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Ubuntu Edge Fails: The Winners And Losers

A crowdfunding campaign for the Ubuntu Edge on Indiegogo has failed to reach a goal of $32,000,000. 27,488 backers laid claim to 5,837 copies of Ubuntu’s cutting-edge premium smartphone concept. In the end it was all for naught. The campaign fell $19,187,224 short of the goal…. Read More

CrowdCube Tops £10M Raised, First Startup Goes Belly-Up

UK-based crowdfunding platform CrowdCube has long been a global leader in the equity crowdfunding space. Recently the platform met a huge milestone: over £10 million in equity raised for startups and small businesses in the UK. CrowdCube has a dynamic infographic that updates regularly, and… Read More

On Indiegogo: $400 Million Crowdfunding Campaign To Buy Wireless Provider Mobilicity

A Toronto resident has a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The goal? To buy Mobilicity, a no-contract Canadian wireless carrier. The ask? $400,000,000 Canadian. MobileSyrup.com explains the state of the young, embattled wireless carrier… Mobilicity, one of Canada’s newest carriers, has been on the block for months… Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Squanders $123K, Campaign Creator Responds

A campaign launched for a board game called “The Doom That Came To Atlantic City” raised $122,000, closing funding on June 6th of last year. Over 1200 backers chipped in. The campaign was launched by The Forking Path, a Portland, Oregon based game developer and… Read More

With Crowdfunding, The Media Needs To Do Better

Photo courtesy cocoinzenl on Flickr

I’m increasingly seeing a problem with how the media covers the crowdfunding space. Rewards-based crowdfunding has resulted in the equivalent of a media gold rush. There are hundreds of topics to cover with more popping up every day. Project creators are anxious for press and usually pretty… Read More

Project Creator Speaks: Kickstarter For Levitatr Fails To Deliver

James Stumpf took to Kickstarter back in 2011 to try and raise funds for a slick wireless keyboard. It started out as a great crowdfunding story. $67,500 raised from 638 backers in a month and a half. Measuring in at only 9.8mm thick, Levitatr™ is… Read More

Crowdfunding Is A Buzzsaw For Celebrities, Good And Bad

Rob Thomas changed crowdfunding forever with his campaign for Veronica Mars, legitimizing the funding method as a way for successful folks to circumvent the powers-that-be. The crowd can now greenlight creative products by sheer power in numbers. Gatekeepers? That’s so 2010. Zach Braff took this… Read More

Why Melissa Joan Hart’s Kickstarter Project Failed

It’s finally happened. Kickstarter users have said “No thanks!” to a celebrity’s film project. The crowdfunding campaign for the film Darci’s Walk of Shame, which had Melissa Joan Hart attached to it, was cancelled Monday after raising only $51,605 from 315 backers in a little over… Read More

Project Awakened seeks fan input about continued crowdfunding

Kickstarter may not have worked out for Project Awakened, but Phosphor Games Studio hasn’t given up on its crowdfunding efforts, turning to fans to determine whether it should turn to fans. After falling short of their $500,000 goal, a survey up on the game’s site… Read More

How Equity Crowdfunding Can Bankrupt Your Company

A recent entry on whiteboardmag.com tells a crowdfunding horror story where a German company called Smarchive had difficulties getting VC investment after a successful crowdfunding round. From the article… (Smarchive founder) Steffen Reitz: “Back in the time, I thought that crowdfunding was nice and good… Read More

What Happens When Kickstarter Investors Want Their Money Back?

There was a time not long ago, when large funding organizations like banks pretty much called the shots on whether an entrepreneur’s dream made it to production. Not any more. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have made it possible for small projects to find funding without… Read More

The Case Of The Disappearing Kickstarter

It’s the biggest fear of anyone who spends $10 or $50 to help fund a new game. You see a cool-looking game on Kickstarter or some other website where creative people can ask fans to help pay for their projects. You think it sounds awesome…. Read More

It’s Fine For The Rich & Famous To Use Kickstarter; Bjork’s Project Failed Because It Was Lame

Nearly two years ago, we had a post pointing out that it was silly for people to complain when the “rich and famous” made use of platforms like Kickstarter. That story was about Tom Hanks’ son Colin looking for funds to complete a documentary. As we noted,… Read More

Gas Powered Games’ chief Chris Taylor struggles to stay positive after crowdfunding failure

HAMBURG, Germany — Chris Taylor realizes just how hard it is to raise money now, especially on fickle consumer-driven crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. The chief executive of struggling Gas Powered Games pulled down his Kickstarter campaign today for his Wildman game as it was failing to get a critical… Read More

Allegations of Fraud Plague Stalled Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Promises Made An individual identifying himself as Michael Waller of Syracuse, NY launched a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2012. The project was called the “MD-Pen,” or “minimal and durable pen.” It is an aluminum housing compatible with many off-the-shelf pen cartridges. Pre-orders were offered… Read More

The Dangers of Kickstarter

Kickstarter has become the go-to funding source for serious expeditions and boondoggles alike. And that has some benefactors wanting their cash back. Last May, Andrew Badenoch, a thirtysomething former Internet marketer in Oregon, set off on a 7,000-mile solo expedition from Bellingham, Washington, with a… Read More

Björk Cancels Kickstarter Campaign for Android/Windows Versions of Biophilia App

Björk‘s Kickstarter has been canceled. The Awl points out (via Spin) that the campaign launched to fund the Android/Windows versions of her Biophilia app is no longer. It’s not so much that it fell short of its funding goal; rather, it was cancelled. The project stalled nearly three weeks before its February 27 complete… Read More

Why It’s OK to Fail at Kickstarter

On November 13, 2012, my company launched on Kickstarter. Thirty days later, on December 13, 2013, our Kickstarter campaign closed, with $125,588 raised from 1,601 backers. Because we had a funding threshold of $250,000, that means that the campaign was unsuccessful; credit cards will not… Read More

Crowdfunding is Serious Business, Even On Kickstarter

Neil Singh didn’t understand Kickstarter or rewards-based crowdfunding when he donated to the Hanfree campaign in late 2011. He isn’t alone. This kind of crowdfunding isn’t anything like your typical preorder. If you were to land on a Kickstarter campaign page without having any experience in… Read More

The Uncertain Effect of Crowdfunding Portal Failure

This article is part two in a series on entrepreneurship and access to capital. I recently talked to Richard Seline, Principal of Global NextGen Advisors, who just spoke at the Crowdfund Texas conference. He also offers support to the entrepreneurial community through his organization, Competitive Texas. As crowdfunding rules are… Read More

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