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Digital Payments and Online Wallets Now an Integral Aspect of Travel Experience – Research Report

Visa (NYSE: V) announced the results of its 2023 U.S. edition of the Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, revealing emerging trends “in consumer behaviors and preferences for outbound and inbound cross-border travel.” Travel has surged post-COVID and there are “no signs of retreating, despite rising… Read More

Canadian Fintech Nuvei Corporation Selected by Curve to Provide Alternative Payment Methods

Nuvei Corporation (Nasdaq: NVEI), the Canadian fintech company, announces that it has been selected by Curve, the financial super app that consolidates your cards into one smart card, to provide card acquiring and alternative payment methods (APMs) for consumer transfer of funds to and from… Read More

Coinbase Cloud Joins Kiln On-Chain Platform to Provide Staking for Self-Custodial Crypto Wallets

Enterprise-grade staking platform Kiln announced that Coinbase Cloud has integrated Kiln’s On-Chain Platform into its product offering, “marking a significant milestone for Coinbase Cloud in streamlining and simplifying the Ethereum staking process.” Kiln On-Chain is a suite of smart contracts designed “to connect integrators and… Read More

Fintech Paysafe, Eightcap to Provide Embedded Wallet Solution

Paysafe (NYSE: PSFE), a payments platform, and Eightcap, a global retail trading provider, are excited to announce the strengthening of their partnership through the introduction of an innovative Embedded Trading Wallet solution. This collaboration aims to “provide a joint embedded finance solution for Eightcap and… Read More

Decentralized Finance Integration: 1inch has Integrated with Klaytn’s Kaikas Wallet

1inch has reportedly integrated with Klaytn’s Kaikas wallet. Under this partnership, the 1inch Swap API will “power token swaps in Kaikas, a versatile wallet ensuring interaction with the Klaytn ecosystem.” In its commitment to deliver a seamless DeFi experience across the globe, the 1inch Network… Read More

Digital Payments: Car IQ, Visa to Accelerate Vehicle Payment Adoption

Car IQ Inc., which claims to be a pioneer in vehicle payments, has reportedly teamed up with Visa (NYSE: V), a world leader in digital payments, in order “to enable vehicles to transact directly with Visa’s global ecosystem of merchants and banks, and purchase fuel,… Read More

Online Wallets Are Including Elements of Digital Identity, Enabling All-Inclusive Apps for Financial Wellbeing: Report

Digital wallets are a rapidly growing technology, seeing particular growth in popularity in the years since the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an update from Juniper Research. As noted in a report from Juniper Research, they are also “important in the fields of financial inclusion, and… Read More

Digital Assets: Curve to Allow Transfer of Virtual Currency Rewards to External Crypto Wallets

Curve, the financial super app and digital wallet that empowers you to maximize rewards from your existing cards and gives you the ability to earn in cashback or in crypto, has announced the launch of a new function that “enables its customers to transfer their… Read More

Fintech Trends Report: Digital Wallets Are Streamlining E-Commerce Experience in the MENA Region

FYST, a “one-stop” payments consultancy for ecommerce businesses, has released the first part of a new three-part report, ‘The Map of World Payments’, that drills deep into ecommerce payment trends, with this instalment focusing on the MENA region, and shows how merchants serving these regions… Read More

Blockchain Interoperability, Crypto Wallets: Pine Street Labs Reveals that walletOS Sandbox is Now Available

Pine Street Labs says they are focused on making blockchains usable for all users. As noted in a blog post, each new blockchain “introduces unique transaction lifecycles, encoding schemes, consensus engines, architectures, and more.” As explained in an update from Pine Street Labs, the technical… Read More

Digital Identity Network ID.me Reaches User Milestone of 100M Online Wallets

ID.me, the secure digital identity network, announced that more than 100 million Americans have signed up for an ID.me Digital Wallet to speed access to services and benefits. ID.me’s Wallet implements “a verify-once-anywhere, get-frictionless-access-everywhere approach to login and identity.” This milestone “represents significant progress toward… Read More

Web3: Blade Labs, Hedera’s Wallet Infrastructure Provider, Launches Products for Android, iOS, Unreal Engine

Blade Labs, Hedera’s wallet infrastructure provider, and the creators of the enterprise grade Blade Wallet, are announcing the launch of their suite of SDK integration products to further accelerate Web3 adoption. With the help of these new products, project developers can now quickly and easily… Read More

Fintech Onbe’s Send to Wallet Streamlines Mobile Wallet Provisioning for Users

Onbe, a disbursements financial technology company, announces the launch of Send to Wallet. An “early to market” offering, Send to Wallet, gives users the ability “to add their virtual card quickly, simply, and securely to their preferred mobile wallet, from a web browser, without downloading… Read More

Linux Foundation Europe Announces New OpenWallet Foundation

Linux Foundation Europe, an independent trusted supporter and vendor-neutral home for open source projects in Europe, announced the official formation of the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF). This new, collaborative effort will “develop open source software to support interoperability for a wide range of wallet use cases,… Read More

Digital Assets: Binance Explains How They Aim to Maintain Transparency on Wallets

Binance‘s management has answered a few follow-up questions from the community about “how funds and wallets are managed at Binance.” Binance explains that it “holds all of its clients’ crypto-assets in segregated accounts which are identified separately from any accounts used to hold crypto-assets belonging… Read More

Visa, Thunes Expand Visa Direct’s Reach to 1.5B Digital Wallets

Visa (NYSE: V) is partnering with Thunes to help individuals and small businesses move money internationally to 78 digital wallet providers, “reaching 1.5 billion digital wallets across 44 countries and territories.” This partnership will now “expand Visa Direct’s reach to nearly 7 billion endpoints, including… Read More

WEX Brings Flume Platform to $25T Accounts Payable Market

WEX (NYSE: WEX), the global commerce platform that simplifies the business of running a business, announced the public launch of Flume, an FDIC-insured digital wallet uniquely designed “to bridge the digital divide for millions of small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the U.S.” Flume is provided by… Read More

My Ether Wallet Introduces Mobile NFT Manager for Enhanced UX in Metaverse

MEW (MyEtherWallet), the platform to access the Ethereum ecosystem, announced the launch of its mobile NFT Manager “within the MEW wallet app, a user-focused way to access non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the go with an iOS or Android device.” App users “can now browse, purchase,… Read More

Payroll and HR Services Firm Bitwage Teams Up with Casa, Edge Wallet

Bitwage recently announced a “preferred” wallet partnership with Casa and Edge Wallet. On August 1st, news broke that they were partnering with Casa and Edge “as preferred wallet partners.” According to Bitwage, this means that users can now “download and access Casa or Edge as… Read More

Security Firm SlowMist Shares Detailed Solana Hack Analysis

On August 3, 2022, a large-scale incident of currency theft occurred on Solana, and a large number of users “transferred SOL and SPL tokens without their knowledge,” the SlowMist team noted in their analysis of the incident. The SlowMist security team “tracked and analyzed this… Read More

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