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Digital Commerce Transactions to Exceed 1 Trillion Mark Globally by 2024, as NFC Payments and Online Ticketing Surge Ahead

A new study by Juniper Research, the professional team focused on fintech & payments markets, has found by next year, digital commerce transaction volumes will “reach 1.08 trillion globally; rising from 966 billion this year – a very strong 12% growth in a single year.”… Read More

AI’s Role in Credit Scoring Expected to Grow Exponentially, in line with Generative AI Advancements: Report

Credit scoring is a statistical method employed by lenders to predict the probability an existing and/or prospective borrower or counterparty “will default on loans/credit products, or incur additional charges for repayment, also known as measuring creditworthiness,” the team at Juniper Research explains. Juniper Research also… Read More

Juniper Square Report: US Has 5 Million HNWIs, But Less Than 2% Are Able to Invest in Private Equity

  Juniper Square says they will help clients unlock the potential of every investment partnership. Juniper Square explains that it “empowers GPs and LPs to focus on building enduring relationships and exceptional investment opportunities.” Their partnership enablement solutions “empower investment partners to connect and communicate… Read More

Banking as a Platform Can Help Traditional Banks Regain Competitive Edge Against Neobanking Fintech Platforms: Juniper Research

BaaP (Banking-as-a-Platform) is an operational business model that “puts banks at the forefront of consumers.” In their latest whitepaper, the researchers highlighted “how BaaP can help traditional banks regain their competitive edge against neobanks.” This, according to the Juniper Research team. Through collaboration with innovative… Read More

Juniper Square Partners with Pereview, the Life of The Asset Software Platform Supporting Equity, Debt for Real Estate Investments

Juniper Square has announced an exclusive partnership with Pereview, the only Life of The Asset® software platform supporting both equity and debt for real estate investments. By connecting Pereview’s in-depth asset data to Juniper Square, their joint clients can seamlessly “share both asset-level and portfolio… Read More

Stablecoin Adoption: Value of Payment Transactions with Stablecoins to Exceed $187B Globally by 2028, Report Claims

A study from Juniper Research, the researchers focused on emerging payments, have found that the value of payment transactions powered by stablecoins “will exceed $187 billion globally by 2028, up from $53 billion in 2023.” The study found that stablecoins are “making rapid progress in… Read More

Online Wallets Are Including Elements of Digital Identity, Enabling All-Inclusive Apps for Financial Wellbeing: Report

Digital wallets are a rapidly growing technology, seeing particular growth in popularity in the years since the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an update from Juniper Research. As noted in a report from Juniper Research, they are also “important in the fields of financial inclusion, and… Read More

Juniper Research: Complex Regulatory Requirements Are Driving Corporates to Adopt a Range of Technologies to Facilitate Compliance

Regtech is a rapidly evolving area of technology, especially in a world that has a constant increase in demand for regulatory compliance, according to an update from Juniper Research. Regtech offers solutions to businesses in response “to an increasingly digitalized world that boomed since the… Read More

Payments: Carrier Billing Spend to Reach $122B Internationally by 2027, Report Reveals

A new study from Juniper Research, who claim to be experts in payments, found that carrier billing spend “will reach $122 billion globally by 2027, rising from $70 billion in 2023.” This reported “growth of 74% over the next four years will be driven by… Read More

Recurring Payments Forecast as a $15T Opportunity Internationally by 2027: Report

A new study from Juniper Research, foremost “experts” in the payments market, found that the transaction value of recurring payments “will exceed $15.4 trillion globally in 2027, from $13.2 trillion in 2023.” This relatively slow growth of 17% “reflects that recurring payments are a well-established… Read More

Fintech Innovations like Open Banking, CBDCs, Stablecoins, Instant Payments Are Transforming Financial Services Sector: Report

Juniper Research specializes in identifying and appraising new high-growth market sectors within the digital ecosystem. They provide market research covering 90 technology markets. Their research reports form the basis on which their analysts make various predictions. As noted in an update shared by Juniper Research,… Read More

Digital Identity Apps Expected to Grow Over 80% in Next 4 Years: Report

Digital identity is not the easiest concept to define, according to an update from Juniper Research. It overlaps with other, similar, areas.  The crossover with areas “such as security, privacy and data management can be significant, and in some cases, they are indistinct.” As noted… Read More

Open Banking Could Serve Big Tech by Allowing them to Offer Tailored Digital Financial Services: Report

Juniper Research defines Open Banking as the practice of “sharing, and to an extent control, personal financial information between FIs (Financial Institutions) and TPPs (Third-party Providers), mostly in the form of Fintech developers, subject to customer consent via the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).”… Read More

Credit Cards Expected to Account for Nearly $10 Trillion in Spend Globally by 2027: Report

Juniper Research defines credit cards as a payment instrument which allows consumers as well as cardholders “to borrow money to pay for products and services, and make deferred payments for their purchases in exchange of monthly interest based on the amount owed.” As noted in… Read More

Financial Crime Is Becoming More Prevalent and Financial Institutions Not Prepared to Deal with Threats: Report

Over the last 30 years, financial crime has increasingly become “a concern to governments around the world,” according to an update from Juniper Research. Today, there is widespread recognition that “economically motivated crime poses a long-term threat to the stability and development of societies’ economies… Read More

Instant Payments Volume Set to Increase by 289% by 2027, New Report Reveals

Instant payments, also called real-time payments, are a form of electronic payment “that is available 24/7/365, with the payment processed and funds made available tothe recipient instantly.” the team at Juniper Research explains. However, there is “not a singularly accepted definition of instant payments, with… Read More

Payment Fraud Market Is Suited to Wide-Scale Deployment of Fraud Prevention Systems: Juniper Research

The payment fraud market faces “a number of challenges which makes it uniquely suited to the wide-scale deployment of fraud prevention systems,” according to an update from Juniper Research. The update from Juniper Research notes that one major feature that AI systems possess is “the… Read More

Embedded Finance Integration Is Being Widely Considered Across the Globe: Juniper Research

Juniper Research defines embedded finance as: “Any use case where financial services, such as banking, insurance or lending, is integrated into non-financial user experiences.” User experiences in this sense will “commonly mean eCommerce checkouts, for example, where payment options are embedded to avoid having to… Read More

AI in Conversational Commerce to Allow Users to View All Digital Interactions in Real-Time: Juniper Research

Originally coined in 2015 by Chris Messina, conversational commerce has become “an increasingly familiar term in the communications and eCommerce markets,” according to an update from Juniper Research. It refers to “the intersection of messaging apps and online retail.” Juniper Research defines conversational commerce as:… Read More

Metaverse to Enable Web3 Use-Cases like Digital Real Estate, Art, Digital Collectibles: Report

CryptoKitties was arguably the first project to bring NFTs into the mainstream, the team at Juniper Research noted in a comprehensive report. Launched in 2017, CryptoKitties featured an on-chain game “enabling users to breed digital cats together to produce new cats of differing rarity and… Read More

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