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UK Handbag Brand Hill and Friends Now Seeking £655,000 Through Seedrs Funding Round

Hill and Friends, a UK-based handbag brand, is now seeking £655,000 through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. Founded in 2015, Hills & Friends is described as a contemporary luxury fashion brand that was founded by former creative and brand directors of Mulberry, Emma Hill CBE and… Read More

iZettle Teams Up With British Fashion Council to Bring Contactless Payments at London Fashion Week

Swedish fintech iZettle announced this week it has partnered with the British Fashion Council to bring contactless payments to the London Fashion Week festival. All designer stands were reportedly equipped with iZettle readers, which allows customers to tap and pay for items using contactless and… Read More

Companisto’s 100th Campaign Goes Live, Prelovee’s Second-Hand Designer Fashion Market

Think along the lines of TheRealReal. Jetzt auf Deutsch! Now shift overseas and to a new — and the 100th — equity crowdfunding campaign launched by Companisto. German-speaking Prelovee’s secondhand market consists of more than 100 online and over 1000 offline stores filled with unique… Read More

DSTLD Closes Second Reg A+ Crowdfunding Round at $3.1 Million

Fashion shop DSTLD closed its second crowdfunding round on SeedInvest this past weekend. According to the campaign page, DSTLD raised $3.1 million from 1783 investors. Pre-money valuation was pegged at $30 million. Individual investors received preferred equity if they decided to back the direct to… Read More

Overfunding: British Fashion Brand Archie Foal Quickly Secures £250,000 Funding Target on Crowdcube

Just days after launching its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, British fashion brand, Archie Foal, has successfully secured its initial £250,000 from nearly 100 investors. Established in 2010, Archie Foal describes itself as a contemporary take on a British heritage fashion brand. It aims to… Read More

DSTLD $2M+ SeedInvest Series A-2 Round: Hugging Curves in All the Right Places

DSTLD, a company seeking to disrupt the $200 billion fast fashion market with fairly priced, direct-to-consumer premium clothing (such as jeans), has exceeded $2M on its SeedInvest Series A-2 round. Nearly 2000 investors have invested over $2,132,766. Helmed by Co-CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director Corey Epstein and… Read More

Overfunding: Luxury Fashion Platform Open for Vintage Quickly Secures £150,000 Funding Target Through Crowdcube Round

Open for Vintage, a new luxury fashion platform that promotes sustainability and independent retailers, has successfully secured its initial £150,000 funding target through its equity crowdfunding round on Crowdcube. The platform, which was launched earlier this year, revealed that it connects customers with a global network… Read More

Two Years Ago, Strathberry of Scotland was Raising Money on Kickstarter. Today, it is an Instant Hit as Prince Harry’s Fiancee is Filmed with Handbag

Two years ago, Strathberry of Scotland was a Scottish startup looking to create an iconic UK brand in the luxury handbag space. The company leveraged the Kickstarter pre-sale platform to boost exposure for the small company raising £122,000 on a £25,000 goal. The Edinburgh based… Read More

Portuguese Fashion Brand Maison Pixel Now Seeking €150,000 on Seedrs

Maison Pixel, a Portugal-based fashion brand, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The company is currently seeking 150,000 as it prepares for growth and expansion. Maison Pixel describes itself as an innovative fashion brand, with a patented design, inspired by pixels and computer… Read More

Luxury Kids Fashion Brand Benedita Set to Close Crowdcube Round With More Than £155,000 in Funding

London-based luxury kids fashion brand Benedita is set to close its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube with more than £155,000 from nearly 150 investors. The initiative was launched last month, seeking £125,000 as the company prepares to expand. As previously reported, Benedita, which was founded byCatarina Pinto Castro, has clothing in… Read More

Overfunding: Luxury Kids Apparel Benedita Scores £125,000 Funding Goal on Crowdcube

With two weeks until it equity crowdfunding campaign is set to close on Crowdcube, London-based luxury kids fashion brand Benedita has successfully secured its initial £125,000 funding target thanks to nearly 100 investors. The company’s description reads: “Benedita is shaping the fast growing trend for timeless and classic… Read More

Celebrity Fashion Designer YeKim Lists Investment Offer on Republic

YeKim, a company that started as per-request service exclusively for celebrity clients, then moved on to ready to wear, is now available to the public. And not just the clothing. YeKim has listed a Reg CF crowdfunding offer on Republic for a Crowd Safe investment…. Read More

Success: Women’s Clothing Brand Hope’s Crowdcube Campaign Overfunds

On Thursday, British womenswear fashion brand Hope surpassed its initial £500,000 funding target on equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube. This news comes just a few day after the company announced the initiative’s extension. Founded in 2015, Hope aims to attract women of all shapes, sizes, and ages… Read More

Update: British Women’s Fashion Brand Hope Extends Crowdcube Campaign

Hope, a British womenswear fashion brand, announced on Friday it has decided to extend its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. The company launched the initiative last month, seeking £500,000 and so far has attracted nearly £465,000 from more than 250 investors. As previously reported, Hope was founded in… Read More

British Womenswear Fashion Brand Hope Looks to Raise £500,000 Through Crowdcube Campaign

Hope, a British womenswear fashion brand, is currently seeking 500,000 through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. Founded in 2015 by Nayna McIntosh, the company is in its fourth collection and has attracted attention from former M&S CEO, Stuart Rose. The brand revealed that it… Read More

COSHOP Partners with Crowdcube Spain to Grow Sustainable & Chic Fashion Brand

The future of fashion is eco, sustainable, biodegradable, produced with natural materials;  COSHOP has positioned itself within this sector as an innovative, responsible and sustainable  solution. Linking with Crowdcube Spain, COSHOP seeks to raise 160,000€ for 13.82% equity offered. To date, over 21 investors have contributed over 21,400€ to… Read More

Fashion Brand ME+EM Set to Finish Crowdcube Round With Nearly £1.4 Million in Funds

  UK-based fashion brand, ME+EM, is set to close its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube this evening. The company launched the initiative last month, seeking £700,000. It will be finishing the round with nearly £1.4 million. ME+EM was founded by Clare Hornby in 2009, and… Read More

Let’s Ride: Cycling Wear Brand MEAME Launches Crowdcube Campaign

MEAME, an up-and-coming cyclist-wear brand, launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube this week. The company is currently seeking a minimum of £180,000 as it prepares for expansion. Launched in 2015 by Islington-based husband and wife team, Megan Aylott and Steven Azancot, MEAME claims it creates performance fashion for… Read More

Fashion Brand ME+EM Nears £1.25 Million During the Final Week on Crowdcube

With its Crowdcube campaign set to close this upcoming Friday, fashion brand ME+EM is nearing £1.25 million thanks to more than 750 investors. Prior to the campaign’s debut, ME + EM secured £400,000 from lead investors. ME+EM describes itself as a UK fashion in the direct-to-consumer… Read More

“Dragon Den” Alum & Styling Service Enclothed Seeks £350,000 Through Seedrs intiative

Enclothed, a UK-based online personal styling service for men and Dragon Den alum, recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The company is currently seeking £350,000 as it prepares for expansion.  The company states it aims to change the shopping landscape for men. It uses… Read More

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