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Update: Abundance’s Latest Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Nears £620,000 During Final Days on Seedrs

  Renewable investment platform Abundance has now raised nearly £620,000 in funding through its latest Seedrs campaign. The funding round, which has so far attracted more than 475 Seedrs investors, launched last month and quickly raised its initial £350,000 funding target.  As previously reported, Abundance… Read More

Overfunding: Renewable Investment Platform Abundance Returns to Seedrs & Quickly Surpasses £350,000 Funding Target

  Less than two years after securing more than £1.5 million through its previous crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, renewable investment platform Abundance has returned to the funding portal and quickly surpassed its £350,000 funding target and is now nearing £535,000.  As previously reported, Abundance launched… Read More

Update: Renewable Investment Platform Abundance Secures More Than £1.5 Million Through Seedrs Round

Abundance, a renewable crowdfunding platform that allows investors the opportunity to earn money while making the world a better place, has successfully secured more than £1.5 million through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The round was launched in October, originally seeking £1.2 million, with the platform reporting… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Success Continues: Renewable Investment Platform Abundance Surpasses £1.3 Million on Seedrs

Abundance, a renewable crowdfunding platform that allows investors the opportunity to earn money while making the world a better place, has surpassed £1.3 million through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The round, which recently launched, quickly raised its initial £1.2 million funding target and has attracted… Read More

WiSEED and Neoen Partner on Crowdfunding for Renewable Energy Projects in France

Neoen, an independent green energy producer, and WiSEED, a European crowdfunding platform, have  inked an agreement to partner on funding of renewable energy projects in France. The very first offering is to raise money for a solar energy project located at a former coal mining… Read More

Downing Crowd Successfully Raises £1.25 Million for “Hydro Bond”

Downing Crowd has successfully raised £1.25 million to fund its first ever “Hydro Bond” for a newly opened ‘run-of-river’ power station developed by Nightjar Sustainable Power Limited in Argyll, Scotland. Downing Crowd is an offshoot of Downing LLP, an investment manager founded in 1986. Downing… Read More

Brief: Solar Mosaic Raises $40 Million for Working Capital

Solar Mosaic, usually just referred to as Mosaic, has raised over $40 million for working capital purposes according to a filing with the SEC.  The equity offer in Mosaic saw its first sale on August 4th with the sales managed by Guggenheim Securities in Manhattan…. Read More

#PeoplePoweredPitch: Pageven Lights Up Field Powered by Kinetic Energy in Nigeria

Pavegen has partnered with Shell and Akon in its biggest project yet: Africa’s first people & solar powered football pitch (soccer field for the yanks). The field incorporated 96 energy tiles beneath the turf. The switch was flipped this past Friday representing another successful implementation of… Read More

Christmas Bonus: P2P Lender Abundance Investor Payouts Hits £1.2 Million

Peer to peer lender Abundance has just paid investors, an bi-annual event with one payment occuring towards the end of each year. The renewable energy funding platform states it paid £312,000 to 1700 investors in 6 of 15 projects financed to date. This brings the… Read More

Abundance Raises £1 Million in 24 Hours for Wind Project

As revealed in a tweet by Abundance, the renewable energy platform has raised £1 million in just 24 hours for on offer. A first for the crowdfunding site.   And it’s done! First project to reach £1m in its first 24 hours. As always, thanks to… Read More

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference – London

Join the first and the only Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference in the world (2nd edition). Network with 150+ attendees: investors, financiers, project developers, crowdfunding platforms and solar stakeholders Meet C-level execs and decision makers from 20 countries in the world Learn from international speakers and… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Trinity Wind Turbine Power Station, Ravean Heated Jackets & Luna Moon Lantern

Renewable energy is the future of electricity generation. Fossil fuels have served us well for the past several hundred years but it will eventually run out and, unfortunately, leaves a bit of a mess in its wake. Solar, wind, geothermal and more, are being leveraged… Read More

SolarPVExchange: Asia – Pacific’s New Solar Marketplace

SolarPVExchange is the newest entry into the renewable energy crowdfunding space.  Launched on May 28th, the company just held its “Sunvest” launch party in Singapore this past week.  The platform is a crowdsource / crowdfunding hybrid and claims first in the region.  The site allows… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Rocketbook Cloud Integrated Notebook, Cloudsolar Solar Panels & Off Campus Podcast

Paper is on its way. Newspapers, magazines, books are all migrating to digital forms of publishing – and this is a good thing. Only the very old and those set in their ways will attest otherwise. One realm of the paper world that persists is… Read More

SunFunder Says 19 Projects Fully Repaid

Renewable energy financing platform SunFunder has stated that since its launch in July of 2012 the crowdfunding site has financed $1.75 million in loans for 39 different projects.  Of those 39, 19 loans have been fully repaid for a total of $421,000. SunFunder is a… Read More

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platform Launch: GridShare Targets Early Stage Clean Tech Companies

GridShare, a new renewable energy crowdfunding platform, has just launched and they are targeting all aspects of clean tech by facilitating debt, equity and donations based funding.  There is growing interest in renewable energy crowdfunding. Investments that package a social good with a return on… Read More

Solar Energy Crowdfunding Concept Uvest Solar is Selected to Participate in Startup Next Program

Uvest Solar, a “mission driven” solar energy crowdfunding startups, is taking pace in Google for Entrepreneurs program Startup Next.  Later this month Richmond, VA based founder Blue Crump will share his concept alongside 14 other young companies at the AT&T Palo Alto Foundry. The one… Read More

Brief: Abundance Offers “Christmas Bonus” on Investments in Oakapple

Renewable energy crowdfunding platform Abundance is offering an end of the year special for investors participating in their largest crowdfunded solar investment ever.  All new and existing investors will receive a “2% uplift” to any investment between now and the end of the year.   The… Read More

Entrepreneur & Author Lisa Gansky Joins Mosaic Board of Directors

In a bit of a coup, solar energy peer to peer financing platform Mosaic has announced that Lisa Gansky will be joining its board of directors. Lisa is a noted entrepreneur and author of the book Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing which… Read More

Vivienne Westwood Becomes Major Shareholder in Trillion Fund, Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platform

Famed fashion designer and environment advocate Vivienne Westwood has invested £1 million into renewable energy crowdfunding platform Trillion Fund.  According to reports she will not only be a significant investor in the site but an “active ambassador” for the company. As reported in the Telegraph,… Read More

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