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FullCapitalStack Launches $1.7M Equity Offering for Charlotte Townhomes

FullCapitalStack, a QuietStream Financial portfolio company, has launched a $1.7 million preferred equity offering for the construction of 27 luxury townhomes in Charlotte’s upscale SouthPark neighborhood. The offering is one of the first Charlotte real estate projects to tap equity crowdfunding as part of its… Read More

God Loves Gays National Billboard Campaign Project Seeks $20,000 on YouCaring to Bring Billboards to 20 States

In an effort to end hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQ community, the “God Loves Gays National Billboard Campaign” project has been launched on YouCaring to raise $20,000 to post billboards in 20 states. Last year, the creator of the God Twitter and Facebook page… Read More

NC Senate Files Intrastate Crowdfunding Bill

North Carolina has taken another step towards enacting an intrastate crowdfunding law.  As reported last year, a bill nearly passed but in the end did not have enough support to cross the line.  In February we shared the NC House had introduced a bill.  According… Read More

North Carolina’s Secretary of State Elaine Marshall Requests Fee Increases to Regulate Crowdfunding

North Carolina’s Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, is requesting state legislators’ approval for fee increases that would help support the results of passing crowdfunding legislation, according to the News & Observer. The increases would generate  $2.68 million in new revenue.   Marshall noted that her department… Read More

New Crowdfunding Bill Introduced in North Carolina

Investment crowdfunding nearly became legal in the state of North Carolina last year.  Unfortunately internal politics sidelined the bill but now new legislation has been introduced that may allow an unlimited amount of capital to raised for private companies. The bill has been introduced in… Read More

North Carolina Commerce Secretary John Skvarla: Crowdfunding Could Be the Opportunity Small Businesses Are Waiting For

Last week, North Carolina Commerce Secretary, John Skvarla, revealed that crowdfunding could be the answer to small businesses in the state. According to the Triangle Business Journal, legislators filled a bill last month that would allow non-accredited investors to fund up to $2,000 into private ventures. The… Read More

Son of NC Man Injured on Mt. Kilimanjaro Launches GoFundMe Campaign; Raises Nearly $45,000 in Three Days

Seeking financial help for his father after an unfortunate incident on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Blake Ross has launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $50,000 for medical expenses and to bring him back to his home in North Carolina. Explaining what happened, Blake wrote, “After summiting… Read More

Crowdfunding Expert Jessica Chesney of Command Partners to Speak at Geek Girl TechCon in Charlotte

Digital Marketing Manager at Charlotte, North Carolina’s Command Partners, Jessica Chesney, announced this week that she will be speaking at the Geek Girl. The conference, which is held on November 15th, is the largest hands-on technology conference for women in the area and includes activities for all skill levels…. Read More

STATE OF THE STATES: An Update On Intrastate Crowdfunding

While the industry waits for Title III crowdfunding rules to be released, the intrastate crowdfunding movement continues to move forward (as a whole). Here is a brief update as to the status of the enactment/use of intrastate crowdfunding exemptions in certain states. TEXAS – Unlucky… Read More

Flawless USB Charging Cords Discovers Huge Success on Kickstarter

USB cords… need I say more? Never mind spending money on overpriced restaurants and night’s out, the majority of my cash goes to constantly purchasing a new USB cord whenever my nearly six month old cord finally bites the dust. But now Chapel Hill-based Made… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform American Homeowner Preservation Sells Abandoned Homes

American Homeowner Preservation, AHP, is rebuilding communities devastated by the foreclosure crisis, and August proved to be a successful month for the company as it sold vacant, abandoned properties spanning across nine states. In the last 30 days, AHP has found new owners for vacant properties… Read More

North Carolina Equity Crowdfunding Bill Waylaid in Legislative Wrangling

Crowdfunding legislation that was on the docket for discussion this past week in the state of North Carolina has been at least temporarily sidelined as the bill got caught up in some political posturing.  The economic development package now is uncertain to make it through… Read More

North Carolina Legislators Set to Discuss Equity Crowdfunding Bill

North Carolina is one of the states on the list where legislation is in process to legalize investment crowdfunding.  The states Senate Commerce Committee approved the equity crowdfunding bill earlier this month apparently putting it on track for final approval.  At the time bill sponsor Representative Tom… Read More

North Carolina’s Senate Commerce Committee Approves Equity Crowdfunding Bill

North Carolina residents might be the next state to enjoy retail equity crowdfunding, thanks to a new bill that was cleared by the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday (July 16th). According to the News Observer, the bill, H.B. 680, which last year was passed by the… Read More

CED Releases 2013 Innovators Report, Finds 108 Unique Funders Made Investments in North Carolina Companies

The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), the Southeast’s largest entrepreneurial support organization, has released its Innovators Report, showing that entrepreneurial companies in North Carolina collectively raised more than $461 million through equity investments, grants and awards in 2013. The report also finds that 108 unique… Read More

State Crowdfunding Efforts Create Interstate Competition For Startups, Jobs

If we were tallying states up today, Kansas, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin have made equity crowdfunding legal and are in some stage of implementation. Alabama, Washington, Maine and North Carolina are all considering exemptions. Of course, that may change tomorrow. Amidst all the hoopla about a… Read More

North Carolina TechVoice Roundtable

North Carolina Technology Association Congressman McHenry will share his insights on a high skilled workforce; tax and regulatory policies that promote innovation and growth; the appropriate balance between cybersecurity, privacy and a vibrant social and commercial Internet; access to capital, including commercial lending, and private… Read More

Wisconsin Lawmakers To Propose Crowdfunding Bill

Image courtesy Americans for Tax Reform

Today Wisconsin GOP lawmakers are expected to introduce a bill that would legalize intrastate crowdfunding in the state. Wisconsin is set to join Kansas, Georgia, Washington and North Carolina in either considering or adopting rules legalizing in-state crowdfunding. The bill will be proposed by Representatives… Read More

Burdensome Regulations Cited As Risk To Equity Crowdfunding

A. Brian Dengler of CfIRA posted a comprehensive breakdown of a paper released by two professors of economics and management at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Crowdfunding, as an innovative capital formation strategy and investment possibility, has both supporters and skeptics. In order to investigate and… Read More

North Carolina House Passes Crowdfunding Law, Bill Now Moves to Senate

The North Carolina General Assembly have passed their very own Jump Start Our Business Start-up Act yesterday allowing the bill to move forward to the State Senate for their approval.  Overwhelmingly approved with a vote of 103 – 1, the  legislators sponsoring the bill at… Read More

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