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Congressman McHenry Announces Capital Formation Agenda: Rodney Sampson States SEC is Heading in Wrong Direction

Congressman Patrick McHenry, the ranking Republican on the House Financial Services Committee, has announced a “capital formation agenda.” McHenry said that Republicans want to bring the issue “back to the forefront” helping small businesses and entrepreneurs. McHenry said that capital formation is a vital to… Read More

Former Fintech Lead at Milken Institute, Jackson Mueller Takes New Role at Digital Asset Firm Securrency

Jackson Mueller has long been a key voice and industry participant in the policy realm in regards to the Fintech ecosystem. Until recently, Mueller was the Associate Director, Fintech Program at the Milken Institute, Center for Financial Markets. Mueller’s reports have long been a solid… Read More

Milken Institute Tracks 108 Fintech Related Bills in the US Congress

The Milken Institute has published a deck tracking legislation in the 116th Congress that directly impacts Fintech. Jackson Mueller, Milken Institute Fintech lead and author of the report, told Crowdfund Insider, “For all the political divisiveness that we hear about on a daily basis, members… Read More

Disclosure Sandbox: CFPB Updates Sandbox Concept. Not Just for Fintech…

Last September, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a statement on their proposed regulatory sandbox – a concept trailblazed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and since embraced by multiple regulators around the world. At the time of the earlier announcement, the CFPB… Read More

Insurtech: the Milken Institute Publishes Report on Innovations in Insurance, Questions Disruption

While insurance may not be considered a ‘sexy’  industry it is incredibly important (most people consume it) and absolutely enormous at an estimated $4.1 trillion of annual gross premiums paid. Innovations in the insurance sector may transform the industry to a degree far beyond what… Read More

Milken Institute Launches Fintech Advisory Committee

The Milken Institute has officially launched their Fintech Advisory Committee – a group that was previously revealed during Milken’s annual conference in Los Angeles. Jackson Mueller, head of the Fintech program at Milken, said that the cost of financial intermediation has largely remained unchanged for 100… Read More

Winklevoss: Bitcoin Disrupts Gold & it is Going Higher

Speaking at the Milken Institute’s first MENA Summit in Abu Dhabi this week, Cameron Winklevoss explained his opinion that Bitcoin is poised to disrupt gold – in fact it is better than the world’s most favorite commodity safe haven. The Winklevoss twins became well-known because… Read More

Report: Analog Regulations Built for the Traditional Banking Space are not Conducive to Fostering Innovation in Financial Services

  The digitization of finance is upon us. Fintech is rapidly changing all aspects of the financial services sector but different countries are adapting at different paces – regulation is largely why. Jackson Mueller, writing for the Milken Institute, hosted several roundtables earlier this year… Read More

Milken Publishes Document on Needed Financial Regulatory Reform

The Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets, a non-partisan think tank with a mission to increase global prosperity, has published a document on modernizing financial regulation in the US.  Most regulations overseeing the financial services sector were written for an analog world. There is a… Read More

Milken Report Profiles Dramatic Growth of Online “Non-Bank” Finance

In 2011, an average of 8,000 small and micro businesses were denied funding each day from traditional banks. This statement is not from some fanatical Fintech entrepreneur but our current Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew.  It is this profound gap between demand, and supply,… Read More

Access to Capital: How Small Business Finds Finance (DECK)

For many small businesses to thrive, they need access to capital.  A promising business must be able to find financing to grow their business. If you do not have sufficient cash on hand you must go elsewhere. Typically SMEs start with the proprietor using their… Read More

Which Countries Top the Global Opportunity Index? You May Be Surprised.

The Milken Institute publishes an annual Global Opportunity Index that tallies the countries where it is easier to do business and thus foster companies that can be competitive on a global basis. This is important because while all businesses start small, most would love to scale… Read More

Milken Institute Global Conference

Global Conference 2014 Who Attends? Now in its 17th year, the Global Conference annually attracts 3,000 leaders in business, finance, government, public policy, academia, philanthropy, law, science, news media and more. These individuals represent some of the world’s top firms, organizations, universities and governments. Attendees… Read More

SEC Vote Coming: Proposed General Solicitation Rules May Bring Big Changes

Yesterday general solicitation became legal for issuers opting to make use of the newly-minted Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. The option was added to Form D yesterday, which is available on the SEC’s web site. Some news outlets reported that Form D had to be filed… Read More

Daniel Gorfine: Crowdfunding Is Missing The Crowd

Daniel Gorfine is the Director of Financial Markets Policy at the Milken Institute. He has long been a balanced, pragmatic voice in the crowdfunding conversation, which is why his recent piece in Washington Monthly should be cause for concern. It’s important to note that the… Read More

Steve Case Talks About Importance of Entrepreneurship (Video)

Steve Case, Jobs Act / Crowdfunding supporter, is participating in the Milken Institute Global conference, talks about the importance of entrepreneurship. He also mentions immigration reform which is a current topic in congress.

Daniel Gorfine from Milken Interviewed on Fox Business About Crowdfunding (Video)

  Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com   Daniel Gorfine, Director, Financial Markets Policy and Legal Council at the Milken Institute, was interviewed yesterday on Fox Business regarding the Jobs Act and crowdfunding.  If you have 6 minutes the interview is worth watching.  Gorfine and… Read More

Who Needs Wall Street? Private Issues Rise to $1.16 Trillion

A tectonic shift is under way in how companies raise money—and it will have a profound impact on U.S. investors and markets. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s most recent estimates, businesses have been raising more funds through private transactions than through debt and… Read More

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