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Fake Crypto Trading: CoinMarketCap Seeks to Combat “Volume Inflation” with New Metric

Everybody knows that a good amount of cryptocurrency trading is utterly fake. Wash trades are prevalent as some exchanges seek to game the system and boost their relative relevance in the digital asset exchange world. Manipulation of various cryptocurrencies probably exists as well. CoinMarketCap, a… Read More

Viewbase Analyzing Cryptocurrency Exchange Wallet Balances to Cross-Check Volume Reports

“Cryptocurrency market insights and community platform” Viewbase is analyzing wallet balances held by cryptocurrency exchanges to evaluate the accuracy of trading-volume figures reported by them. Viewbase claims to have found, “a huge disparity between the Ether balances and the reported trading volumes by exchanges.” “Reported versus… Read More

OKEx Announces Listing of Native Token OKB on CoinMarketCap

OKEx, a Malta-based digital assets exchange, announced on Friday it has listed its native token, OKB, on CoinMarketCap. The crypto websites have also announced their partnership.  Together with the 11 exchanges that are in collaboration with CoinMarketCap, OKEx is dedicated and opened to working with… Read More

12 Crypto Exchanges Partner with CoinMarketCap to Address “Fake Trading Volumes in Crypto,” Launches Data Accountability and Transparency Alliance

Many cryptocurrency exchanges are lightly regulated or simply not regulated at all. This has led to rampant claims of bogus trading volumes as some exchanges use wash trading or other ploys to boost volume and the appearance of relevance. The Blockchain Transparency Institute has been… Read More

CoinMarketCap Admits it Has Data Accuracy Problems Regarding Crypto Exchange Reporting

Cryptocurrency market data aggregator CoinMarketCap.com, a reported “top 500″ cryptocurrency website, has admitted that concerns about the accuracy of data on its site recently expressed in an ETF affiliated document at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC )”are valid,” Bloomberg reports. In order to reduce… Read More

Vela Forms Partnership With CoinMarketCap to Include Cryptocurrencies Through SuperFeed

Vela, a global multi-asset electronic trading provider, announced on Wednesday it has formed a partnership with CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency data source firm, in order to include cryptocurrencies through Vela’s Market Data Feed service, SuperFeed. According to Vela, this new partnership will provide Vela’s institutional client base with access… Read More

Alleged Price Calculation Errors at Tether Badly Skew Crypto Price Data on CoinMarketCap

“Data Issues” on CoinMarketCap.com over the weekend badly skewed crypto coin price data on at the popular website over the weekend, causing a flurry of confusion on CryptoTwitter. CoinMarketCap attributed the issues to problems with the data feed emanating off coins linked to the controversial… Read More

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