Gain Finance will assist developers in securing developments that have not yet received the… Read More

CrowdProperty Closes Seedrs Offering, Raises Over £1.8 million

CrowdProperty recently returned to Seedrs to raise growth capital once again. This time, the Proptech raised over £1.8 million from 793 investors. The offering was initial pegged at a target of £800,000. Investors purchased equity at a pre-money valuation of £29.4 million. The offering was… Read More

CrowdProperty Receives £300 Million in Institutional Funding for Significant Boost to Crowdfunding Platform

CrowdProperty is reporting a £300 million institutional funding line agreement with a “new major investment manager.” The funding line is said to be a five-year agreement that complements CrowdProperty’s existing sources of capital. CrowdProperty is a property lending platform that provides access to capital for… Read More

CrowdProperty Reports Record Numbers for Month of May

CrowdProperty is reporting that May was a record month for the property investment platform. According to CrowdProperty, the platform lent a total of £8,320,000 while paying back a total of £7,520,000 and receiving a total of £285,000,000 of funding applications from SME property professionals during… Read More

UK’s Property Investment Marketplace CrowdProperty Launches Independent Australia Division

Property investment marketplace CrowdProperty has reportedly launched its Australia-based division in order to support property development in the country. David Ingram has been appointed as the Chief Executive for CrowdProperty’s business operations in Australia. CrowdProperty has issued over £100 million in loans to UK-based property… Read More

CrowdProperty CEO Mike Bristow Says there’s Likely to be An Increase in Activity in UK’s Property Market

Mike Bristow, CEO at CrowdProperty, a property investment platform, says that there’s likely to be a significant increase in overall activity in the UK’s property market. Bristow believes that the surge in transactions should come toward the end of the stamp duty holiday. Bristow’s comments… Read More

CrowdProperty Reports Topping £50 Million Paid Back to Investors, Still Zero Defaults

CrowdProperty, on an online investment platform for property, says it has now paid back £50 million to investors while maintaining its record of no defaults since 2014. Launched in 2014, CrowdProperty claims over £100 million lent to property professionals that have funded a reported £200… Read More

CrowdProperty Tops £100 Million in Loans to SME Property Professionals

CrowdProperty reports that it has now lent over £100,000,000 to SME property professionals. This number includes more than 1,100 homes with a value over £200 million. CrowdProperty states that these loans have enabled over £80 million spent on labor, materials, and other services  – thus… Read More

CrowdProperty Reports that £20 Million has Been Returned to Investors with 100% Track Record of Capital & Interest Paid

Property investment platform CrowdProperty has topped £20,000,000 in capital returned during 5 years of lending, according to an email from the company. CrowdProperty states that since platform launch, approximately £55 million has been lent which has helped to finance over £130 million of property and… Read More

CrowdProperty Reports Topping £50,000,000 in P2P Loans

Peer to peer property lender, CrowdProperty, is reporting that it has now lent more than £50 million after closing on the 121st loan today during a “record month” of lending £5 million. CrowdProperty says it has supported the development of over £120 million of property… Read More

CrowdProperty Funds 600th Home, Tops £40 Million in Lending

Peer to peer property lender CrowdProperty has funded its 92nd project. In doing so, CrowdProperty funded its 600th home having lent over £40 million. In total, CrowdProperty pegs the aggregate value of the property at over £100 million CrowdProperty highlights the fact that, to date,… Read More

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