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Digital Asset Analysts Share Perspective on Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Movements, Comment on High-Potential Altcoins

As the Bitcoin halving approaches, an event that is expected to reduce the daily BTC minting supply by half, several crypto industry analysts have provided their insights on the current state of the volatile crypto-assets markets. The Bitfinex Alpha Report aims to offer a comprehensive… Read More

Bitcoin and Ethereum Dominance Remain Steady as Blue-Chip Virtual Currencies Demonstrate Positive Performance – Report

This past week saw several notable developments in the digital assets and blockchain space. As widely reported, the US Securities and Exchange (SEC) is seeking feedback on proposed bitcoin ETFs by Franklin Templeton and Hashdex. In other key updates, Interactive Brokers has now launched retail… Read More

Bitcoin Trading: Price Difference Between Monthly Settled BTC Futures Traded on CME and Crypto’s Spot Price Shows Receding Optimism from Traders, Report Claims

The futures basis, the difference in price between monthly settled bitcoin futures traded on the CME and the spot price of bitcoin, is “showing receding optimism from traders,” the team at NYDIG Research notes. The NYDIG Research team points out that the rolling 1-month futures… Read More

Renewed Interest in Digital Assets as Largest Inflows Occur Since Last July Driven by Bitcoin

After months of diminished interest, interest in digital asset investment products picked up last week, according to Coinshares. The report states that digital asset investments experienced a $117 million inflow last week, the largest since July 2022. At the same time, total assets under management… Read More

Crypto Market Report: ETH Surged 57.1% MoM while BTC Rose 16.9% in Same Period

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry faced headwinds in recent months as May’s collapse of the Terra ecosystem took its toll on many other market participants. In June and July of this year, major crypto lending platforms (including Celsius, BlockFi, Voyager and Vauld) took drastic measures… Read More

Cryptocurrency Markets Remained Bearish in June After Huge Sell-off in May: Report

Cryptocurrency markets remained fairly bearish in June 2022 after May’s broad market sell off, the team at Kraken notes in a report. All crypto sectors “reported negative returns month-over-month; even the best performers posted losses exceeding -18%.” Meme and metaverse coins “performed only slightly better… Read More

Bitcoin (BTC), Other Digital Assets Slumped as US Inflation Reaches 40-Yr Highs: Report

Prices of digital assets crashed in early May 2020, when Bitcoin (BTC) fell almost 32% from $39,500 to $27,000 within only a week. The team at Kraken asks, “Could this be the beginning of a long crypto winter?” Or do the on-chain metrics “tell a… Read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Correlation to NASDAQ Increased to 57%, Now a Sustained Reversal of Risk-off Trade Last Week: Report

The correlation of Bitcoin to the Nasdaq is currently ~57%, “climbing over the past week,” according to an update from BitOoda. As the team at BitOoda had noted this past week, the Russian invasion of Ukraine led to “a large sell off that reversed faster… Read More

Bitcoin Spent Output Profit Ratio Indicated Crypto Is Selling at Loss, Ethereum “Oversold” in Feb: Report

January 2022 was a “turbulent” month for the cryptocurrency sector as market participants saw “a broad sell-off,” the team at Kraken noted in an update. Kraken wrote in a blog post that the “continued uncertainty about the proposed U.S. Fed rate hikes in March and… Read More

Bitcoin Could be Subject to “Whims” of Global Macro Developments, Geopolitics For Now: Report

Bitcoin (BTC) appears to be set to close a highly volatile week with a green candle — rebounding from a drop to around $34,000 after Russian forces “punctuated several weeks of tensions in the areas around Ukraine with what looks like a full-scale invasion,” the… Read More

Bitcoin has Been Quite Resilient, Rebounding from a Drop Following Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Report

Digital asset manager Grayscale notes that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has impacted international markets, including crypto-assets, which have “historically shown correlations to risk assets.” As noted in a blog post by Grayscale, this relationship has “become even more pronounced in recent years as institutional… Read More

Recent Bitcoin Price Weakness During Ukraine Crisis Represents Longer Term Opportunity: Research Report

James Butterfill and Christopher Bendiksen from CoinShares have noted in a blog post dated February 24, 2022 that Bitcoin had an “immediate” price response to the Ukraine invasion when the news broke early this morning. According to the CoinShares researchers, it has become evident that,… Read More

Not Digital Gold: Bitcoin, Ethereum Among Worst-Performing Risk Assets During Russia and Ukraine Conflict, Report Reveals

International markets are experiencing a massive increase in volatility with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The severe humanitarian crisis that could unfold over the next few days and weeks “could be the worst in Europe in decades, with loss of life and property, as well as… Read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Correlation to Nasdaq Drops to 51%, Relationship Is Strongest when NASDAQ Is Down Big: Report

The research team at BitOoda has provided an update on Bitcoin and broader public markets. As of February 15, 2022, $291 million in YTD fund outflows have taken place along with an inverted term structure of BTC volatility now “at 11% realized less implied.” As… Read More

Bitcoin Adoption Continues with ConocoPhillips Selling Gas to BTC Miners, Ukraine Legalizing the Flagship Crypto: Report

Blockchain.com, a block explorer service, crypto wallet provider, and digital asset trading platform, notes that if people think that the 2022 Winter Olympics had “thrilling” ups and downs, they should consider getting into crypto and blockchain. During the coming weeks, Blockchain.com says it will be… Read More

Bitcoin Remains Risk-On Asset Notwithstanding Inflation Hedge, Digital Gold, Uncorrelated Asset Narratives: Report

The correlation of Bitcoin (BTC) to the Nasdaq stands at around 53% and declining. Recently, the S&P and the Nasdaq have stabilized after the late January 2022 selloff, according to an update from BitOoda. As they’ve noted, a large down day in the Nasdaq is… Read More

Bitcoin Estimated Hashrate Increase Despite BTC Price Decline Indicates Miners Confidence: Report

Many people have come to own and embrace crypto-assets because of a powerful sense of mission that includes: fairness and efficiency meaning a desire to see transferring money more like sending a text message — “instantaneous and low cost to all, and not something that… Read More

Bitcoin Price Is Experiencing Heightened Correlations with US Equities: Report

The team at digital asset firm Gemini notes that there has been a considerable decline across the wider crypto market, including Bitcoin, since the beginning of 2022. However, Gemini points out in a report shared with CI that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are “thriving.” The update… Read More

Historical Volatility, Technical Patterns, On-chain Activity Indicate that Macro Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run Isn’t Over: Report

The team at digital assets firm Kraken notes that if 2020 was the year of the bull, 2021 was the year that “crypto went mainstream.” During the past year, they claim to have “witnessed leaps in adoption, infrastructure, regulation, and policy — not to mention… Read More

Analysts at Blockstream Predict Huge Year for Liquid Network, STOs, as Bitcoin Price Continues to Decline: Report

Bitcoin-focused tech firm Blockstream notes in their Markets Weekly Report that BMN is launching a capital raise via Bitfinex Securities in the coming days. Meanwhile, El Salvador is preparing its regulatory framework for the upcoming BTC bond, and Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) recently stated that BTC… Read More

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