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Vrb is Crowdfunding For Cool Bluetooth Headphones on Kickstarter

Seeking to change the way music lovers enjoy their favorite tunes, San Francisco-based Vrb has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its brand new self-titled Bluetooth headphones. Originally seeking only $16,000, the project has already received over $29,000 from more than 200 backers within the first… Read More

Soen Audio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Mountable Transit XS Bluetooth Speaker

Soen Audio, producers of stunning sound from amazingly small spaces, launches their truly portable and mountable Transit XS pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker available today on Kickstarter. The ultimate solution for portability in audio, the Transit XS packs high quality sound in a one-inch thin speaker. Transit… Read More

Bluetooth Padlock Noke Nears $400,000 on Indiegogo; Creators Address Backer’s Concerns

FŪZ Designs’ Noke is continuing to be a huge hit on Indiegogo! The Utah-based company launched the Bluetooth padlocks campaign on the crowdfunding giant on August 18th and it reached its initial $100,000 in a matter of days. Now, after only ten days, the project has… Read More

Bluetooth Padlock Noke Raises Over Half Its $100,000 Goal During First Day On Kickstarter

Just a few hours after its crowdfunding debut on Kickstarter, FŪZ Designs‘ Noke has raised over $64,500 from 660 backers. The device is described as the “world’s first” Bluetooth padlock that will keep your possessions easily and safely secured without any worries. Stating the importance of this new… Read More

TrackR bravo Hits $1.2M During Final Hours of Indiegogo Campaign

Ending its Indiegogo crowdfunding project on a successful note, TrackR bravo, raised close to $1,225,000 from over 17,000 backers. The self-proclaimed thinnest item-tracking device launched its campaign on the platform last month, only seeking $20,000 for supply cost. TrackR bravo keeps track of mostly everything… Read More

NudeAudio Super-M Bluetooth Speaker Raises Over $550,000 on Kickstarter

During the final days of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, NudeAudio Super-M reaches $556,389 from 5,578 backers. The device is a super-high performance Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof and sand proof that fits in any jeans pocket. As previously reported, the NudeAudio Super-M is about… Read More

Bluetooth Speaker deepblue2 Raises Nearly $170,000 on Indiegogo

Nearly five days into its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, PeachTree’s new item, deepblue2, raises $167,947 from 521 backers. The device is marketed as the “ultimate” Bluetooth speaker and is a 440-watt aptX acoustic suspensive speaker with a massive 6.5″ woofer. It is also noted as… Read More

WeTag’s iFind Scores $250k During Kickstarter Campaign

Bringing the world’s first battery-free locating tag into the spotlight, Texas-based technology company WeTag launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its brand new device, iFind. The product is powered by the company’s patent pending technologies and is the first Bluetooth item locator that requires… Read More

MBLOK Seeks $120,000 on Kickstarter for Really Cool Memory Device

Hoping to change the way computer and tablet users save files, Canada-based Kwelea, Inc. launched their $120,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its product MBLOK.  The “memory card” is known as a “pocket-sized SSD with integrated Bluetooth technology that allows you to store and access data… Read More

Could “The Dash” Headphones Threaten Pebble’s Kickstarter Record?

Last updated Tuesday, February 18 @ 10:42 AM EST When I came across The Dash on Kickstarter, I thought it was a mistake. $2 million raised with 41 days to go? That is impressive even by Kickstarter’s standards. Munich, Germany-based Bragi LLC has raised this… Read More

Lumo Lift Launched: Activity Monitor & Appearance Booster Seeks $200K

Lumo BodyTech is a Silicon Valley-based company that specializes in giving people actionable feedback on body position in order to help them improve their lives. They’ve already crowdfunded one product successfully, and today sees the launch of a second  – the Lumo Lift – that… Read More

Tile Location Device Crowdfunds Using Selfstarter, Puts New Spin on Finding Lost Items

Stealthy Start-up Tile formed only 8 months ago –  but they have already announced a very cool product which has generated a lot of buzz and interest for it’s simplicity, and unique characteristic of leveraging other users to extend the functionality of their device. Lost… Read More

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