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In Partnership with RealT, RoofStock Sells Another Home in NFT Transaction

Roofstock says it has sold another tokenized home. The property is located in Georgia and leveraged RealT – a real estate tokenization service = to assist in the transaction. The settlement was via an NFT sold on OpenSea “enabled by”Roofstock onChain – part of Roofstock…. Read More

Roofstock Reports Topping $100 Billion in Assets Tracked, Announces New Property Management Service

Roofstock, a successful real estate Fintech that enables the investment and management of properties, says it has topped $100 billion in assets tracked. At the same time, Roofstock revealed a new service dubbed “Stressa Pro,” a digital application providing tools for real estate investors. Roofstock… Read More

Roofstock onChain Sells Next Home as NFT, Purchased with Stablecoins, Streamlines Buying Process

Roofstock is best known for enabling individuals to invest in real estate online.  Roofstock is an online investment platform that has gotten really big very quickly, having enabled over $5 billion in transactions. It also provides services like property management as well as portfolios of… Read More

Roofstock Acquires Screening Firm RentPrep

Roofstock has acquired RentPrep, a firm that offers tenant screening solutions that are said to be currently in use by over 100,000 landlords. Roofstock recently raised $240 million at an almost $2 billion valuation, thus providing capital for more M&A activity. The terms of the… Read More

Huge: Roofstock Valued at $1.9 Billion, Raises $240 Million

Real estate investment platform Roofstock has raised a $240 million Series E round at a $1.9 billion valuation, according to a statement from the company. Simultaneously, Roofstock shared that it has topped $5 billion in transaction volume as it gears up for more growth. The… Read More

Roofstock Partners with Insurtech Obie to Provide Insurance in Minutes

Roofstock, a real estate investment platform, has inked a partnership with Obie, an Insurtech that will enable Roofstock users to purchase insurance “in minutes.” As many people know, purchasing a home, or investing in property, can be a laborious task. Roofstock is working to make… Read More

Now Real Estate Investment Platform Roofstock Offers Fractional Shares of Managed Rental Properties, Explores Tokenization

Roofstock, a real estate investment platform, has launched the ability for investors to participate in fractional shares of managed rental properties thus enabling a higher degree of diversification for property investors. Roofstock One is a turnkey vehicle where accredited investors can purchase shares in rental… Read More

Roofstock CEO Gary Beasley Talks Real Estate, Property Investment During the Time of COVID

In the past, investing in real estate has been relegated to the very wealthy or very determined. Sure, there have been REITs for ages, but these securities lean towards the opaque. Innovation in financial services has democratized access to a host of non-traditional asset classes… Read More

Roofstock Secures $50 Million Through Series D Funding Round Led by SVB Capital

Money Benjamin Dollars 100

Roofstock, an online marketplace where you can invest in single-family rental homes, announced on Wednesday it secured $50 million through its Series D funding round, which was led by SVB Capital with participation from Citi Ventures, Fort Ross Ventures and 7 Global Capital as well… Read More

Three Year Old Roofstock Tops $2 Billion in Real Estate Transactions

Roofstock, an online marketplace where you can invest in single-family rental homes, has topped $2 billion in transactions. The three-year-old platform topped $1 billion in January 2018. In July, Roofstock said it had surpassed $1.6 billion thus investing velocity is increasing. In a release, Roofstock… Read More

Real Estate Fintech Roofstock Tops $1.6 Billion in Transactions

Real estate marketplace Roofstock says it has surpassed $1.6 billion in transactions in just three years. Roofstock is a Fintech marketplace that allows investors to participate in single-family investment properties. The number of individual investors increased by 126% during 2018, according to the platform. 75%… Read More

Real Estate Marketplace Roofstock Hits $1 Billion in Transactions & Upsized Series Funding Round to $42 Million

On Thursday, real estate marketplace Roofstock announced it has surpassed $1 billion in property transactions since the launching of its marketplace in 2016. The online lender also revealed it has upsized its Series C funding round to $42 million, which represents a 20% increase over the initial… Read More

Real Estate Tech Exec Suresh Srinivasan Joins Roofstock as CMO

Roofstock, a leading US online marketplace for buying and selling leased single-family rental homes, announced the strategic hire of Suresh Srinivasan as chief marketing officer. Srinivasan has 20 years’ experience leading marketing, product, and e-commerce functions at Fortune 500 and high-growth tech startups. Most recently… Read More

Online Real Estate Investment Site RoofStock Raises $35 Million led by Canvas Ventures

Roofstock has just closed a substantial funding round led by Canvas Ventures. The online investment marketplace for single-family rental homes, has raised $35 million in Series C financing. The new funding included “substantial participation” from existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, Khosla Ventures,… Read More

Why Online Investing Makes It Easy to Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio

Modern Portfolio Theory is based on the idea that certain types of investment risk can be mitigated through a strategic pattern of diversification and asset allocation. Diversification is important because it spreads risk across multiple types of investments within a single portfolio. By diversifying into… Read More

Jason Altieri, Former GC at Lending Club, Lands at Roofstock

Roofstock, an online marketplace that facilitates direct purchases of rental property, has announced the appointment of Jason Altieri as Chief Legal and Compliance Officer. Altieri was previously General Counsel at publicly traded marketplace lending platform Lending Club (NYSE:LC).  Roofstock has been growing rapidly aided in… Read More

Roofstock Announces San Francisco & Atlanta Expansion; Unveils New Features

Roofstock, an online marketplace for investing in leased single-family rental (SFR) homes, announced this week it is expanding into the Atlanta and San Francisco East Bay region.  CEO and co-founder of Roofstock, Gary Beasley, stated: “Atlanta and the San Francisco East Bay are very active… Read More

Roofstock Announces Two Leadership Team Appointments

Roofstock, a marketplace for investing in single-family rental homes, announced on Wednesday the appointment of former Credit Karma executive, Jodi Alperstein, as vice president of product and Haven Realty Capital’s founding partner, Eric Gutshall, as vice president of operations.  Alperstein is a FinTech veteran who led product and design at Credit… Read More

Roofstock is a Marketplace for Investing in Leased Single-Family Homes. Generates Cash Flow on Day One.

  According to Roofstock, the single-family rental sector is out of date. It is an industry that is ripe for disruption and, in their opinion, they are leading the way. Roofstock is backed some well-known investors too. Roofstock raised a $6.25 million Series A in last May that was… Read More

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