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Out of the Way, “Exploding Kittens”: “Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5” Named Most-Funded Game on Kickstarter

Less than one week until its epic Kickstarter closes, Adam Poots’ Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 has become the most funded game project on the crowdfunding giant’s platform, knocking 2015’s Exploding Kittens from the spot. The game has successfully secured more than $8.8 million from over… Read More

“Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5” Captures $6.4M First Week on Kickstarter & Named Third Most Funded Game on the Platform

Just one week after board game creator Adam Poots launched a Kickstarter campaign for Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5, the new game has successfully secured more than $6.4 million from over 13,275 backers. Poots raised $2,049,721 for the original Kingdom Death: Monster game from 5,410 backers in November 2012…. Read More

“Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5” Board Game Scores Over $5.1M Less Than a Week on Kickstarter

Kingdom Death, a “boutique” nightmare horror tabletop game project created by board game creator Adam Poots, launched a Kickstarter campaign on Friday to raise $100,000 for the new game Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5. Within a matter of days, the initiative has successfully secured more than… Read More

Creators of Popular App “Zombies, Run!” App Return to Kickstarter For New Board Game Version

Earlier this week, the creators of the running app, Zombies, Run! returned to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise £50,000 for its board game version. The team successfully secured over £55,000 for the app in 2011 from 3,464 backers. The new board game will allow 2 to… Read More

Cryptozoic Entertainment Returns to Kickstarter For New “Walking Dead” Board Game

Following the success of its Kickstarter campaign for the Ghostbuster II board game, Cryptozoic Entertainment has returned to the crowdfunding giant to raise $250,000 for its new game, The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary.  The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary is an intense 2-4 player board game that is based on the hit… Read More

Brief: Cool Mini or Not’s “Massive Darkness” Surpasses $2M on Kickstarter

Cool Mini of Not‘s 24th Kickstarter is continuing to find success! The initiative, which is for the company’s newest game, Massive Darkness, has surpassed $2 million thanks to over 14,000 backers. As previously reported, Massive Darkness is described as a dungeon crawl board game without a game master and… Read More

Rooster Teeth’s “Million Dollars, But…The Game” Finishes Kickstarter Round & Captures $1.3M

Success! Rooster Teeth’s new board game, Million Dollars, But… The Game, has successfully secured $1,353,024 from 30,546 backers during its Kickstarter campaign. Last month, Rooster Teeth hit the crowdfunding giant to raise only $10,000 for the game’s creation and within mere hours of the campaign’s launch, the project raised… Read More

Update: Rooster Teeth Captures Over $750,000 For New Board Game in 5 Days on Kickstarter

Less than a week after launching a Kickstarter for its board game Million Dollars, But…, Rooster Teeth has already raised over $750,000 thanks to nearly 17,000 backers. Million Dollars, But… is described as a game that puts the player’s morals and imagination to test by posing the… Read More

Cryptozoic Set & Sony Pictures: “‘Ghostbusters: The Board Game II’ Will be On Kickstarter Next Month!”

On Tuesday, Cryptozoic Entertainment and Sony Pictures Consumer Products announced the upcoming April 11 launch of Ghostbusters: The Board Game II’s Kickstarter. Following on the heels of last year’s successful Kickstarter campaign, which captured over $1.5 million and the retail release of Ghostbusters: The Board Game includes Slime… Read More

Brief: Zombicide Black Plague Secures $4M on Kickstarter; Breaks Board Game Record & Becomes One of the Platform’s Top 20 Funded Projects

CoolMiniOrNot announced that Zombicide: Black Plague has raised more than $4 million from 21,000 backers through Kickstarter. This makes Zombicide: Black Plague the highest funded board game in Kickstarter history. After launch on June 8th, Zombicide: Black Plague raised $1.2 million from eager backers in under 24 hours…. Read More

Update: CoolMiniOrNot’s “Zombicide: Black Plague” Surpasses $1.5M in Four Days on Kickstarter

Continuing to gain popularity by the day, Zombicide: Black Plague has garnished over $1.5 million dollars on Kickstarter thanks to 10,000 backers. As previously reported, the creator of the highly addictive Zombicide, CoolMiniOrNot, launched its eighteenth crowdfunding campaign on the platform  to raise $100,000 for the game on June 8th. Within less… Read More

Update: Sony & Cryptozoic Entertainment’s “Ghostbusters” Board Game Scores Over $450,000 on Kickstarter

Just a few days after its crowdfunding campaign hit Kickstarter, Sony and Cryptozoic’s Ghostbusters: The Board Game has managed to raise well over its initial $250,000 goal all thanks to nearly 3,000 backers. As previously reported, Ghostbusters: The Board Game is for 1-4 players, ages 15 and… Read More

Sony Pictures Consumer Products & Cryptozoic Entertainment Team Up to Launch Kickstarter Initiative For Ghostbusters Board Game

The streams have been crossed and the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper have come together! Cryptozoic Entertainment, creators of board and collectible card games, is bringing the world’s most highly respected group of paranormal investigators/exterminators to the table top with Ghostbusters: The Board Game. The game’s creators launched… Read More

Monolith Board Games’ Conan Continues to Be Successful on Kickstarter; Captures $1M in Nearly Two Weeks

With nearly two and half weeks until its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter comes to an end, Monolith Board Games’ new game (inspired by Robert E. Howard’s tales) Conan has raised over $1 million thanks to nearly 7,000 backers. As previously reported by Crowdfund Insider, Conan is described as… Read More

New Conan the Barbarian Board Game Surfaces on Kickstarter; Scores Nearly $900,000 in Eight Days

  Ready to bring an old fan favorite, Conan the Barbarian, back to the market, Las Vegas-based Monolith Board Games debuted a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last week to raise $80,000 for its new board game Conan. Within only a few days, the project surpassed… Read More

Mayfair Games Debuts Kickstarter Campaign For “Parks and Recreation” Inspired Board Game

Seeking to bring a fan favorite to the market, Skokie, Illinois-based Mayfair Games, along with Cone Hill Games, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $300,000 for its Parks and Recreation inspired board game, The Cones of Dunshire.  For those who haven’t watched the hit… Read More

Board Game “King Down” Surpasses $50,000 Kickstarter Campaign Goal; Raises $75,000 in 24 Hours

On Wednesday (September 10th), New York City resident Saar Shai launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for his board game, King Down. Not only did it surpass its initial $50,000 goal, the game has already raised over $76,000 during its first 24 hours on the… Read More

Slap .45 Card Games Raises Nearly $50,000 Within 48 Hours of Kickstarter Campaign Launch

Ready to bring a highly addictive game to toy stores everywhere, Baltimore, MD-based Gnarwhal Studios has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Slap .45. The new card game is considered a “wild west slap duel” for three to seven players. Slap .45 capture the… Read More

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