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Legion M Live @Wefunder: Aiming to Unite 1M Shareholders/Fans

Legion M continues to be a fan of fintech, having fundraised on Reg CF, Reg A+,  Reg D exemption to raise growth capital and self-hosted a campaign earlier in November. The San Francisco-based fan-owned media company has returned to crowdfunding — reportedly its fifth crowdraise–… Read More

Corey Feldman Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Documentary to Expose Alleged Pedophiles in Hollywood

Following the numerous allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape against former film executive and producer, Harvey Weinstein, actor and musician Corey Feldman launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $10 million for his new documentary that exposes alleged pedophiles in Hollywood. Feldman, who is known… Read More

The Future of Hollywood? Voyage Media Launches Crowdfunding Campaign as First Ever Creator Owned Studio

Hollywood is kinda broken. Dominated by tent-pole films driven by the “star-system”, the film industry is in dire need of disruption. If there was ever an over-compensated group within society it is certainly the “movie-stars” that have been deemed necessary to power films to financial… Read More

Heineken Launches “BeautifyHollywood” Indiegogo Campaign: Seeks to Transform Hollywood Boulevard By Using Art Installations

On Thursday, Dutch brewing brand Heineken announced it has teamed up with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for its new “BeautifyHollywood” initiative. The company is seeking to raise $20,000 to transform Hollywood Boulevard by using art installations.  Heineken stated it has partnered with Beautify Earth, a nonprofit committed… Read More

Brief: Legion M, One Of World’s First Fan-Owned Entertainment Companies, Launches Today

Legion M, the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company, launches today, offering fans one of the first opportunities to invest and have a voice in the creation of new films, TV shows and other entertainment projects according to the company’s press release. Using the fundraising superpowers recently… Read More

Brief: Oculus’ Palmer Luckey Among Speakers at Vision VR/AR Summit 2016

Vision VR/AR Summit 2016, an inaugural industry event that is geared towards furthering the knowledge base of anyone developing VR or AR content, announced on Thursday its lineup of keynote speakers. Set to take place next Wednesday and Thursday  in Hollywood, CA, the Vision VR/AR… Read More

Indie Crowd Funder Reveals Why Equity Crowdfunding is Better For Hollywood

With more celebrities turning to the crowd for new projects, Indie Crowd Funder has revealed the key reasons why Hollywood stars should consider using equity-based instead of reward-based crowdfunding. The platform shared in a recent blog post: “Since the beginning of Hollywood, the access to needed… Read More

‘Salty,’ A Film by Hollywood Director Simon West, Completes Equity Crowdfunding on UK’s SyndicateRoom. It’s a £1.8 Million Overfunding Wrap.

Wrapping up £1.8 million-plus in funding for “Salty,” a new film by director Simon West, of ‘The Expendables 2″ (2012) and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” (2001), Hollywood takes a trip to the UK. The equity crowdfunding campaign for “Salty” marks the first time that retail investors worldwide will be able to… Read More

Ben Affleck Helps to Raise Funds For “LADDIE” on Kickstarter

Lending his hand to help the film industry, Ben Affleck signed on to appear in the film “LADDIE.” The documentary made headlines earlier this month when it announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It is an “exclusive look at the most influential… Read More

Zach Braff Makes List Of “12 Who Are Changing Hollywood”

Zach Braff has made TheWrap.com’s list of 12 people who are changing Hollywood for his noted “Wish I Was Here” Kickstarter campaign. That guy started an internet feeding frenzy earlier this year when he decided to crowdfund a follow-up called “Wish I Was Here” at… Read More

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