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Update: Online Giving Solution Givt Set to Close Seedrs Round With Nearly €660,000 in Funding

Givt, a Netherlands-based giving platform that offers a solution to charities and parties dependent on donations, is now nearing €675,000 in funding through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The company launched the funding round in November with a goal to raise a minimum of… Read More

Digital Asset Platform HubrisOne Nears Crowdfunding Goal on Seedrs

HubrisOne, Fintech in the digital asset sector, has raised £607,000 of its £900,000 goal on Seedrs supported by 49 individual investors, according to the offering page. Shares in HubrisOne are being offered at a pre-money valuation of £8.1 million. Earlier this year in February, HubrisOne… Read More

UK Insurtech Honcho Launches New Crowdcube Round; Now Seeking £700,000 in Funding

Less than two years after securing £829,370 through its previous equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, UK-based insurtech Honcho has returned to the funding platform to raise an additional £700,000 in funding. The company is offering 9.21% in equity at a £6,899,999 pre-money valuation.  As previously… Read More

France: Autorité des Marché Financiers Approves First Utility Initial Coin Offering

The French Autorité des Marché Financiers (AMF) has qualified its first “Visa” for an issuer seeking to promote and pursue and an initial coin offering (ICO). Updated rules regarding utility type tokens were recently approved under the Loi Pacte (Pacte Law) – an act of… Read More

Update: BrewDog’s Latest Mini Bond Nears £3 Million During the Final Days on Crowdcube

Crowdfunding brewing company BrewDog is set to close its latest mini bond on Crowdcube later this week with nearly £3 million in funding secured from more than 1200 Crowdcube investors. The mini bond notably comes just a few months after BrewDog USA filed a form… Read More

Update: Innis & Gunn Extends Latest Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Seedrs; Announces New Brewery Location

Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn announced on Tuesday it was extending its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs for an additional 43 days. The brewery’s campaign, which was launched last month, is seeking to raise £3 million and is offering 1.96% in equity at a £149,750,989… Read More

UK Sports Club Platform Playfinder Completes Crowdcube Round With More Than £730,000 in Funding Secured

Playfinder, a UK-based sports club platform and mobile app, has closed its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube with a total of £733,550 in funding secured. The funding round attracted 224 Crowdcube investors. Since launching in 2014, Playfinder has reportedly helped 2.3 million of its platform’s… Read More

Overfunding: nHouse Surpasses £400,000 Funding Target Through Seedrs Round

Modular contemporary company nHouse has successfully secured its initial £400,000 funding target through its Seedrs equity crowdfunding round. The funding round, which launched in November, comes less than a year after the company raised £302,800 through its previous Crowdcube initiative.  nHouse notably creates spacious, high-tech,… Read More

Brazilian Digital Brokerage & Wealth Management Company XP Closes Initial Public Offering After Issuing & Selling More Than 83 Million Class A Common Shares

NASDAQ New York City

XP (Nasdaq: XP), a digital brokerage and wealth management company based in Brazil, announced on Friday it closed its initial public offering (IPO) of 83,387237 of its Class A common shares at a public offering price of $27 per share. XP reported that it issued and… Read More

Overfunding: Cowboy’s Equity Crowdfunding Round Quickly Surges Past £1.2 Million Funding Target on Crowdcube

Just days after launching its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, Cowboy, a Belgium-based smart electric bike startup, has not only secured its initial £1.2 million, it has now raised more than £3 million from nearly 1870 Crowdcube investors.  As previously reported, Cowboy’s key mission is… Read More

Update: DryGro’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Secures More Than £1.1 Million During the Final Days on Seedrs

DryGro, a UK-based agriculture startup that has developed new technology to grow food in dry places, is set to close its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs with more than £1.1 million in funding secured. The campaign quickly surpassed its initial £950,000 funding target and has… Read More

UK Scooter Brand eFOLDi Makes Crowdcube Return to Raise Additional £350,000 in Funding

Less than two years after securing £1.1 million through its first equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, UK-based scooter brand eFOLDi has returned to the funding platform to raise a minimum of £350,000. As previously reported, eFOLDi is known as an electric personal vehicle developed by… Read More

Ping An Offshoot OneConnect Trades on NYSE in Initial Public Offering after Reducing Share Sale

OneConnect (NYSE:OCFT), a Fintech off-shoot of Ping An, listed its shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) today. The initial public offering raised around $260 million following a decision to slice the offer in half due to demand concerns. Ping An is one of… Read More

StartEngine Files to Crowdfund on TrueCrowd? [u]

This is a first. StartEngine has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise capital under Reg CF on TrueCrowd – a different crowdfunding platform. Both StartEngine and TrueCrowd are FINRA regulated funding portals. Typically, platforms self-crowdfund instead of listing… Read More

Jet Token Files Reg A+ Offering, Plans to Follow in Turnkey Jet’s Footsteps with Non Security Token

Remember  Turnkey Jet? The first no-action letter recipient for a digital asset, or token, that was deemed not to be a security by the Securities and Exchange Commission. We do, but we have heard little about the company since the news hit. The Turnkey Jet… Read More

Bitbond Leverages Digital Asset Experience to Expand into Real Estate in Partnership with KlickOwn

Bitbond, a Berlin-based online lender and trailblazer in the digital asset sector, is leveraging its experience in issuing blockchain-based bonds to move into real estate. According to a note from Bitbond, the investment platform has formed a partnership with KlickOwn, a property investment platform. Bitbond… Read More

Global Property Investment Platform Bricksave Now Seeking £600,000 in Funding on Seedrs

Bricksave, a UK-based property investment platform, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The company is currently seeking £600,000 in funding while offering 13.03% in equity at a £4,004,000 pre-money valuation. Founded in 2015, Bricksave provides individuals direct access to institutional-grade real estate investments…. Read More

Supermodel Kathy Ireland Supports Padlist, a Proptech Crowdfunding on SeedInvest

Padlist is currently seeking $2 million on SeedInvest at a pre-money valuation of $8 million. Recently listed, the preferred equity offering is raising capital in a side by side Reg CF – Reg D offering.. If you are willing to invest, there is a minimum… Read More

Update: Mrs Wordsmith’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Nears £1.2 Million in Funding During the Final Days on Crowdcube

Mrs Wordsmith, a UK-based educational publishing and gaming company, is now nearing £1.2 million in funding through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. The round, which is set to close next week, originally sought to raise £1 million. The company is offering 3.16% in equity… Read More

Report: Bank of China Issues Bonds via Blockchain

A report from earlier this week in Sina indicates that the Bank of China has issued Yuan 20 billion (USD $ 2.8 billion) in “special finance bonds” for small and micro firms. For the issuance, the Bank of China used a “self-developed blockchain bond issuance… Read More

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