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Why ProPublica turned to Kickstarter for intern investigation

At US investigative non-profit ProPublica, the public is able to be very much involved. In editorial, for example, the community is encouraged to feed into investigation research, supported by the launch of an online page centred on opportunities to ‘Get Involved’. And when it comes… Read More

Your Anon News Issues Progress Update

Back in April we reported on the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new news service supported by @YourAnonNews, a popular (and controversial) hacktivist-supported news outlet on Twitter with over a million followers. Earlier today a representative from the YAN team posted a… Read More

Knight Foundation Plays The Challenge Grant Card

It always surprises me when people seem agog at the very concept of crowdfunding. It is as if that individual has never watched Sesame Street or heard of NPR. At it’s heart the crowdfunding model is a twist on the public media one. Heck, you might even… Read More

13 ways to get your journalism project crowdfunded

While handwringing over financial support for journalism is nothing new, it’s been especially fraught recently. From the Nate Thayer/Atlantic dustup to the possibility that the Tribune papers may be sold to the Koch brothers, everyone in media seems worried about funding the Fourth Estate. One hopeful sign for… Read More

ProPublica Turns To Kickstarter To Hire An Intern To Scrutinize Internships

ProPublica is an independent non-profit journalistic organization based in New York that prides itself on publishing investigative journalism in the public’s interest. One of the next topics the folks at ProPublica want to tackle is the proliferation of unpaid internships in America. They’ve launched a… Read More

Kate Heartfield: Toronto’s future is being held for ransom

When I went to journalism school at the turn of this century, none of my professors thought to include a seminar on the ethics of Crackstarters. We had seminars on the ethics of almost any other challenge we might encounter. But nobody predicted a time… Read More

Crowdfunding Journalism: A New Financing Model for Freelancers?

Toronto-based freelance reporter Naheed Mustafa always paid her own way when she reported from abroad. But that meant that about 70 percent to 80 percent of what she earned went straight toward paying for the costs of traveling. Most news organizations don’t reimburse freelancers for travel costs,… Read More

Vourno: Crowdfunding Site for Journalists to Launch May 20th

The much anticipated journo crowdfunding site Vourno is on track to launch live on Monday, according to a recent tweet from their twitter account. Vourno hopes to be world’s largest funding platform and independent news network for video journalism.  A crowdfunding platform where news is… Read More

NEWSFREED Offers Funding Solution For Investigative Journalism

A crowdfunding campaign currently live on RocketHub aims to bring a funding solution to the dwindling discipline of long-form investigative journalism. NEWSFREED aims to bring crowdsourcing and crowdfunding aspects to journalism, and the elevator pitch outlines a pretty cool product that could have some legs… Read More

Freedom of the Press Foundation Crowdfunds for Bradley Manning

Crowdfunding campaign will support a professional stenographer to produce transcripts and provide them to the public and press Freedom of the Press Foundation has announced a crowdfunding campaign to hire a professional court stenographer to produce transcripts of the trial of whistleblower Bradley Manning, scheduled… Read More

NYU Stern Researches Crowdfunding Behavior

In new research forthcoming in Information Systems Research, Anindya Ghose, NYU Stern Associate Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences and co-Director of the Center for Business Analytics, with Gordon Burtch at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management and Sunil Wattal at Temple University’s… Read More

Planet Money and Kickstarter: Is web-based crowdfunding the future of public media?

When the NPR show Planet Money wanted to put together a project about the economic life-cycle of a T-shirt, Kickstarter seemed like the natural approach — and it showed how much crowdfunding has in common with public media. When the reporting team at Planet Money — a… Read More

Standing out of the crowd through crowdfunding: a new world for wine writers

In the old days, Alice Feiring knew exactly what she needed to do to launch her natural wine newsletter – find a publisher willing to give her an advance. But the old days are gone, and publishers are worrying about other things, like staying in… Read More

Startups, Kickstarter, and the Price of Bullshit (That You Paid For!)

Last year, I wrote a pretty controversial piece about Matter, a long-form science journalism web site with little inkling of a business model that managed to raise $140,000 on Kickstarter from 2,566 people who apparently have far bigger hearts and more optimism about the future of journalism than I do…. Read More

PRI Tries Crowdfunding News Coverage For ‘The World’

PUBLIC RADIO INTERNATIONAL has launched a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO to raise $25,000 for its Global Reporting Fund to provide coverage of 11 stories for “PRI’S THE WORLD.” In its pitch for donations, PRI explains, “Media coverage about issues of special concern to women –… Read More

Anonymous raises $54,798 through Indiegogo to kick-start its dedicated news site for Your Anon News

An Indiegogo campaign set up by Anonymous to expand its news coverage through a dedicated site, rather than its existing Twitter and Tumblr services, has closed with over $54,798 in crowd-sourced funding. Anonymous launched the project with an initial funding target of $2,000, which the hacktivist collective said will be used… Read More

Blogger Who Traced Flow of Arms to Syria Through YouTube Seeks Crowdfunding

The British blogger Eliot Higgins, who has played an important role in tracing the flow of arms to Syrian rebels through close analysis of video clips posted on YouTube from his living room in England, began an appeal for financial support from readers this week…. Read More

Podcast: How Joey Coleman crowdfunded his work as a hyper-local reporter

We’ve written about projects like Matter, which used Kickstarter to fund the creation of a new magazine for science writing, and high-profile bloggers like Andrew Sullivan who go directly to readers for financial support — but could a relative unknown in a small town use crowdfunding to build… Read More

IndieGoGo founder on raising money for journalism projects: ‘People fund people, not just ideas’

As traditional journalism is forced to redefine its business model, crowdfunding has become an alternative approach for those who want to launch their own projects. As new technologies arise, a growing number of campaigns prove it’s possible to launch a project independently, finding people who are willing… Read More

Dutch Online Newspaper Crowdfunds € 1 Million in 8 Days

The Correspondent, an Amsterdam based start-up striving to launch a news site of quality news, has crowdfunded € 1 Million in 8 Days (approximately $1.3 Million).  As announced on the future news sites blog, More than 15,000 participants supported this crowdfunding event which was created by Rob… Read More

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