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Will Marketplace Lenders Feel the Squeeze as Interest Rates Rise?

As most Fed followers expected, the FOMC decided to increase interest rates nudging up rates by 25 basis points. The last time the Fed raised rates was almost 10 years ago. The back and forth chatter regarding when the Fed would act has been a… Read More

Lending Club CEO Renaud Laplanche Comments on Santander Exiting the Purchase of Loans

Lending Club (NYSE:LC) CEO Renaud Laplanche recently commented on the fact that Santander has been compelled to back off from purchasing Lending Club loans – for now.  Laplanche spoke to the FT about the status of the marketplace lending platform and gave an update on industry… Read More

Growing Up: Lending Club Has Been Tested, Survived & is Getting Bigger

  It has been almost a year and a half since my last visit to Lending Club and my last interview with Renaud Laplanche its CEO. A lot has changed since then, but even more has stayed the same. Lending Club is now a public… Read More

Karen Mills on Marketplace Lending: It Is Transformative, But Don’t Count The Banks Out Yet

Karen Mills is currently perched as a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Business School and at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at the Harvard Kennedy School. She spends her time focusing on competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation – all extremely important areas of economic… Read More

CEO Renaud Laplanche Discusses Lending Club Earnings Beat (Video)

Lending Club founder and CEO spoke to CNBC earlier today about the most recent quarterly results which were released yesterday. The largest US marketplace lending platform beat streat expectations  reporting an EPS of $0.04 versus expectations of $0.02. Lending Club also boosted expectations for the… Read More

Building Business: Lending Club Grows SME Finance Vertical with New Line of Credit Product

Lending Club (NYSE:LC) is pushing further into the small business lending sector.  The largest marketplace lending platform in the US, has announced a new “multi-draw line of credit product” designed to give SMEs convenient, flexible and affordable credit.  Lending Club has built is online lending… Read More

Renaud Laplanche: Our Ability to Embrace Transparency as an Industry is Really Important

  As the Marketplace Lending industry begins to mature, awareness is growing across the population.  More and more consumers realize they may be able to save time, and money, by doing a greater portion of their banking online. Lending Club, the largest Marketplace Lending platform… Read More

Lending Club Submits Comments to US Treasury as Interest in Marketplace Lending Grows

Lending Club (NYSE:LC), the largest marketplace lending platform in the US today, has submitted their opinion to the US Department of Treasury request for information (RFI) on the eve of the deadline for comments of September 30th, 2015.  Lending Club, the first publicly traded online lending… Read More

Crowdnetic Launches Automated Loan Platform “Marketplace Lending Gateway”

Crowdnetic, a provider of technology and market data solutions to the marketplace lending industry, today announced the launch of “Marketplace Lending Gateway” (“Gateway”), a centralized technology platform that connects loan applicants from banks and retailers to alternative funding sources through a real-time matching and allocation… Read More

Lending Club Now Accepting Investors in Indiana, Kansas & Nebraska

Lending Club (NYSE: LC), the largest direct lending marketplace in the US, is now open to investors in Indiana, Kansas, and Nebraska, bringing the total number of investor states available to retail investors to 36. The process for Marketplace /P2P lending platforms to operate in… Read More

Lending Club Settles with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Borrower Confusion Associated with Springstone Financial

Lending Club (NYSE: LC) subsidiary Springstone Financial has agreed to settle with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in an issue relate to the “staff’s concerns on possible borrower confusion about the terms of a deferred interest product”.  The program in question was terminated by… Read More

Lending Club: The Kind of Growth Banks Wish For (Video)

Last week Lending Club, the largest marketplace lending platform in the US, released its quarterly financial results.  The numbers beat the street.  But even more important is the fact the direct lending platform is growing.  If you compare their growth to somnolent banks the comparison… Read More

Lending Club Launches APIs for Easy Integration with Online Brokers & Advisors

Marketplace lending platform Lending Club (NYSE:LC)  has announced the release of a series of APIs for online brokers and advisors to more easily connect investors with Lending Club loans.  Labeled Lending Club Open Integration (LCOI), the new feature should make investor interaction more seamless while facilitating… Read More

Marketplace Lenders Band Together on Small Business Borrowers Bill of Rights

Marketplace lending platforms have taken advantage of the fact that many were in attendance in DC for a gathering at the US Department of Treasury to publish a Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights.  The coalition of signees included Funding Circle, Lending Club, Fundera and… Read More

Former Capital One Credit Officer Sandeep Bhandari Joins Lending Club as Chief Credit Officer

Lending Club has announced that Sandeep Bhandari, Assistant Chief Credit Officer at Capital One Bank and Venture Partner, will join Lending Club as Chief Credit Officer later this month. Bhandari will assume responsibility for credit risk management across all products, replacing in that capacity Lending Club Chief… Read More

Lending Club Posts Q2 Results as Loan Originations Jump 90% Over Year Prior

The largest marketplace lending platform in the United States reported Q2 results today. Lending Club (NYSE:LC) stated that loan originations grew to $1.91 billion versus the same period year prior where the direct lender facilitated $1.01 billion in loans.  Lending Club said total loans have now… Read More

Lending Club is Now Serving Investors in Iowa, Oklahoma & Arkansas

Leading direct lender Lending Club (NYSE: LC) is now available to investors in three new states: Iowa, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  This brings the total number of states allowing individuals to lend to borrowers now at 33.  Lending Club CEO and founder Renaud Laplanche said his… Read More

Lending Club Welcomes Investors in Texas & Arizona

Lending Club (NYSE: LC), the leading peer to peer lender in the United States, is now open to investors in two new states: Texas and Arizona.  It is an odd twist of the regulatory environment that some states allow the option to use platforms like… Read More

Marketplace Lending Firm Community Investment Management Joins Lending Club; Announces $300M Financing Towards 9,500 U.S. Small Businesses

Community Investment Management (“CIM”), an impact investment firm focused on marketplace lending, announced today a Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) Commitment to Action to provide $300 million of responsible and transparent financing to 9,500 small businesses in the United States over the next two years. CIM’s capital will be… Read More

Lending Club CEO Renaud Laplanche Talks Q1 Results (Video)

Lending Club CEO and founder Renaud Laplanche is making the rounds to talk up first quarter financial results which were released yesterday after market close. The peer to peer lending platform beat results yesterday and raised guidance for the rest of the year. Laplanche, speaking… Read More

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